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Restricted sites. Problem & Solution. 1 Proved Way To Unblock Restricted Sites

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
Unblock a Ristricted Site

Unblock a Ristricted Site

Among the restricted sites one may find sites that help parents to control their kid’s internet pastime, parents may do so that their kid won’t get the access to the sites without the administrator password to enter or quite the site. All we know that site are usually being restricted because of their content and in the purposes of security rules. There is a special list of programs and games to be downloaded by kids according to parental control.

SmartHide Online Anonymizer is one more type of online security instrument by means of which one may avoid some URL or IP addresses indicated in filters. It is very easy to unblock restricted sites that have been banned at school, college, or some other workplace. Applying this online anonymizer one may keep anonymous and won’t be traced at all.

If the social nets like the Orkut, Facebook and others are banned on the network you may try to surf them on the server that detects it and disallows. As far as Ctunnel is concerned it won’t be ‘so anymore. All you are to door is to open the SmartHide Online Anonymizer home page and use URL of the site you may surf.

One can admin it with help of YouTube and enjoy watching videos on and see funny stuff.

The only problem is that if YouTube has been blocked by the firewall you won’t be able to browse it once again. The only opportunity to do that is to get a special web anonymizer and that is it.

There have been compiled for about hundreds of anonymizers for such purposes. Tons of anonymizers in the specialized sites have been already used and what’s more surprising is that most of them are still working.

Now let’s consider more concrete situation

If you one the people who wants to unblock bebo go to the link You can find there a field where you should insert or any other URL you want to visit for easy unblocking it.

Do not worry if you are no aware how to do that , simple websites may help you to browse any desirable link. You may know more on by contacting us at


Free Internet Security Apps Saves Us Everyday

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011
Internet Security Apps

Internet Security Apps

Collection of free security software products has risen highly. We should protect our own computers from the threats in the web by the means of free software.

Browsing this or that software security device is sure. Many on-line shops provide different kind of trades and devices providing your Internet security. The list can be endless: free privacy software, free firewalls, free antivirus programs, free content filters etc.

While installing the internet products be sure that you are compatible with the version of Windows, Vista versions. Each product can be correlated with a particular Windows version, of course everything depends on the service being provided. The information updates regularly.

The newest internets products are being advertised recently in the sphere of Internet security software are as follows: SpamPal, Comodo, Outpost, Spybot, Ad-Aware.

The best advice for those who is eager to acquire the Internet security software is to pay attention to those ones which are able to protect you from the viruses, phishing attacks, adware, spyware, spam etc.

Let’s consider antivirus programs used more frequently nowadays. Numerously used program is spyware Doctor Antivirus. It detects you from on-line fractions of threats. Most of antimalware products have no opportunity to bock spyware effectively , real –time threats continue to exist when this or that type of downloads are being realized on your PC.

How can we trace the process of protecting procedure: everything is simple spyware doctor with antivirus connects to on-line system and blocks the threat coming from inside rom malicious activities with viruses and spywares.

Internet Security presupposes something that needs the unification of antivirus protection and antispyware. It also regards Smart Updates which keep the protection update during all required period.

Entirely PC tools of web security are constructed for all types of users. They provide optimal protection with the limited interaction; these tools can be installed without slowing you down with confusing features. All I makes you securely connected to online universe.


5 Great Firewalls that provide Internet Security for Us EveryDay

Monday, August 29th, 2011
Firewall Internet Security

Firewall Internet Security

Internet security means much nowadays. It has become critically important because of growing importance of web connections in our life. Business operations and developing web working technologies makes us dependable on this notion. Thousands of malicious users are eager to catch all your well planned operations and transfer them in theirs turn. Only usage of qualifying free Internet security software makes you safe at once.

Today we have in our usage a great range of computers tools for protection which help us be sure in our affairs.

Internet security is the branch of computer science related to the internet specifically. It has its own objective rules and methods of preventing hackers’ attacks. It should be noted that one of the major principles is encryption.

Millions of users prefer to select Zone alarm as the most trusted Internet security application. It peculiarity is that it blocks dangerous Internet security solutions. The award- winning firewall that is used in personal pc automatically provides a blocking for dangerous internet threats.

Kerio Personal Firewall 4
Kerio released the updated version of their personal firewall called Kerio Personal Firewall 4. It is free for all types of using both home using and personal representing. This easy to use technology provides high level of protection.

