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Internet Encryption is a Key for Internet Privacy and Protection

Thursday, September 29th, 2011
Internet Encryption is a Key

Internet Encryption is a Key

This notion of Internet Encryption is too private. It may lie upon your affairs and no more. Planning political affairs, discussing taxes and doing some other staff, this is all up to you. Whatever you do you must remember that all this considers your confidentiality: from private electronic mail to some documents.

People have been creating far away communication for rather long period, they have been conducted private conversations across the far away countries, up from here there have been created different encryption methods used for defending the privacy of communication. The introduction of electronic communication have been developed highly, networks have acquired new level of encryption encoding, since then aroused a new problem how to urge users to establish secure communications, in case they live too far and can’t meet too often for exchanging a secret description keys.

There is a solution to this problem. It is the Internet encryption method.
Public Key Cryptography (PKC), some kind of mathematical structure that does not have any participants for secure communications.

This technology provides a decent method of attaching an encrypted signature to achieving guaranteed authenticity. PKC is some kind of engine for high trade encryption in the web. It includes financial transactions on websites of high virtual networks.

Most sites accept financial data, using encryption Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. The idea is if the data are being sent between your computer and the web server one can tell when a site is using SSL when the site is using URL with the prefixes http. The picture is mostly of a closed key or lock shown on the bottom.

The worldwide Internet growth of the user base and Internet transactions called to reach great sums of dollars in the nearest time; all this makes sense for those involved in secure Internet technologies. Financial and personal information are rather closely interacted with privacy and fraud abuses but one should remember its primary sense is to perform a commercial functions of high importance.

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VPN Connection is More Than Just a Private Network

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011


A VPN connection makes data safe while transferring application within the VPN server. But it does not provide the full end- to -end security. Users of wireless net in Urbana Champaign are encouraged to use VPN service considering encrypted wireless communication that can be reached in the air much more easily than the wires.

VPN is usually recommended for remote access for users which prefer to on-campus IP address for authentication. Nevertheless such notions as antivirus software, system patch, layers of encryption, server application are l required for the system security, such security measures are very well recommended.

Computers using dialup or other types of connections are hardly ever to be observed by scanning systems than computers but nevertheless they are turned on with the help of Ethernet connections. Dialup users are not objected to spyware or virus infections and other file access related systems.

User’s system and target network: usage of ISP with highly trusted integrity is personally inspected and verified. Any user can follow a DNS server and read and intercept network traffic going through the system.

Target network: the line you desire to log in may be completely secured from outside, in other cases may not.

Potential security failure may be explained by several points: operating system, applications, system component. New viruses, usernames and passwords keep the danger of destroying the data.

If the client requires securing a path of communication from the machine he must not replace antivirus software, application security patches networking security practices. If a virus has been downloaded within an encrypted packet it will obviously infect the operating system, that is why VPN client is up to us in the case.

Such communication between the user’s system and the network are most evident. All integrations between client machine and VPN server are compulsory encrypted. Machines between server and client cannot read enough information of data packet.

The target network encryption reaches the VPN server. The server in its turn sends and encrypts data given to the client. That is the scheme of working VPN in details.

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SmartHide Mac OS X Update. Try the Power of SmartHide on your Mac

Monday, September 26th, 2011
SmartHide for Mac Edition

SmartHide for Mac Edition

Today we are happy to announce the update of SmartHide software & service for MAC OS X. With this SmartHide update every Mac user can easily hide real IP address and encrypt Internet data that goes through most modern software.

Newly updated SmartHide has some changes that really make it worth of using on your Mac with a matter of seconds.

A few bugs and gaps have been fixed
Our programmers have fixed many little bugs. It improved SmartHide stability and security, so a user can be confident about complete protection while using SmartHide on a Mac.

SmartHide bug-report window functionality has been updated
We have improved SmartHide bug-report window functionality. Now you can easily send us a question or other information through SmartHide and we will receive all the important information with your report that can help us identify the reason of an issue on your Mac.

