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All About Secure Applications

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011
Secure Applications

Secure Applications

Recently more and more modern companies find itself in difficult situation of highly developing technologies. Secure developing standards are being dissuaded by great volume of information and malicious attacks. The problem is SQL injections in applications. It should be noted that in every point providing program software there exists accurate requirements. According to them one should note that secure standards in programming are rather flexible and need to be built.

There exists special culture of developing programming skills. It has been developed not since yesterday but for a long time ago. The methodology relies upon consultants which are always ready to help in some actions. All this demands various decisions. Sometimes solution is being found differently: artistically or scientifically.

Software Security Principles

As a matter of course there exist a rough of principles that implemented in the process: they have been worked out by the team of managers and team members. The current situation breaks applications. Exists an opinion that it a great waste of time. So we see that software security means much in corporative aspect. But still we should know about the risk for the entire enterprises if the applications brakes.

The situation changes quickly and the programmers should be accurate in remembering new information about all the new technologies. Only training will help in constant refreshing. Decision of the problem of broken application is a long step back to the long road. Everything what is needed is new attacks, new solutions and new methods.

According to analyses the application security will become more integrated and mature in software engineering. International security standards will provide everyday solutions practice, but still risks continue to be observed.

According to Arovax LLC studies, SmartHide helps to secure Internet private information on everyday basis. Find out more about SmartHide Security Scheme here.


What Do You Need More Internet Security or Cyber Insecurity? The Choice is Evident!

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Pandora's Box and Internet Security

Pandora's Box

Pandora’s Box was opened which lead to information explosion both personal and impersonal. During the conference in January 2007 half of the UK computer users expressed high distrust due to the notions of security. The House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology affirmed insecurity of home Internet considered it to be one of the ways for information leak.

The problem if Internet protection have been researched for so much by many modern scientist such as Richard Clayton of the Cambridge Security Lab, John Carr of the Children’s Charities Coalition, and other scientists. The main factor of their investigation was the information compiling.

The security has its value and its loss may lead to the loss of property and public confidence collapse. There are a lot of cases in computer history when the information had been hijacked or stolen by the terrorists, hackers and so on. Modern computer history also gives us affirmation of the security value. You know why? While walking on the net one can open file with information which represents the whole package of strong viruses disclosing data and destroying it.

But computers are designed for secure operation, so and the Internet can be secure with software like SmartHide.

The situation improves now. Computer programmers create some kind of law for existing in the net called “Become Responsible Cybercitizens”: avoiding software problems using technologies.

What should you do to be secure?

First of all you are to scan traffic going through your computer, if there are any mistakes deny the access. One can also request ISP to provide software update, remote patches.

Of course ordinary user like you or me even does not know all these peculiarities then how can we protect our PC? It is the same as you can drive a car you know all the rules but you have a driving license. The only way out in this case study all peculiarities of the computer inner world or just call the master.


Use Network Control to Protect your Company Private Information

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
Network Security and Control

Network Security and Control

Network monitoring allows considering network security in all directions of its functioning.

Network control allows catching all the unauthorized users trying to log into the net. It has a lot of advantages, one of them is guarantee in network security from dangerous viruses or hacker’s attacks.

The possibility to control network process on- line together with spread illegal logging in network makes manager easy to find out trace activity which happened without any notice. Secure connections are object to illegal actions almost daily, which makes them weak and less protected; it reduces the effective actions of defense system. It happens so that data valuable for us becomes available to malicious users, which can intrude in the secure activity and destroy it. Any respective company having secured company data in computers should create such kind of secure connections which will allow to defense system in all directions.

Software and network traffic control

One should know that while monitoring connection you are to have a list of programs. It may be different depending on functions, applications, functionality. The list of programs is usually divided according to functional categories. There exists a special packet sniffer which allows capturing information on-line and analyzing it, tracing the resource it came from. Other programs are responsible for spikes of networks in its activity in order to prevent illegal data transmission.

The application activity set up on PC provides security from infected system files. Firewall software actively used lately makes possible to join only authorized connections and reroutes malicious packets, preventing illegal connection.

Network monitoring prevents hacker’s attacks

Usually every company has its own network monitoring software, it’s rather complex and data protection really costs much in organization. Small companies prefer to organize great corporative security because of price. However there is free of charge program software too. It provides less protected level of security but still it is. It puts much on network administrator.

Tracing, identifying and monitoring unauthorized activity stops information spreading, reduces breaches of secure information.