Omniquad Personal Firewall
Omni quad Personal Firewall is available, contains the ability to monitor all types of traffic. It allows setting up different levels of zones and requests for authorization before allowing software to start connections to the Internet.

Outpost Firewall FREE
It makes a scaled version of the Outpost Firewall Pro 2.5 available for free use in different goals. This product has an improved look and feel and will help to protect your computer against unwanted network traffic.

Sygate Personal Firewall
Sygate Personal Firewall 5.x suffers best of breed security in friendly interface, allowing to protect your PC from DoS attacks, hackers, trojans . New features are being compounded by enhanced logging, full-ICS support, protocol driver level protection, and more. This version is to be firstly FREE personal firewall; it gives the protection from keeping the information on your PC safe and private, code intrusions.

For more protection use software for traffic Internet Security without any worries about your transactions and deals.


Internet Encryption is More Than Just a Few Smart Words

Sunday, August 28th, 2011
Internet Encryption

Internet Encryption

What is it internet encryption? It is a protection of internet parts, of web sites; usually they use 128 bit encryption. The same level of encryption is being applied in protecting the shopping sites, sites of banking systems. It’s being achieved free of charge, one is only to establish the special version: “Root Certificate Authority”. Generally a computer issues digital certificates in order to encrypt the private data. Up to date technologies does not still allow to install this encryption to all types of systems, that is why you are to inform the operating data of your personal Pc before using it in other way you may get the irritable warning every time you enter the system or to the website.

There is great number of the types of encryption. Let’s list all of them: encryption key, RSA encryption.

Simple encryption key uses normal encryption. There can be problem concerning it. It must be secretly transmitted, in order to allow the two people to communicate and read messages.

RSA encryption meant for three people communicating who have worked it out: Rivest, Adelman, Shamir. This encryption allows getting the secret data transmission without a secret key. But it is rather heavy to calculate this for any computer system in any actual data transmission.

Let’s consider work of the RSA encryption in details.

You have got two types of keys a public key and a private key, known only to you. They are rather undependable: there is no private key without the public key. But only one person can be responsible for them.

It is also important to note that anything that is encrypted with one of the keys cannot be encrypted with the other key. It may be done only in pair.

When the Pc makes a connection to the website with the encryption, all the data sent by you can be encrypted and regarded only with the help of the public key given from our server to you beforehand. It obviously happens when you send to the website providing encryption data your password login. It is some kind of analogy. In this case every piece of information you provide while typing something on your Pc gets the compulsory checking in our server, then it goes to description.

Consider the Internet Encryption Scheme that guarantees a coplete security in the Internet.


Is That Possible to Unblock MySpace Accounts in Your Country?

Saturday, August 27th, 2011
Unblock MySpace at School & Work

Unblock MySpace at School & Work

MySpace is the most popular social web nets in the world. But fortunately it is infamous for its frequent blockings. Nowadays MySpace is blocked in different locations, and these cases rise very quickly. This social net receives more and more attention from mass media, schools, offices, libraries and so on. Examination of this leads to understanding that entertainment and happy life create the entire picture of the social life in the web. So, how to unblock MySpace?

Much similar organizations usually use web filters for blocking sites of the given character. Such web filters are the most prevalent; they provide limitations to the access to MySpace or some other sites. But there is an opportunity of bypassing a countless number of restrictions. It’s much easier than one can suppose.

Some organizations use web filters to block websites in order their workers won’t enter there during the work. These web filters, with web sense being the most prevalent, reduce the access to MySpace and a number of other sites. You want to know how to unblock MySpace. Of course you do, but how? The answer to this question is much easier than one would first imagine.

Unblocking MySpace is a quite simple task. One only needs to change a real IP address. It will easily allow bypassing filters. What is it, let’s consider accurately. It is some kind of service which allows to get the access to the blocked site without any limitations and that’s it the problem is decided.

One may wonder why it is so. The answer is the catch is that the services can make necessary operations of unblocking them. Change IP services are being compounded daily; it makes you simple to fight oppressive web filters.

You see blocking MySpace pages is like asking for a cheeseburger at the counter. You ask a teenager who is rather tired and dirty and so on to go and all this staff at the kitchen, in several minutes he comes back in a worth condition but with a nice burger wrapped in a clean paper with a catchy advertisement plastered on it. In other words a service that can unblock MySpace does the most difficult job that you may avoid by making the request for unblocking. It protects your security and privacy in the web space.

