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Hacker group LulzSec was attacked by the colleagues

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

TeaMpOison Hacked the blog of LulzSec

Digital Trends reports that hacker group LulzSec responsible for several cyber-attacks on large company’s sites and governmental sites was attacked several times by TeaMp0isoN.

LulzSec responsible for cracking servers of Sony and Nintendo companies, sites of Senate and CIA stayed unpunished for a long time. However recently group’s participants attracted right protection organizations and competitor’s attention.

TeaMpOison representatives cracked the blog of the LulzSEc director and also announced that will publish information about participants of cyber-attacks to LulzSEc in the nearest time.

TeaMpOison group does not deny they belong to group of so – called black hackers (Blackhat) (those who make cyber-attacks with dirty aims), they act against LulzSec because of theirs simple methods ( mainly SQL- injections and DDoS-attacks) calling themselves hackers.


U.S. will protect the company’s defense sector from foreign hackers

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
U.S. will protect the company's defense sector from foreign hackers

U.S. will protect the defense sector of the company from foreign hackers

National Security Agency together with Internet providers launched the special program for protecting defense sector companies from foreign hackers. As Washington Post reports program which had been developing for about a year has been launched last month in testing regime. It’s being noted that this program will scan net traffic for virus programs presence.

Ministry of Defense Deputy William Lean gave a hope that this conception in future will become a  model which can be used in all the sectors.

It’s being reported that the instruments of new generation scan emails and the range of other net  information with the purpose of virus programs exposure and prevention of cyber-attacks to largest USA defense companies.

By the way program creation has provoked defenders critics inviolability concerning private life. They affirm that the program guarantee free Internet access.

“We do not want make tracking from back doors” says vice president of right protection organization Centre of democracy and technology James Dampsy.

System necessity is conditioned by regular attempts of cracking defense enterprises in the recent times. On 21st of May there was a hacker attack to American company Lockheed Martin,
the largest supplier of military devices to Pentagon. The attack was beaten off because IT specialists noticed the invasion timely.

On 16 f June Lulz Security hackers cracked USA Senate Congress site. Besides they managed to block for several seconds CIA web page.

Lulz Security hackers have already cracked Nintendo and Sony companies’ sites. They took responsibility for cracking private pages and theft of million users’ data of PlayStation Network.

Besides their “service list” includes American TV channel site which demonstrated documentary film about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.


USA and China Made a Single Decision: Next World War will be in the Internet

Thursday, June 16th, 2011
Next World War will be in the Internet

Next World War will be in the Internet

Its rehearsal began in Arabian countries
Washington and Beijing exchanged high loud declarations about Internet militarization. There is one fact that unites them: both sides seriously consider World Web as a new type of weapon, Internet opposition as a new type of war. The first pass came from Americans who declared that Internet attack is the same danger for USA as the army of hostile country. It happened soon after hacker’s attack to military corporation “Lockheed- Martin” , major supplier of modern weapon for Pentagon.

Americans did not like the way the virus hit computers involved in Iran’s nuclear program. USA Ministry of Defense prepared special strategy of cyber threats and announced there is a possibility of launch rockets in the direction of network saboteurs. Chinese military experts published conception of Internet wars which will change the traditional ones and accused America in creating these evil plans. In its article Members of the Academy of Military Sciences of China link the recent performances in the Arab countries with the actual start of this era. If USA intend to fight in the network with countries of axis of evil and threaten hackers by launch of missiles, Chine in its turn builds its anti-American phalanx of programmers for the defense of Internet boundaries.

Chinese line filter performs the edge dog. It blocks hostile sites. Washington holds the opposite strategy: there must be no restrictions for spreading information, especially if the information comes from USA. The different positions of USA and other countries in cyber war are evident: meanwhile Americans as it turned out are ready to launch cruise missiles on its enemies, those do not have such a good chance towards USA. That is why soon all countries are to build its national line of defense against Internet threats. Those who do not pay any attention risk much.


USA State Department Creates “Internet for Dissidents”

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011
USA State Department Creates “Internet for Dissidents”

USA State Department Creates “Internet for Dissidents”

Budget of the systems “independent from repressive regimes” contains $2 million dollars.

On the background of the recent statements of Americans that the invasion into the informational space is like war declaration they themselves are getting ready to spread the “kindness” and some other democracy to the countries.

Even if the authorities of the countries do not take it. As New York Times reports USA State Department provided a grant of $2 million dollars for creating some “Shadow Communication Systems”. The essence of the systems is as follow in case some country imposes restrictions or forbids Internet or mobile communication “kind uncles” from the most democratic country in the world will “expand magic suitcases” and will give the most “oppressed people” opportunity of mobile communication via network. At the same time the possibility to get the most objective information and instructions on organizing revolutions.

