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SmartHide on Twitter!

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

SmartHide on TwitterI would like to remind to all SmartHide users and fans, that we have launched a SmartHide page on Twitter.

As a Project Manager of Arovax SmartHide I plan to evolve SmartHide’s presence on Twitter in 3 general directions:

  1. Quick announces on all SmartHide-related events, including: new versions releases, special offers, new posts on “SmartHide with Danny” and “Security Octopus” blogs;
  2. Supporting conversations and discussions about SmartHide;
  3. Instant customer service for current SmartHide clients and help to those who want to join SmartHide Community.

Twitter-LogoWe recognize Twitter’s potential in providing customer service, so we will constantly monitor Twitter to unearth SmartHide’s name mentioned in tweets. My goal is to be able to take care of that person at the moment when it’s most important.

You can Start Following Arovax SmartHide on Twitter right now!


New Malaysia & Hong-Kong Servers

Monday, November 9th, 2009

We are great to inform you people, that we have replaced one of our Malaysian and a Hong-Kong servers with the new more powerful servers.

New SmartHide Malaysian Server is available in the list of available SmartHide servers inside your copy of SmartHide under the IP:;

New Hong-Kong SmartHide Server has the following IP:

We are doing our best to provide you with the best identity protection & traffic encryption service available on the Web.

Please stay tuned for huge upcoming updates!