Advantages in traffic Monitoring

  • Reducing of server and system bottlenecks
  • Shutting down unwanted activity
  • Consideration of most bandwidth users or applications
  • Tracking down issues of the network
  • Network traffic trending and reporting

To secure your personal data use SmartHide. It is simple in use and easy to install software for Internet deals protection 24/7.


5 Tricks to Avoid Internet Identity Theft

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Avoid Information TheftHow one can avoid information theft, safe data during usage. In this case much depends on the owner of the credit card or debit. The importance lies in reducing the percent of damage following all these instructions one can avoid the attacks.

How can be identity stolen?

Nowadays the society become very danger because of lots of crimes, we even does not suspect the level of hacker’s skill who can steal all the information without permission to your home. Being in public places they may interfere into your credit card number and read all your private data. For example you made up your mind to have a rest at the seaside, called to the hotel in order to book in, and that it is, the information is caught.

There is no security at all no matter whether you are at home or in the yard. Psychology is the best way to know a person, try to engage in “dumpster diving” and read all the people though away, this is the best way to know much about people, get the copies of all checks, credit cards statements, address, telephone number. Knowledge of all these facts makes easier for criminals to theft control over the private data. Sending financial information on the mail one can find great troubles. You are to know that enclosed materials may be retrieved by criminals without your knowledge. Your data also can be stolen during mail delivery; it may be redirected to another location.

Criminals can obtain banking information, passwords and other important data in the means of Internet. Responding to spam e-mails with great benefit permission may also be dangerous. There are a lot of popular technologies which allow stealing the personal data.

Even small volume of information can be used by criminals in order to make his spiverry: false applications for loans, bank accounts fraudulent withdrawals and other good privileges which the hacker can use by his real name. All the actions can be made before you know. It may lead to great damage of credits and reputations.

Extraordinary case

Sun Sentinel, issue 2009 informs about outstanding fact of data theft in U.S. Robert Wexler was objected to the action of the target extortionist in Ghana. The late got the private data and was going to sell it. In case of using such kind of information one can redirect it.

Here is the list of things one can do in order to be safe and secure in the Net:

  1. Set up your anti-virus software functions well;
  2. Do not use public PC (in the library, airport terminal) where one can install spyware;
  3. Hacker can break into your computer while you are using wireless in hotspot;
  4. Check whether your Social Security number used in any public records or not.
  5. Using IP hider program like SmartHide only then Thieves cannot track your real IP data.

Identity Theft: What should one do if the information is being compromised?

Identity theft is the bottom line for on-line threats such as spyware, hackers, phishing. In case someone is using personal data without the theft has a right to be. This may occur with credit card, Social Security number etc. Information protection grows in value.

According to On Guard Online some steps can find out the theft in case if something has been deliberately stolen or disclosed.

There exists the alert system which informs creditors to follow certain operations while opening new accounts or changing existing. Usually informing companies possess toll-free numbers.

Transunion: 1-800-680-7289

Experian: 1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742)

Equifax: 1-800-525-6285

Before placing fraud alert you are to make free copies of financial reports, searching for companies inquiries that have not been contacted yet, look though the accounts and account debts that are unexplainable. You‘d rather close all the accounts that have been closed with established fraudulently beforehand.

Inform about creating every new account of the company in order to avoid the financial break down.

ID Theft Affidavit should be supported by written statement. In this process verification of disputed account closing and fraudulent debts is compulsory. All the incoming information should be saved.

- As soon as the theft has been done report to the Federal Trade Commission. It will fasten law enforcement procedure across the country in the investigation.

1-877-ID-THEFT (438-4338) or TTY, 1-866-653-4261


The Protection of Data is a Help for your Business

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
Help your Small Business. Protect the personal data

Help Business. Protect the data!

We all know how it is difficult to set up business nowadays. Every detail must be accurately chosenand fixed according to certain order. In this row one can find following small details: funds, logistics,and advertising.

The most prominent factor of all in this sphere is online security; it is meaningful both for entrepreneurs working on-line and non-virtual companies. That is why business computers must be well protected in order to avoid hacker’s attacks. One particular attack can destroy working process. The only way to salvation is to follow special security protocols.

Developing technologies allow us to save the business and offer special IP hiding applications. The meaningful peculiarity of applications is IP address changing. This factor helps to prevent the identity theft and save access to customer’s database. If one could only imagine case of single access to the database. It is the destroyment of all well-organized plans of the company. Only one action and all the efforts are in vain. The possible consequence is bad reputation and the end of all the actions.

