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Hard Disk Failure

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

hard-disk-head-crashDear SmartHide Community,

I would like to apologize for everything that happened and for every problems you’ve had during last 48 hours.

We have faced a very big problem that we could not predict – a Hard Disk Drive on our main server had crashed. This server serves as a webserver for our Websites, Databases, Forum, as well as for authorization purposes.

We had iWeb Datacenter technicians provide us with the new HDD and yesterday we finally got it up and running. As it was a new setup – we had to restore all the backups for Webserver, E-mail accounts, DNS settings, MYSQL databases of everything, etc, etc. It took a bunch of time as well.

At the moment we are waiting for our DNS settings to propagate all over the world so all our webresources could be accessible around the Globe.

At this time our technicians solved most of the technical problems and those of you who still have authorization or Login problems with SmartHide software – please create a ticket or email me directly to danny (at) with your SmartHide Login. I will make sure your issue is resolved.

I would like to ask for appology from each and everyone of you for this downtime. As one of our clients mentioned  – “things happen”. It will be a good lesson for us in order to prevent any possible incidents in the future.

Thank you all for understanding and patience and thank you for staying with us!


SmartHide Anonymizer – Hide Your IP For Free

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Arovax SmartHide Team added one more SmartHide Online Anonymizer available for everyone. It is located in Russia and will share the load of users with the first online anonymizer in the Germany.

Here is the link:

SmartHide Online Anonymizer can give you a new opportunity to visit the sites over the web staying unnoticed. You can change your User-Agent, remove Cookies, hide your Referer (while switching from site 1 to site 2 the logs of the latter one will show where you come from), delete scripts and objects, encode url and Cookies.

We plan to evolve the opportunity to hide IP address for FREE using SmartHide Online Anonymizer for all the surfers of the World Wide Web. Stay tuned!