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Professionals Strike With Internet Censorship

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Notions of protection of freedom and free expression of emotions all these is a form of on-line media functioning. Among professionals there exist an opinion the professionals and watchdog are becoming under attack. National Audiovisual Media Council that is governmentally founded made a warning for several televisions channels not to show episodes of programs being criticized by some social groups and what’s more religious figures.

A number of politicians declared the council’s warning. It stranded out that it was a simple attack on freedom of expression. The council announced plans for establishing a database of media websites for organizing on-line media. Abdey –Hadi Mahfouz recently called on Lebanese website hosts for registering websites at the council. The applications would start accepting applications on 1st of November. He did not specify all the types of websites requiring registration or technical means used for creating such a database.

Neither the government nor the Parliament agree with new law regulating media, council declared its decisions and recommendations will be followed by all media organizations until a new law will be released. Executive media director Samid Kassir Eyes Foundation is not agree. According to his statements there is nothing legal. There is no possibility to impose regulations on Internet media. The council cannot demand the implementation of law. It is unacceptable for advisory board to disregard new developments in the World Wide Web.

Since 1994 there are much changes in this sphere. All blogs, on-line portals are now major news source for the Leban population. The council has no intention of freedom of expression being damaged. As far as mandate has expired its validity there is no possibility to carry out duties on protecting audiovisual organizations. During last years hundreds of blogs and more than a dozen of on-line portals have been opened. Political parties establish individual information website against opponents online. Mainly such on-line news portal are being supported by some regulations fixed by on-line media. Some media report that government should support its functioning because it a new sector of web life. There are some ethics that must be avoided among them one can find religion, children, sects.


USA and China – Questions and Answers About Internet Censorship

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Recent events in China has really changed the opinion towards the situation concerning censorship in China. USTR (United States Trade Representative) responsible for commercial matters requested consultations at WTO concerning Internet censorship regime.

It was not just a formal complaint. It is sooner a question set among countries concerning sensitive issue. Overall China’s treatment towards the situation and questions taken into consideration will consider the key to the information freedom in the People’s Republic of China.

On the whole this article is devoted to explanation of the significance of the development in this direction. Two primary questions will be discussed in this material. First aspect is USA and China positions at WTO concerning censorship issues. Second aspect to regarded is explanation possible illegacy of China’s Internet censorship according international law, regarding exact questions posed to the country during the latest consultations. It should be noted the implications of this development can greatly influence domestic politics of the country.

Questions about intellectual property rights case.
A number of consultations hold with China touched upon several aspects of intellectual property laws. Finally WTO declared a formal complaint. The complaint reflected China’s policy in providing no protect of the intellectual property rights failing in censorship laws. If we take into consideration legal products of show business here we may found some singer banned in this particular country, it means further away all the music products coming from his name won’t be protected in this direction in the given country. If a singer holds a copyright country’s authorities won’t enforce the copyright, it means her creative products can be objected to free pirate.

Sound reclamations in the Chinese authorities rounds led to the statement if the work was not allowed in the country so there is no use of protecting it. Talking about American and Chinese treatment of the situation the American side points out a great volume of copyrighted information that does not suit the requirements of Chinese censorship. WTO denied China’s defense and declared it must take intellectual property rights in case the goods do not meet country’s property rights if the goods does not suit fixed requirements.

Audiovisual products in China
One more questions is well worth paying attention to in this argue. After WTO decided the dispute between China and US in the above indicated. Question concerning audiovisual products rose above. According to Chinese law only inner enterprises are allowed to import movies, magazines, books and other similar products which are illegal under international law.

China took the defensive side pointing to another aspect of WTO law. According to the law country can take violate measures towards WTO if there is necessity in protecting the aspects of morality. Such censorship regime required in protecting public morality. China disputed this aspect, urging that monopoly for importing cultural products need to be enforced.

US declared that China has a right to move a model without relying the frames of censorship. Both parties can import the products and apply to the central censorship permission department. China urged this approach is far more costly, china needs to hold the reforms and import the regime of complying international law.

Current consultations
For the present time there are being holded consultations devoted to the disputes. One of the obligations accepted by China after joining to WTO is publishing and making publicly available some foreign jurisprudence translations affecting international law. Foreign business can’t be imagined without a website. Some foreign websites are often blocked in the country. Such giants as Facebook, Twitter or Google are the best examples. The problem is humbling little brick and business companies not well known over the country.

1. Service supplier websites are usually based not in the country and sometimes are inaccessible. It can prevent companies from marketing products to the market. There must be an agreement between two sides in understanding rules and adopting appropriate policies in order to avoid the problems.

Among the main problems to be decided one can find the follows issues:
- Determining ministry responsible for blocking and unblocking websites
- Clearing out what particular criteria influence on getting access to the foreign websites
- What ministers are responsible for drafting?
- What is the process of a blocked website?
- How does the blocking occur considering directly or indirectly.
- are questions of blocking and unblocking are typically implemented by companies by means of the written order in government. What particular organs are organized in such process?
-can a service supplier determine being not in the area what is up with success to the website in order to avoid some misunderstandings.
- can a service supplier be affected by a decision in blocking the website.
- is the process used to preventing in getting access to the websites both foreign and not.