There are some web sites which offer IP hiding software. However most of these sites can’t provide all you need. If you want to get good quality and speed you are to pay some dollars. We can offer you a professional customer service and the varity of different subscriptions to choose from.

If you do not want to be in such a situation but you do not have enough money for now you can use FREE proxy servers.

While setting up a venture is sure that online information is secure and all the right tools are available. Following all these instructions one can be sure that on-line attacks won’t spoil the entrepreneur’s actions.


New Networking Standards for USA Banks

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011
New Standards for USA Banks

New Standards for USA Banks

The Financial Times reports that USA government officials have created new security   standards for protecting net data of American banks. There is obligatory rule of database protecting, security system consists of several levels including software able to respond to unusual user’s actions.

New rules concerning deposit insurance created by Federal corporation jointly with Federal Reserve banks officials have become government’s response to frequent bank system’s cracking. Recent updates of bank demands for data protection have been made in 2005.

There are no demands for usage of concrete protection schemes in new standards. Banks are responsible for risk assessment and taking appropriate security measures. Changes mainly concern safe usage of on-line banking systems by customers. At the beginning of 2012 users will be able to observe working changes in the service’s functioning especially while trying to log in from another computer or first funds transition to another account.

In USA individuals have a guarantee of damage compensation in case of bank accounts cracking meanwhile corporative bank clients doesn’t have such protection.

By the way you have a perfect opportunity to protect your banking deals with SmartHide. If it is switched on when some bank site is damaged, you still protected.

According to new standards banks will have to provide special protective measures for company’s data of their clients.

During late one year and a half hackers have attacked such American payment systems as RBS WorldPay and Heartland Payment System, and also one of the largest American banks Citigroup. As result of hacking of computer system Citigroup attackers have got personal data of more than 360000 users, the total damage was 2,7 million dollars.


British filial of Merdoc media imperia was attacked by hackers.

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Merdoc media was attacked by hackers

Merdoc media was attacked by hackers

British mass media reports that unknown group of hackers on Thursday morning attacked News International’s servers – British subdivision of world corporation mediamagnat Rupert Merdoc.

Publishing house News International issues popular editions such as Times Sun and News of the World.

For the present rime no one took the responsibility for the cyber-attack, but according to the Guardian’s opinion it is notorious staff of LulzSec who have made several sound cracklings in the recent times who must be punished.

Guardian supposes that LulzSec participants spread all over the world did not like how Sun clears their activity. On Thursday material about 21 year old Ryan Cleary arrested two days ago in Essex have been published. British police supposes Cleary to be one of the key figures of the LulzSec operations. However according to Sun information “severe” hacker is silly teenager who uses gas balloon in order to become drink and incapable by the drugs. News International representative confirmed Guardian that computer infrastructure of the company was attacked for several hours by Ddos-attacks. It’s a hacker method which makes thousands of computers provide inquiries for server being attacked.

Meanwhile great numbers of computers used in attack to British Publishing house have been found according to this data in Russia. However it does not mean cyber hooligans are Russians: hackers for theirs operations often use distanced computers in which they have managed to insert harmful software.

Destroyed part of infrastructure of News International does not relate to Sun and does not prevent to issue the tableau in time – both on-line and printed version. Up to the present time right protection organs did not managed to effectively prevent LulzSec activity which felt absolutely confident.


WebNinjias declared a war to LulzSec

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

WebNinjias declared a war to LulzSec

WebNinjias declared a war to LulzSec

On Tuesday one more hacker group WebNinjas started its own company against LulzSec, it created blog called lulzsecexposed. One can find personal data of LulzSec participants regularly.

Perhaps LulzSec enemy’s efforts helped Great Britain right protection organizations in arresting of one of the key LulzSec’s participants 19 year old Ryan Cleary. New arrests in future are not exclusion.

LulzSec representatives despite strength efforts of the hackers – colleagues and right protection organizations grow, they continue publishing funny messages in Twitter account group, they promise that preparation to first stage of early announced hacker operation AntiSec will be finished up to Friday , 24 of June.

According to unofficial classification LulzSec is being related to gray hackers. These are cyber hooligans who crack the sites or make some poison without any goal but just in order to indicate to some pitfalls in security or revenge for something.

Anyway the authority of the given status has been doubted by hackers-competitors of the group experts of informational security not a time. At the beginning of the June Unveillance representative (develops technology decisions for informational security) published in the company’s blog message which contains writing of company’s worker and one of the user which allegedly are participants of LulzSec. According to the history of lettering it is known that interlocutors of Unveillance representatives demanded sum of money in exchange to company’s security from Ddos attacks or cracking.