Now SmartHide works with Mac OS X Lion
One more update is the adaptation for Mac OS X Lion. This innovation in SmartHide makes it flexible and available for most Mac users who love to be secured in the Internet using their Mac everywhere.

SmartHide service will allow Apple MacOS users to feel safe while using public Wi-Fi access points, not being afraid of intercepting their personal information in the hotels, airports, cafes and public locations worldwide.

We can say that this release is a long awaited event for most SmartHide users who use SmartHide for Windows but they really wanted to use it on their Macs.

After several hundreds of requests we have updated SmartHide for Mac and we hope that you will love it.

We will be waiting for your comments.

You can download the latest SmartHide Mac Edition in your Personal Members Area at

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Unblocking Websites From Technique Point of View

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
Website Unblocking

Website Unblocking

Unblocking website is technically rather difficult process. Many social institutions prefer to block sites: public mail servers, corporate houses block some social sites, music sites. All is done with the help of utilities and firewalls.

Do not get upset if the website blocked you may find one of the solutions proposed.

Many websites block peoples that access them through blocking a special IP address. This type of blocking is designed in order to block the place where you came from. The method of getting around this is to change your IP address temporarily.

There are often such cases when you are being blocked by a content filter on the network especially on corporate institutes and educational institutes. This kind of filters is highly applied in schools, businesses and some public networks.

It blocks the access that is deemed objectionable or undesirable, because of the content that people call don’t.

Many schools and other similar organizations prefer to block the access to socialization such as Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, considering its low level of discipline in educational process.

They also block the pornography sites, religion, gambling, hacking and entertainment sites.

This kind of blocking is designed in order to block all your transferring activities. The best method to avoid it is to use set and use anonymous proxy filter. You may find it in specialized sites.

There are some hints that may help you
Clean the history of you transferring, by clicking “Tools” on the right side of the screen, then follow to “ Internet options” and to” browsing history” and finally press “delete”. After you have done all this you may choose the information that can be deleted. It will be harder to block the place that you visit.

To erase the evidence of website history completely you are to change or edit windows registry. It is a rather advanced procedure; one cannot recommend it for the others if they have not rather advanced skill and techniques. To edit the registry window, the user should registry the windows, get the administrator’s rights together with the login ID.

When finishing the work always try to clean al the links and switch off the programs.


The Principle Ways of Changing IP

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
Another way to Change IP

Another way to Change IP

Many methods are used for changing IP address, some of them work, but many does not. Is it possible to change IP address in windows operating system 2000, XP , 2003 with the help of prompts.

Static IP address
If you have a constant IP address and you have no possibility to change it without ISP, it becomes impossible to assign to constant IP without some kind of increased level such as business account. An ISP can set a lengthy time for IP address and make it l so you have assigned to a static IP. Only leaving modem or router unplugged for long period of time will make you possible to do all the actions without MAC address.

IP address lease time
Lease time is ISP determiner that assigns a particular IP. Lease time for some IP can last for couple of hours or more or less. Other lease time periods could be for a year or so.

One of the greatest methods of changing the IP address is turning off modem or router overnight. Remember this won’t help you in continuation the lease time work.

Some advance uses request how to assign their IP address manually. It is possible but lies in the boundary of great risk because of the ISP banning. Manual changing of IP is done by the steps of operating system. Depending on the O/S one may enter the similar display. You may also need the subnet, gateway and dns server IP addresses.

If the new IP of the computer doesn’t function, a chance on the ISP network was assigned that IP. You’ll need to go to the next one and keep until you find it opened . Keep in mind ISPs matches your MAC, modem data to the address.

MAC Cloning
What is it? It is a hardware address assigned to each device capable of connecting to a net. The Internet is only a large network. The MAC address is something that assigns on the device in the chip and so the user can’t change it. MAC cloning can only be done at your router providing it has those capabilities. DHCP server records the MAC and assigns an IP. In case of disconnection from the ISP, you may lose IP address. In the next connection , the DHCP server catches your MAC, observes it . If it has the assignment to the IP and the lease time is active, it will give you the same IP address which existed before disconnecting.

