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Russia and children

February 25th, 2013

Russia loves children. Children are our future, they are flowers of love, all best is for them. Россия любит детей. Everybody from alcoholic to Russian president can speak about children. One can  justify everything referring to them.

It is possible to bring in the Internet censorship due to the fact that children are searching the Internet for a soft porno. It is possible to prohibit stands to cell beers because children are coming by and see it. It is necessary to sterilize the TV to avoid children watching something for adults. Children are the best excuse for state obscenity. But the main thing is that by the simulation care for children it is possible to hide the absence of a real care.
The endless speeches of deputies and authorities hide facts and reality. There are almost 2000 of orphanages. According to official date in the country there are 650 thousands of orphans and according to unofficial data there are almost a million of them.

Yes, of course it is not deputies who kill their children and leave their children in maternity hospitals and on the streets. They love their children very much. They are burnt in Nissa,  educated in Switzerland and studies in Oxford and then live in America. With these children everything is great.

But what about those who’s parents not in power. Our country can help these children even by not preventing somebody to help them. But deputies prohibit Americans to adopt them.


Belarus is in the top ten countries with the most high level of censorship

February 18th, 2013

This conclusion had been made by CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists).
The committee stated in its annual reports both general tendency in different regions of the world and the situation in different countries.

The CPJ pays attention on the Internet freedom limitation in Southeast Asia, the investigation of 35 journalists’ disappearance. It is also stated that the growth of mobile Internet technologies and widening of social networks create new threats for journalists.

It is for the first time when CPJ published the list of the most risk countries. It includes: Iran, Pakistan, Russia. In these countries the Freedom of press suffered more anything else.

Belorussia is included in the top ten censored countries in the world. Concerning with this Aleksandr Lukashenko leads the most “censored country” in the world and continues the policy of suppression of critical journalism and the freedom of opinion.


The era of the “little Internet”

February 13th, 2013

If you want to promote some bad thing than call it as “white” or “clear” or “safe”. It seems like a strange public organization called “Secure Internet League” that was established by Charity Foundation of St. Basil the Great, used to think in this way. This organization also pretend on doing nothing more but  the filtering of Internet content.

Recently, it was described about their initiative to introduce “white lists” of sites that were made by themselves and these sites will be visited by the user. That means that they will decide for you, dear users, what you can see and what can not. It is filtering and nothing else.

Today it became known about one more “new” – “smart filter”. That is not some – “simple filter” it is SMART FILTER /Smart means – smarter than you, dear Internet user. This filter will analyze the link you clicked, and if it is “bad”, you simply will not have an access to this page.

So what will a “smart filter” do with other languages& It is impossible to imagine. If you can read Chinese or Spanish, Georgian, or Polish, you surely will not get an access because they do not know for sure what these Georgians written. What if this site content some extremist content?

And yet, this thing will be too smart, for example if you entry to the site of any media it will show the headband, which will specify the age limit. And what would be considered as the media? Well, certainly the resources that are officially registered as mass media (and there are not much of them).

Here is a “smart filter” with “white proxy” and the experiment will begin in the Kostromskaya region. And if you want to disconnect – this should be done specifically. In fact, we are entering an era of the “little Internet” – a limited, stripped, sterile and empty.

It is a dangerous thing – they are going to block “extremist” sites. So, what is it? A half of pictures and demotivators in VKontakte can be considered as extremist if you wish! This notion is so broad than they can prohibit everything and explain it as the using or having of “extremist” articles.

In general, it is a matter of fact that while the Ministry of Communications does nothing some private persons (the Chairman of the League Malofeeva at the moment is being searched on charges of fraud and embezzlement of $ 200 million) are beginning to introduce the Internet censorship and filtering in the Russian regions. I do not understand why they allowed this? Who are they,? And what about the constitutional right for information?

So, by the way, once I used the Internet in North Corea. That was like this:


Egypt court demands to block YouTube for the “Innocent of Muslims”

February 11th, 2013

Cairo court  issued an order for the Egypt government to block the access to  YouTube for the  screening of “Innocent of Muslims” for 30 days

According to a “Telekritika” with a reference to The Huffington Post, the judge Hassouna Tawfiq said that this film is “outrageous both for Islam and the Prophet”.