Check out our unique service that can help you to unblock MySpace in a few minutes or so.


Online Security World is Much Easier Than you Can Imagine

Friday, August 26th, 2011
Online Security is Easy

Online Security is Easy

Nowadays the developing technologies of Internet resources allow us to know much more about the modern life without going to public libraries, Internet is even able to change the television services, in this situation we should pay much more attention to its protection and to online security in particular.

There exist a lot of schools for user which provide the service of teaching how to become protected from malicious software’s, sometimes installing perfect antivirus programs can lead to some reasonable problem. As a result some webmasters are given a task to protect their websites and the data they receive.

Modern companies’ management understands that problems with the Internet software are not a simple joke or something like this. Insecure passwords or Information leakage can lead to SQL injection’s attacks.

For online security they usually use special web application, vulnerable application used for security training, it was introduced last year.

One should not probe other’s website without permission, as it may lead to hacking activity.

Protecting your application is not a simple task. One can learn how to find XSS vulnerabilities in one’s own web application and fix it in the another part of the software provided.

Entirely one may protect application from SQL injection with input validation. SQL needs to be permitted for “DROP TABLE members”.

Setting the SQL permission is avoiding bad experiences and troubles. It’s also possible to configure error notification in way that database are not exposed its tables in case of failure in query.

One should never trust to user input in XSS case. If something seems to you a login for hacker it is a good chance to attack. Sanitization and quote safe data kept in the base is the basic way of online security. The statements are usually referred to as parameterized ones.

The major step in understanding how web applications may be exploited leads to understanding and protecting.

The major ways of creating online security is Google code university, the principle application security. In case new questions arise concerning the facts one may address to special Webmaster Help forum.


Hide IP address of Yours to be NOT Sniffed by Your ISP

Thursday, August 25th, 2011
Hide IP to be NOT Sniffed by Your ISP

Hide IP to be NOT Sniffed by Your ISP

A certain number of readers regarding this information already informed how to keep secure their information concerning IP address private. Some advanced users prefer to hide IP several times a day but it may lead to some kind of confusion. Thousands of people share Internet connections which are insecure, many of them lead to hacking computers, infect them with Trojans and other viruses. All this requires further investigation. Around the world there are so many networks and electronic devices that people can’t be responsible for their security.

One should remember that ISP is taking a comprehensive list of everything you do and download, that’s why privacy needs to be protected. The process of hiding IP address needs to be established so that the infringement should relate to IP address .

If the IP address is already involved with infringement it encounters the Saccharin problem. The holder of the account with the ISP is obliged to assist the lines of a respondent to Norwich Pharmacal order.

The damages in this case are not excluded. They claim deserve scrutiny.

It presupposes the certain sum of money being represented. The majority of such sum of money is usually taken up with legal cost.

Entirely when you hide IP address, it makes you possible to be sure that websites are not referring to one’s activities.

The best way for hiding IP address is installing the special software that will mask the native IP address. In most cases the users get everything they pay for.

One also can pay out for the software or download a trial version for a certain period in order to check its effectiveness.

Location of free web proxy service also well worth doing. I can provide a diligent anonymity level.

Installing and downloading a free computer software will also help to hide IP address. This platform is not as powerful as those which are being paid for but nevertheless it offers a serviceable option. Downloads are usually followed with spyware and adware that compounds a computer’s privacy. That’s why usage of shareware can be counterproductive for web users.

It is well known fact that Internet has a unique IP address so vulnerable to hacking attacks, in order not to avoid the information leak hide IP of yours.


Unblock Game Online at School Successfully

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
Unblock Game Online

Unblock Game Online

Studying at school all the day is so boring especially after so hot and joyful vacations! Schoolchildren don’t even have the time to refresh their mind after tiresome lessons. So imagine you are lucky that your teacher got sick and the classroom is empty for the whole lesson! So what should you do then? Sit and revise the task for the next lesson or do some other staff? Of course not! The only way out here is chatting with your friends or playing your favorite online game which is so funny! But there is trouble it has been blocked recently. You may change the situation without somebodies help. Just use special software to unblock game online.

In some schools the management makes so that pupils can’t get the access to the Internet easily, many sites blocked, it is all about administrative actions. If the children do not follow the rules they must be punished in this or that way. But there are some online games which compound the exclusion in this list. For example if you play scrambling it improves your spoken vocabulary. If the math is not your cup of tea you may switch to math games on-line. It will make your rain sharpen and your skills improved.