You can change your IP online for free or you can register a paid software to change IP for all your Internet software


Why Users Prefer to Mask IP address?

Thursday, September 15th, 2011
ip proxy masking

IP Proxy Masking

Everybody knows surfing on the web, knocking on the doors of virtual space sometimes can lead to the loss of individuality or in others words private user’s information. It is not true, let’s observe why.

Hold in the mind that one can find his location, but he needs a legal case in order to force Internet service provider. If you still keep some worries or troubles about your personality you will need to obtain a fake address in order to hid or mask your individuality on-line.

There are several reasons why users prefer to use masking
Firstly they needs testing of correctness of web server’s functions. A firewall blocks them out of their own website that’s why they need to go back. Connection to a VPN networks is also very meaningful.

Now let’s consider more detailed case of using the IP maskers. A lot men and women around the world serve in the army. They are defending their country under rough conditions. Of their choice was free and not compulsory, safety in their case is rather important in any sphere of life.

We know the best soldier’s weapon is his mind. They can catch the mass media news and reports from different sources television and Internet, social nets and blogs. Different military operations and exercises make them travel around the world. That’s why in some countries they can be restricted in some visits to certain sites, for example during the war in Iraq.

For those who are not aware, ip proxy masking is a special server that you can connect to. This server will provide you connection to the Internet through its own connection. How can it be realized? It gives a user a new IP address based in the particular area. It happens so that you do not attend the websites by the means of your own connection, but you are applying the ISP the proxy subscribes to. What should one do in case he is abroad or something like this? It is up to you to decide but if you get the a mask proxy with the encryption you will never mention the difference . Using the mask IP is a great way to protect your individuality while catching up the films or some videos. So arrange your virtual being in very comfort way so that you can enjoy it bypassing.


Disadvantages of On-line Security

Friday, September 9th, 2011
On-line Security

On-line Security

Why do great companies usually suffer from the high level of risk concerning the on-line security?

There are seven reasons for it.

Organizations suffer from failures because of technology layers which compound this critical puzzle. The most typical on-line security falls are inevitable in the corporate world. Avoiding them one will be able to make a good step towards the security network development.

The most typical sin is not measuring on-line security risk. It involves a failure taking the company’s activity is most important asset and also network configuration which surround it. Nevertheless one cannot defend the crown jewels without being acquainted with it.

Once McCann, whose position is corporate information manager of on-line security services in the U.S. Postal Service told that failure of having a network diagram or discovery software for identifying is what you really need”.

When some company fails to take an measurement of risk, everything in the world makes so that one may feel a certain feeling of false comfort that comes with firewall and antivirus software. This is a sign of that the only thing that can prevent the organization from the problem is the technology.

“I find out that a row of organizations believe that their security level (together with firewalls, switches etc.) are really secure, and have no need in their defenses around these devices” – once told Leigh.“ “Too often these devices are the toe hold into an organization.”

Ken Smith, a security solutions architect affirms that implementing security controls without the understanding business requirements and needs makes some difficulties at any time. “It is a primary reason that the security people are highly alarmed about their value for organization.

Compliance equals on-line security
The sin committed by upper management is case where a company has invested much time and value for the needs of enterprise, industry issues like HIPAA, PCI DSS.

With SmartHide you can ensure your On-line Security.


Some More About Information Security and Vulnerabilities

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011
Information Security

Information Security

Vulnerability management program is component in information security. Vulnerability management is defined as the process of classifying, identifying, mitigating, problems within devices information system. Vulnerabilities can exist in many different places within an information technology function including at the network, operating system, database, application, policy, or employee level of the organization.

I suppose every business otherwise deals with security in this or that degree. Every company is eager to be successful and legal protected from the risks receiving adequate information from security system.

The principle step to start is to defined information security establishing baseline of organization’s security state. It defines high level principles following effective security and important information assets. Some key items include IT assets, risk classification techniques, policies.

