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SmartHide Portable for Windows

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

octopus1As promised earlier this week – a lot of news for SmartHide fans are coming in these days, so here is the news of the week ;)

A Portable Edition of the most user-friendly hide IP address and network connection encryption Software – SmartHide 2.2.192 is being released!

On May 28, 2009 the company Arovax is happy to announce a release of a “traveler’s best friend”Arovax SmartHide V. 2.2.192 Portable Edition. Starting from today we offer an ability to turn ON quickly a safe data transfer in different public places and internet access points all over the world even easier than ever before!

SmartHide Portable does not require installation! Just insert your flash card and launch SmartHide and stay protected and anonymous in the Airports Worldwide, Hotels, Cafes, Wi-Fi Zones and other places to access World Wide Web. Wherever you are - it takes just one button click to get access to the blocked web-resources around the World and gain complete anonymity and personal information protection.

Feel free and safe with SmartHide Portable - anywhere in the world!

Feel free and safe with SmartHide Portable - anywhere in the World!

Every user of SmartHide Service is now able to own a flash card or any external hard drive with a SmartHide Portable application on it. And whenever you need protection – just launch it and stay hidden, like our Octopus, who becomes hidden for the enemy when the danger occurs.

SmartHide Portable can run from a removable storage device such as a USB flash drive, flash card, or external Hard Disk Drive. It does not leave its files or settings on the host computer. This means that SmartHide Portable does not write to the Windows registry and instead stores its settings in a configuration file located in its directory.

Arovax SmartHide Portable Edition is available free of charge for all current clients of SmartHide Service and can be downloaded from SmartHide Members Area at:


New Payment Period Added

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Per your requests we have added a Quarterly (3-Months) Payment Period to all the types of  SmartHide Licenses.


Enjoy the best solution to hide your IP address and encrypt your network connection and Save!

Official Arovax SmartHide Order Page:


New SmartHide Order Page

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

As promised yesterday, this week will bring you, our SmartHide fans, a lot of surprises. I’ll start with an announcement regarding our Official SmartHide Homepage. We updated the main SmartHide Order Page!

The page now looks clean and clear. It explains in a very simple way all the information required to make a decision regarding the type  and duration of the SmartHide  subscription period.


We’ve tried to give a clear explanation of the differences between SmartHide subscriptions by listing them all in one column and putting the icon_plus3 and icon_minus signs in the right places.

We hope that you like our new easy-to-use SmartHide Order Page and the process of taking the right decision will become hassle-free and intuitive.

Stay anonymous and protected Online with the rest of the World by using Arovax SmartHide!


Brand New Week

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Hello there!

Sorry for not posting for a few days, last week was very hard for all the people here in the main SmartHide office. We are trying to do some big steps forward towards the goal of providing the best encryption & anonymity service for our clients. We have some news to come this week.

I will keep you up-to-date on everything what’s going on here, so stay alert!


History of Arovax SmartHide. Final Part.

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

In July 2008 we had the last official SmartHide v.2.1.131 release. The only significant modification was Personal IP support. Well, actually, we released the software for this purpose only.

Version 2.1.131 [July 7 2008]

  • New: Personal IP Technology Support.
  • New: New format of the Servers List file.
  • New: Russian localization.
  • New: Internal support request routine is changed.

And now, after almost 8 months, the first version (and probably the last one) in line 2.2 is being released. Vista x64 compatibility, simple routes registration from the software, a higher usability level – here are the most important features of the last release of the second generation. Please find below the corresponding change log.

Version 2.2.192 [April 29 2009]

  • New: Vista x64 compatibility
  • New: Revised user interface
  • New: Fast server switch from the tray menu
  • New: Improved VPN engine
  • New: Additional options in settings dialog
  • New: Possibility to enter sites into Visibility List
  • Fixed: Text links updating during language change
  • Fixed: News tab hanging up while opening
  • Fixed: After Personal IP selection and SmartHide restart the selection is not saved
  • Fixed: With the activated option “Reconnect” and deactivated “SmartHide server change” the connection status is shown incorrectly during the reconnection.
  • Fixed: Unstable News tab behavior
  • Fixed: Multiple memory leaks

It’s been a long time since we started and we’ve done a lot during this period. If we installed one of the first versions now, I’m sure that it wouldn’t live long because, to put it mildly, it would have been a little bit hard to use.

As for the current moment – SmartHide Team has a lot of plans and ideas to implement in order to make “internet life” of every home or office user more safe and private. And we thank you all guys for your endless support on our way to our mission goals. Together we will succeed!

Thank you for staying with Arovax SmartHide Service!


History of Arovax SmartHide. Part 4.

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

…After exactly 3 months a new version in line 2.1 was released. Connect from the tray menu, connect cancellation, automatic update and ticket sending to the support via the form in the software – here are the main features of that release. We also re-wrote completely the interaction system with the VPN process. Now everything worked quite stable and there were no unpleasant hanging ups or delays during the connection.

Version 2.1.101 [March 19 2008]

  • New: VPN management mechanism has been fully revised.
  • New: Connect/disconnect possibility from the tray.
  • New: Possibility to stop SmartHide during the connection.
  • New: Server selection feature for the connection from tray.
  • New: SmartHide automatic update.
  • New: SmartHide dedicated RAM volume has been decreased.
  • New: Automatic servers rollover option during the connection.
  • New: Possibility of sending an e-mail to the support department with the diagnostic information right from SmartHide.
  • New: New error messages display window.
  • New: Lots of other minor modifications and improvements.
  • Fixed: Administrator privileges identification during domain authentication.
  • Fixed: Incorrect tray icon display during SmartHide connection.
  • Fixed: SmartHide freezing during the connection.
  • Fixed: Lots of minor, non-critical errors.

The release of version 2.1.121 followed after that. An icon of a grey octopus appeared in the tray. The icon informed that SmartHide was in the process of server connection. Users could write to the support department from the tray menu item (the access to the form before was only possible in case of the error connection). Lots of various bugs were fixed.

Version 2.1.121 [April 9 2008]

  • New: Grey icon in the tray for the states “Connecting” and “Disconnecting”.
  • New: Driver installation instructions in the installer.
  • New: Support department contact from the menu in the tray.
  • New: SmartHide localization into Dutch by Marc Lacrosse.
  • New: Some GUI modifications
  • Fixed: Bug with a tray icon when the servers rollover option is on.
  • Fixed: Bug with logs sending from the support department contact form.
  • Fixed: SmartHide freezing when “DHCP client” service is deactivated.
  • Fixed: Freezing during the connect if the file vpn.sms is not available in the folder.
  • Fixed: Bug with the live update.
To be continued…