But still some schools forbid pupils to install such games providing to them a list of restrictions. In this case you may install java and flash for animated games in special websites. Even small kids may do this by downloading files into USB holder. After installing it on the flash once you won’t be troubled by reinstalling game every time you start it/ the only thing you are to know is checking virus security in order not to lose the other data.

But pupils are to know that unblocking games at school must have an educating character, otherwise what is the use of playing game instead of studying classes in proper time. Remember all the time you spent in school studying will help you organize your leisure rather well.

Don’t skip lesson in the class because you are playing online games in the library. You need to follow the subject in the class, so you understand what you learn. Although unblocked games at school is very easy, but you should not leave your obligation to do homework. Being a diligent student will give you good score. Do not play games more than 2 hours without stop. You will be so tired and dizzy. Games are only for refreshing tired mind, not as main activity at school!


5 Tricks for Getting Access to Blocked Websites

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
Access to Blocked Websites

Access to Blocked Websites

Once a n advanced user will ask himself do I know everything I need to know about my computer? And he will obviously find himself at lost at the aspect concerning unblocking and blocking websites. What should you do if you find your website blocked in school, universities or office?

In this article we will regard the basic principles which will help you in his situation or you can start accessing to blocked site right now.

Blocking undesirable websites is a common tactic which have been created and worked out in such countries as Saudi Arabia, Iran and China.

The reason of blocking is prohibited information: religion, sex, women, and politics, pop culture and so on. Or it may be Google news, messengers, different blocks; everything depends on information presented in them.

The problem can be decided easily! The following tricks may help you in accessing to blocked websites anywhere you need: at school, office, college or some hot spot:

  1. Firstly to get the access you may type IP number instead of the URL available. It is usually done in the browser address bar. But you are to know it may still remain blocked in some cases it depends on linkage between the web server and software map;
  2. URL redirection usage is also can be supplied; the links like or are demanded here. The principle is as follows: it sometimes works as the address in the URL bar;
  3. One can also use Google Mobile Search. It displays the normal HTML pages which can be seen in the mobile interface. The essence is that during the translation happens the removing of JavaScript content, makes it easier for user to read, sometimes it can include several pages from one given above;
  4. In order not to reach the blocked sites and simultaneously avoid the troubles you also may fetch the list of forbidden sites with the help of free online anonymizer;
  5. Yahoo Babelfish or in other words Google Translate language tools also can be applied as a proxy server.

All About Traffic Encryption

Monday, August 22nd, 2011
Traffic and Internet Traffic Encryption

Traffic and Internet Traffic Encryption

The notion traffic encrypting is rather wide spread in the present system of organizing network assess. Traffic encryption key is generally associated with mobile and based on count value. On the whole what is the purpose of using this notion? It contributes the linkage in network accesses between base station and mobile. The process of generating traffic encryption is usually triggered by the receipt of the message which indicates that the mobile is handoff at the station or something else.

The embodiment used in traffic encryption may be different. Also there are many services for Internet traffic encryption like SmartHide

Whether the embodiment can include the count value or perhaps it may be key count, sometimes traffic encryption key may be generated on the account value.

  • Among the principle methods of traffic encryption functioning one may find method of claim 1: generating traffic encryption based on the count value, in this case the key account is set initial value.
  • Method of claim 2: compromising the traffic encryption key by using an updated key account.
  • Method of claim 3: receiving the updated key account in the mobile.
  • Method of claim 4: determination of a secret key: traffic encryption bases on the count value
  • Method of claim 5: determining an access key which is unique together with the base station.
  • Method of claim 6: then comes receiving of the assess key in the message.
  • Method of claim 11: receiving a packet associated with integrated signature from the mobile.
  • Method of claim 12: there is no verification of integrated signature which comprises the count value. , generates a new traffic encryption which bases on count value.
  • Method of claim 14: message includes the access key which refers to base stations.
  • Method of claim 15: receiving steps: message from authenticator associates with the base stations.
  • Method of updating a traffic encryption includes an access key to the base station then comes comprising, determining a secret key on the access.
  • Method of updating traffic encryption key. It bases on the new key count, count value associates with the mobile, count value indicates network access, the traffic encryption communication.

Here are the basic principles of forming and functioning traffic encryption in modern computer reality.