The information security policy performs a baseline audit.

Assessment is conducted by information from administrators or auditors skilled technology platform. The next step in process is assembling skilled team of security, system administration resources.

The vulnerabilities are tracked by the individuals responsible for redoing. It is important to understand vulnerability during the process can be implemented. Ongoing periodic and monitoring audit assessments ensure the improvements sustained and organization is done from information security standpoint.


Is That Right if You Use The Same Login and Password for All Internet Accounts?

Monday, September 5th, 2011


World technological advancement and spread of the Internet oftener and oftener the information is stored in so-called on-line “The Cloud”. This term becomes more and more usable. The growing Internet technologies reach our homes and life. Now we can do a lot of actions on-line: see photos, communicate in different ways, do our shopping and so on.

As a matter of fact for all these actions we need on-line account, easy in use and convenient. For each account the password and ID are required. It must be very easy to remember. In case you have forgotten it may be easily changed.

For convenience many of us will agree to use united ID-password unification. But it is some kind of big problem. If cybercriminal succeed to know it all your well-ordered plans will be spoiled.

So what shall we do?

Keep the Id password the same during long period of time, because it cannot be changed or kept anyway.

  1. Compound the password consisting of 5 or 9 symbols. This password will be called “Common Word”.
  2. Using the technique of creating the passwords derive a different password for all accounts.

Account may be attacked by phishers; this kind of attack is surprisingly effective, consists of spear phishing and whale phishing. The first one is directed to individuals: employer, club, magazine subscription. All these began with e-mail phishing attacks. It is more likely to be opened. The scheme is simple: e-mail has a link following which one can be attacked. Then malware is being delivered to your PC. The consequences are unpredictable. Of course one may avoid these trouble and do not open the letter.

Social attacks can be sophisticated reflecting the talent of the hacker. Phishing can be the product of several attacks, the Epsilon incident deals with the theft of certain quantity of accounts tied to a typical firm, for example a bank. It was theorized the information would be sold to phishers and later to spammers.

Electronic mailing lists are also good sources of target information. It is true the more the attacker knows the target, the more the attack will be successful.


How to Unblock Blocked Sites in China?

Thursday, September 1st, 2011
Unblock Blocked Sites in China

Unblock Blocked Sites in China

Live and work in China and have no access to the favorite websites or blog communities, movie or some sites of interest? Your IP service is blocked, phone provider does not allow to call up? You wanna get the access to the US, Canada or European server data being in China?

Surf bouncer provides you with a real Asian, Canadian, European or American addresses that unblock blocked sites, that is why the problem of listed above are already in the past.

If a user applies an IP phone services like Skype or something else he will get great bonuses when you unblock blocked sites and web services with SmartHide.

Getting the use from surf bouncer. And you know why? It simply creates encrypted VPN tunnel, which in its turn unblocks IP phones. Since that time VPN tunnel gives a path by means of encryption, now making calls you won’t get through the checking of local ISP and it means you won’t be blocked or caught in conversations, you won’t be listened to.

The changing of IP addresses happens regularly, several times a month, it happens so that the addresses never repeat. To get the access to the service user is to make choice among the multiple protocols, ports. Such features make the service some difficulties in blocking IP addresses, interrupted service or internet protocols.

Internet companies working with on-line security technologies propose two services for unblocking networks form China.

First of all Northern California gives the closest access between The America and China. Singapore also proposes a fast regional access.

One more fact is that VOIP users may plug the Ethernet – based phones into the appliance, it make easy access to the network. It is also impossible to plug into the phones with the help of ATA adapter. It is available from the phone provider, together with the appliance includes four Ethernet ports, wireless G access.

Personal VPN service
Talking about the personal VPN protection for laptops one should take into consideration that VPN protects the data no matter where you are: in travel or at home. All data: websites, emails, are securely passed through VPN accurately encrypted. Since that nobody can observe your internet actions, where you are surfing or what you are watching. IP address becomes personal; it unblocks the web, allow you to reach any website from any desirable point in China.