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SmartHide Now Has Russian Server!

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Finally we have added a Russian IP to the list of available SmartHide Servers.


All the happy users of SmartHide V.I.P Subscriptions and existing users of old Personal and Shared Subscriptions are now able to use our brand new Russian Server!

Thank you for staying with SmartHide guys, we are doing our best to improve the Service for you day by day.


SmartHide Internet Security Improvements

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

After Great SmartHide Release we do not plan to stop on improvements. We are constantly improving SmartHide Security. We’d like to show you what we have done this week.

As you know, we have implemented new types of Subscriptions. Now we have three types: EUR Subscription, USA Subscription and V.I.P. Subscription. USA and EUR Subscriptions give a user USA or EUR IP that allows visiting sites located in one of two regions accordingly.

These subscription types are relatively cheap; they provide the ability to set up Port Forwarding and have a lot of other advantages. But they also have one disadvantage – a user cannot use the service awhile when Personal server is not available because of some technical issues.

Emergency Server will save your constant Internet security

It would be very frustrating because we are trying to provide our users with the most quality and stable service. That’s why we have created a special system that maintains the service even when Personal server is not available at the moment. What is this system all about? It makes possible for SmartHide users to connect to Emergency Server while we’re resolving the issue with your Personal IP.

Users with USA Subscription will see Emergency USA Server in the Server List.

Users with EUR Subscription will see Emergency EUR Server in the Server List.

An example of Emergency USA Server is shown below:


At the current moment the system works in manual mode which can lead to a little delay in Servers List update when Personal IP is down. But it will be automated very soon and our users will be using SmartHide with absolute comfort.

Thank you for trusting your personal security to SmartHide!