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The USA Blocked Open Source Software For “Banned Locations”

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

One of the biggest sites for open source software developers was blocked for users from “banned locations”, as Arab Crunch reports. The black list includes Cuba, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan and North Korea.

The paragraph informing that users from the mentioned above countries were included into the black list appeared in resource ToS. Besides that the residents of these countries are blocked from the access to GoogleCode. These bans initiated by the US government authorities in fact put the developers from “black list” countries in the dark, not allowing them to contribute to open source development.

It’s worth mentioning that the event took place almost simultaneously with the US secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech about Internet freedom where she reported that “all of humanity has equal access to innovations, knowledge and ideas”. Just to remind you, the US is currently in active contradiction with China about Google freedom. According to some analysts, the whole story was made up with a special purpose – to allow Hillary make a great speech for her US secretary job position anniversary. To put it simply – it was necessary to create an enemy image, exactly to the date January 21st.

Thus we can see that nobody cancelled double standards of American politics. However this time it involves the programming: the blocking of developers from “banned locations” contradicts to the idea of open source software creation itself and makes it not really open now.

As you all know SmartHide’s goal is not only making people have the ability to communicate without a fear of repression or third party listening to their conversations, but also allowing people to use their democratic rights for freedom of speech and Internet, no matter what country they live in.

We support the words of Hilary Clinton, saying that “all of humanity has equal access to innovations, knowledge and ideas”, but we don’t have double standards…

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