However how will be decided technically is a great question. Afghan experience when such repeaters are scattered on U.S. bases will hardly help Yankee in other many countries. Because there are no US military bases in the countries with “axis of evil” and other mansions of “repressive regimes”. As in the old will they send partisans in wigs and dark glasses there as in the old? Other way for this money (by the way on the scale of U.S. expenditures on various new developments – very funny) some craftsmen will improve up to beautiful wrapper a pair of triple of hacker’s technologies.


Beijing warns Google against dangerous game with China

Sunday, June 12th, 2011
Beijing warns Google

Beijing warns Google

“Google has become a political instrument of denigration of the Chinese Government” – reports Reuters with reference to Chinese pro-government newspaper People’s Daily. Edition warns Google against venture political games with China’s authorities. Similar actions of Chinese mass media evidence possible tightening of complex cyber security relations between China and USA.

Last week Google reported cyber-attack to Gmail postal service. As company reported there were some phishing attacks to accounts of several hundred users of popular postal system. Among potential hacker’s victims were listed American officials, military, human rights activists, journalists. Fortunately company managed to prevent the attack in time.

According to People’s Daily report Google is referring to the amount of victims among Chinese human right activists, this “consciously contributes to a negative perception of China ; it is an evident hint to NATO that it is Chinese government who organized the cyber-attack”.

In addition Google insists that the attack was organized in Jian of Shandong province which is considered to be an intelligence office of National Liberation Army.

China denied all the accusations towards authorities concerning the attacks. This cybercrime returns USA and China to past year relations when Google charged the China government in attempt of hacking accounts. The same time Google ended censorship requests and started redirecting visitors of to Hong Kong search engine.

Comment from SmartHide developers:

In connection with exacerbations occurring between USA and China new blocking of different sites are possible from both USA and China. Use SmartHide in order to avoid limit attendance of your favorite resources during travels all over the world.


Merry fellow hackers break into FBI Affiliates Network

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Hackers break into FBI Affiliates Network

Hackers break into FBI Affiliates Network

Lulz Security, a hacking group which claimed responsibility for cracking servers of Sony, does not stop on what it achieved. Their new victims are already known: Nintendo Corporation and an FBI affiliate.

The hackers have switched to Japanese company Nintendo – another games and consoles maker. Tokyo headquarters of the corporation affirms that servers of its American affiliates have undergone to intrusion. Whereby Nintendo had emphasized that the hackers did not manage to get access to any user data, The Wall Street Journal writes. But the hackers did not stop upon this, causing the loudest news of the past week-end – hacking the site of an FBI organization partner.

The incident with Nintendo is much less serious, than in case with global Internet network of Sony PlayStation Network where the data of about 100 million users had been stolen. We remind that the hackers took names, dates of birth, mailboxes addresses and even information on bank cards of Sony users. This information has been published on the Internet later causing a huge damage of Sony’s reputation.

The hackers informed that they managed to get access to all data at the first attempt. “Why do you trust so much the company which permits itself to be in so far open for such simple attacks?” Lulz Security (Lulzsec) Group which has claimed responsibility for cracking of Sony servers questioned in its blog. The hackers attacked servers of Sony to prove its vulnerability. Earlier, the same group, according to its own recognition, had been arranging computer diversions in networks of PBS and Fox broadcasting companies.

Seemingly, the hackers themselves, concern their own activity as to entertainment. The following record has appeared on the Twitter-tape of the group of Internet robbers with a fun-loving name: “It is not clear why the PS3 users are dissatisfied (even after) they took a chance to get a blow and were rewarded by free games after a month”.

Lulz is an Internet meme, a derivative from either lol or laugh out loud – loudly to laugh, to have fun. According to the definition given by The New York Times in an article of 2008 dispersed on citations ”Trolls among us” (The Trolls Among Us), Lulz means “pleasure from infringement of someone’s empathy”.

Breaking of the American servers of Japanese Corporation Nintendo is not the most resonant “achievement” of the Internet robbers. Lulz Security has made it “simply for entertainment”, being warmed up before the operation with FBI on what it did missed to inform in its micro blog.

The hackers “went on the war-path” Digital Trends, an online release, writes. The Lulzsec claim states that the attack became the answer to recent statements of the Pentagon which suggested categorizing “some cyberattacks” to be acts of war.