Widely spread laws on blasphemy were in Egypt even before the coup against the president  Hosni Mubarak. The new Egypt constitution include the “ religious faces and prophet’s  outrages  ban”.

However the court decrees on “ Innocent of Muslims” can be appealed in the appellate court and not to come into force on the case-based reasoning, said The Huffington Post.

The same court decisions on the censorship introduction for the sites containing porno that was considered as outrages had not been carried out in Egypt because of big financial outlay concerning its technical realization. It is much easier to  block YouTube, but its active users can avoid this blocking.
Also according to right protectors words, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies seems like do not going to use such bans.

The chief executive officer of The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, Gamal Eid said that such decision to a considerable degree is connected with the lack of knowledge of judges about the how Internet operates.

Activists announces that there were not discussed any technical aspects and the issue had been concerned as a threat for national security and religious defamation.

“This sentence shoes that judges do not know technologies. They can not understand that one false report on the site doesn’t mean that the whole site is need to be blocked”, – said Eid.

According to his point of view the government should appeal and to explain judges that the.  best decision is to block only certain YouTube pages

The lawyer Mohammed Hamid Salim sue the Egypt government announced the the movie threats the Egypt security and the YouTube refused to delete it despite the outrageous content.

The representatives of Google said they do nor received any letters from Egypt judges or Egypt government concerning this question”.

We remind that Cairo court adjudged seven Christianities (a native of Egypt)  to die in their absence for  participation in filming of the “Innocent of Muslims”.


Single register of sites containing information dissemination of which is illegal, continues to do its dirty work

February 8th, 2013

A few days ago the famous designer Artemy Lebedev report in “Live Journal” has been banned  by  - the supervisory decide that applied to the report video contains calls to suicide.

The core of a controversial video is that it shows on the screen in a cartoon style how small people with a smile on their face die in different painful and stupid ways, and then, despite the injury, having fun like mad to the comic song. The last few characters die  also because of their own stupidity – in the subway, because in fact this video is … a viral social ads, ordered by Melbourne Underground.
Australian transport workers were trying to remind that an accident that happened in result of hasty and stupid passengers’  behavior it is also an absurd and unfortunate reason of death. So they hoped that the fun video that web users will send to each other just for fun, will be more effective than lecturing.

The situation with this video called  «Dumb Ways to Die» is absurd: the access to records of Lebedev in “LJ” in Russia is banned, but «Youtube» still have this video available for Russians and it was available all the time.

In result of appearance of the “black list” of sites it for the first time was behind the real life. It’s strange, of course, to seriously take into a consideration the question of freedom of expression in a country where there is an Article 282 of the Criminal Code, but it is clear that there is a huge difference between the propaganda of something and a simple statement of the presence of this.

And it is also obvious that it is a kind of “Cossacks” from St. Petersburg ignorance to terrorizing Nabokov Museum for the second month , and they recently left on the historic building a graffiti called “pedophile”.

It is strange but the Internet got used to censorship pretty quickly. The online encyclopedia “Lurkomore” promises to sue Roscomnadzor, but it continued to methodically delete more and more articles there. However, the growth of apathy can be seen in the situation with “LJ”: for Adagamova Rustem, who not so long ago in the “black list” of all the same “promoting suicide” hit the post with photos of the self-immolation of Buddhist monks, still stood: the record number of popular bloggers copied to his protest against censorship in “Live Journal”. Rustem Adagamov not so long ago has his article in the black list for the suicide propaganda. This post was copied by the most popular Russian bloggers as a protest against censorship.


Twitter published the report about Internet censorship

February 1st, 2013

The international micro blogging service Twitter published an open request about Internet censorship, that contain a state requests’ statistic per the first and second half 2012 year.

According to the requests data beginning with January 2012, it received 1858 requests from different countries for information about users’ accounts, 48 requests for deleting the information or the account and 6646 notifications of information’s copyright.

According to published data the US government maid 849 requests on requests on information accessing for the first half 2012 year and 1009 requests for the second. Informational requests as a rule were connected with criminal investigations: notice of appointments (60%), court orders (11%), warrants (19%) and requests from law-enforcement agencies.