As a result of breaking, more than 180 passwords and other personal data of Infra-Gard employees were caught at the hacker’s disposal. Hackers assert that they used one of the passwords to steal about thousand addresses of working and personal e-boxes. Right after the attack, made in the night from Friday to Saturday, on 4 June, these data have been laid out in open access on the Internet.

Paul Farley, the President of Infra-Gard, confirmed the fact of breaking and has declared that the company has not yet found out how it has occurred and how the passwords have been stolen. USA army servicemen, employees of the departments on protection digital data and of the large telecommunication companies were among the compromised users, Associated Press says.

A new cyber strategy of the Pentagon, provoked attack Lulz Security, has been published at the end of May. According to the conclusion of American security officials, computer diversions can be considered as an act of war aggression. The official position formulated in the document opens the USA an opportunity to mobilize power methods in response to cyberinvasion. Pentagon considers that failure of computer systems constitute threat for nuclear reactors, underground and pipelines not less dangerous than military operation of armed forces of the hostile state.

By the way, a successful attack to partners of the military department has not forced Lulz Security to distract from Sony, its favorite target. According to the data published in the micro blog, the hacking group once again has cracked the protection of one of the corporation’s resources.

Foreign technical blogs assume that the “war” initiated by Lulz Security, has only begun, and all of us should be waiting for the latest news about new attacks.


How to Protect Kids from On-line Danger During Summer 2011

Monday, June 6th, 2011
Protect Kids from On-line Danger

Protect Kids from On-line Danger

It’s summer time for kids who spend much time in the Internet. Being inexperienced and naive children can suffer from unwanted content and actions of swindler. SmartHide Arovax LLC (Internet security software) developers are eager to recall once again simple rules which can protect kids from web danger.

Of course everything is not so scary. Fortunately operating system is equipped with special functions of parental control.

Every parent can check and participate in determining the content available to his child:

  • one can trace game’s reports they play, web sites they attend, programs they use;
  • restrict the types of web sites (it’s possible to block web sites according to the category: those with pornographic content, sites with gambling); specific URL addresses also can be blocked;
  • define uptime for PC usage, install authorized software.
  • If you want to enhance Internet security then you are to follow SmartHide developer’s advice and download and install free SmartHide. It will provide you on-line software security.
  • Have any questions left? Ask them to us! We are ready to settle questions 24/7.
  • Arovax LLC reminds that only licensed software should be installed to your PC. It is guaranteed not to contain viruses and dangerous applications. In case of any threat in the Internet it allows you to get qualitative support from developer.
  • Arovax LLC strongly recommends parents to explain to their kids there are the same rules in the virtual reality as we have in real one. That’s why your kid must not leave all private information in open access (address, cell phone number, school number, favorite walking places), communicate with strangers and suspicious persons. Encouraging children in sharing the experience of pastime in the network is welcomed, parents in its turn should point out and explain to children mistakes and cheer discoveries.

Hurry up!!! Download Updated SmartHide (SmartHide for Windows v.2.4.359) right now!

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

SmartHide Team is happy to announce a new version of its software aimed to provide every Internet user with a safe and convenient way to protect their identity, secure Internet access and visit any blocked website in the world from any spot of the planet.

SmartHide v.2.4.359

SmartHide v.2.4.359

New in SmartHide for Windows 2.4.359
We are glad to introduce you new version of SmartHide. This time we tried to improve all available SmartHide functions, to make the process of program usage easier and more pleasant.

1. The first change is updated installer. Now SmartHide installation is more simple and accessible. Make several clicks and you can start using software ready to function.


2. The possibility to choose the type of SmartHide account

SmartHide v.2.4.359 Screenshot

SmartHide v.2.4.359 Screenshot

We also added the possibility to choose the type of SmartHide account during the distribution kit installation.Have you got login and password to SmartHide? Or you just start getting acquainted with its possibilities? Anyway improved installer will help you to set up SmartHide correctly. Improvement touches upon software. So if you want to enter your personal web office by clicking to corresponding link in the  main dialog of SmartHide you will manage to do it at once, there is no need in entering logins and passwords if these fields are correctly filled in the SmartHide software.

In an effort to raise the level of reliability of SmartHide we implemented a new mechanism which allows program to function well even in case is blocked by your provider.

We certainly worked hard over the correction of errors which are inevitable in any software. Fortunately all these errors were small and did not give our customers special inconvenience, but nevertheless we corrected them because we are trying to make the perfect SmartHide. We put much effort in releasing new SmartHide version, making it better and reliable, providing our users with free and secure Internet access.

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