However the Internet service refused to give the information in 56% of cases. The requests on deleting information about the government were made in connection with the contain of illegal information. If in the first half 2012 year the USA received 6 such requests than in the second one it was received 42, reports “Interfax”.


Kostromskaya region will introduce voluntary Internet censorship

January 31st, 2013

It is supposed that when connecting to this service users will have access only on such Internet resources that “do not contain extremist and pornographic materials, calls for cruelty and violence, another words anything that do not harmful for ethical and moral growth of coming generation”

The administration of the Kostromskaya region together with the Secure Internet League is going to sign a tripartite agreement with the biggest Internet providers of the region about the introduction of the service of such called “white lists” that automatically give to users the access only to approved sites, as it was announced by the region’s administration.

“At the current moment The Secure Internet League continues forming “white list”. Today they include more than 400 thousands resources and this number is rising”, – said in the report.

The administration adjust that in October 20212 the Kostrimskaya region was chosen as a pilot region for the realisation of the secure Internet program. The signing of an agreement is going to be on first quarter of 2013.
The connecting of the white list will be carried out by approbation of receivers of Internet service – explains administration.

By their turn the representatives of the biggest Internet providers in the region have not commented the possibility of conclusion of such a contract.

“VimpelCom” did not receive such proposal”, – said the representative of the company”, – in answer to the RiaNovosty question.


Vladimir Putin instructed Federal Security Service to fight with hackers

January 30th, 2013

The president Putin instructed Federal Security Service to create a state system for revealing, prevention and elimination of the consequences of cyber attacks on the country’s informational resources. Beside the Service is vested with a function to develop a revealing hacker’s attacks technology on informational resources of a state structure and on private systems of information, but as agreed with their owners.

The question about if there would be a desire of both of them. Because there certain risks, thinks the founder of the project Vecheslav Semenchuk. The expert explain, that if to take for example Medea, Federal Security Service will need an access to this Medea to provide its security.

“ Our state structure, specifically organizations that we already had and those which are developing now will reveal, control and helps to prevent destructive methods towards Medea. So it means that such organization will need the access to servers and program for effectively preventing the consequences of such attacks. Accordingly this organizations are to have some access to server of a software of a Medea that will lead to the appearance of a censorship in Russia or to it strengthening due to the fact that these organizations have the access to the biggest Medea. Created organization can not only to secure for destructive methods but also to delete some certain contents.

According to experts words the reason for a decision to instructed Federal Security Service with such privileges became the hacker attack on the Kremlin site on May 6, 7 of the last year.

Some experts think that soon there will be law that will provide the responsibility for keeping harm soft. And it also means that these programmes can be easily thrown to an improper user. According to this any blogger can become a dangerous hacker even without any thought of it.



Mitrofanov opposed social network registration according the passport data

January 29th, 2013

This was reported by the Deputy Chair of the Committee for Information Policy, Information Technologies and Connections Aleksey Mitrofanov on the live broadcast of “Russkaya slugba Novostey”.

“This is the idea of the deputy Vadim Denngin. I have a negative attitude towards this question. Moreover, I think that it’ll not be supported by the majority, because we don’t like elements of the China’s Great Wall. Nobody is going to put up a wall. Nobody wants Internet censorship. But for some unknown reasons it is concerned as the committee initiative, and I was also implicated”, – he said.

Earlier the deputy Vadim Dengin offered to widen this list of necessary data for social network registration. The parliamentarian is sure that by this way it’ll be more effective to fight with child pornography spreading. He added that agents of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Federal Security Service should monitor citizens provide real information when registration.

That can be a very interesting thing with the general passport system in the Russian Internet! I think that a part of hackers will make false identity cards. So in connection with this there will a lot of fortuitous events.

For example, Internet hooligan Klava Sidorova will be caught, but she turns out Vova Petrov. And what to do in such situation? To send to a psychiatrist to see whether a person has a dual personality or to open the case for forgery?

I even don’t speak about advanced users, they like a James Bond certainly have nearly 10 more passports just in case. Or for example what to do with the users from abroad or migrant laborers? To create a special passport&visa service?