2. United states is interested in better understanding of the functions of the office for foreign business
- What are the responsibilities and authorities of the SIIO?
- Will the SIIO handle licensing or other approval processes for Internet service providers or make decisions regarding filtering of foreign websites? If so, please describe which of these processes the SIIO will manage.
- Should companies contact the SIIO or some other entity when they have questions concerning China’s Internet laws, regulations and policies? If the SIIO is the appropriate contact, which office or individual should be contacted?
- Which categories of objectionable conduct are managed by each ministry with responsibilities or authorities for managing Internet content?

3. USA agrees that having a n information from SIIO foreign websites are blocked while sharing IP addresses.
- What is the explanation of all this?
- Are there any ways that China can filter to avoid inadvertent website blockages?
- Are Chinese authorities able to consider reasonable in notifying the owners of the host or sites, can web site hosting service ensure that the other sites are inadvertently blocked?
- What steps should be taken in considering reasonable notifying, can website ensure the other sites to be blocked?

4. State council has issued some measures for the administration in order to describe some content categories which may not be disseminated by service providers. Two additional categories of the content issued by Ministry of information and State Council may not be transmitted. United States is seeking clarity upon the broad nature of the categories.
- If there any laws, policies and regulations or other guidance able to establish criteria in determining whether the content fits eleven categories or not.
- Are government orders or requests filtering specific terms communicated directly to Internet information? If yes, then how are directives communicated? Are these requests made publicly?

5. According to the information coming from White Paper in China “business operators and Internet information service providers establish web security and utilize technical measures for the transmission of all types of illegal information ”.
- How is illegal information defined in this instance?
- Is a written governmental order required for a private corporation or a relevant authority to block the transmission of illegal information?
- What types of technical measures do service suppliers expect to use to prevent transmission of the illegal information? Do authorities in China approve specific technical measures? If so, which ministry does this?

WTO put China in situation required to appear and answer all the questions. It puts Chinese government in some kind of a tricky position. The funny thing about censorship is that people who know the rules of the game can make it effective.

Opinion and analysis
US-China relations at WTO become more and more clear. A growing pattern of WTO disputes between two countries pay attention to China’s censorship policy.

It should be noted US has never alleged there should be a practice of censorship. The decision to practice censorship is a matter of internal policy of China because being a sovereign state it must decided between people and government of the country. Taking into account that the Chinese censorship impacts trade relations with other countries the censorship regime should be not so strict and more transparent.


Beijing October 20, 2011 (Associated Press)

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Internet censorship disputes has come over the serious level, now these issues are being discussed among governmental representatives. Particularly, China’s Foreign Ministry now is defending these questions in the government debuts. They consider basic U.S. policy as an unfair trade barrier.

During the recent discussions Chinese Foreign Ministry Jiang Yu said nothing about issues concerning internet censorship in U.S. direction. Instead he declared Chine regulates all the questions concerning Internet censorship and its development in international practice. U.S. representatives recently declared that Washington now uses World Trade Organization in order to seek data of China’s actions in the censorship direction. Most American companies complain about blockings and high level of competitiveness.


Network Control is A Must Be Thing

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
Network Control

Network Control

Network admission report refers to Network Access Control and restricts access to the network which is based on security posture. Network device is able to force machine or user authentification configured for NAC. Guest access can be granted to a quarantine area for meditation of any problems caused by failure. A typical WiFi connection is a good example of NAC. User must present credentials before granted access to the network.

Initial phase Network Admission Control enables Cisco routers for enforcing priveleges in connecting to the net. This access can be on the basis of information about the device for example its current antivirus state. It includes information such as version of antivirus software, virus of scan engine.

Network admission system allows noncompliant devices to be denied in access.

Primary component of the Cisco NAC program is Cisco Trust Agent, it resides on endpoint system, communicates with its routers on the net. Cisco Trust Agent collects security information. The information is relayed to Cisco Secure Access Server. The information then goes to ACS here all decisions are made. ACS directs router in performing enforcement.

List of possible attacks is big enough. It several strategies are known for addressing security concerns: encryption for reference monitors, integrity, confidentiality, access control, this is useful in security engineering. Some sections provide explanations for important controls among them one can meet intrusion detection systems, firewalls, overlapping controls for defense.

If you want to have a full control of your network activity, it’s better to have a software to secure Internet activity.

Security threat analysis consists of three major steps:

  • scrutinization of all the parts
  • considering possible damage for confidentiality
  • hypothesize the attacks causing this damage

Such functional steps are typical for users of network. If we compare communication of two persons we will see basic types of communication in the net : read communications, modify communications, forge communications, inhibit communications.

All these can cause the consequences in:
-modifying programs or data at remote hosts
-accessing programs or data at remote hosts
-blocking selected traffic
-blocking all traffic
-modifying data in transit
-impersonating a user
-running a program at a remote host
-inserting communications
-intercepting data in traffic
-inserting a repeat of a previous communication


The Usage of VPNs is Criminalized in Iran

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
The Usage of VPNs is Criminalized in Iran

The Usage of VPNs is Criminalized in Iran

Criminalized VPN usage in Iran should be noted that recently usage of VPN in Iran has become a criminal action as declared Iran’s Minister of Communications and Technology. Its usage in the country has become a legal violation.

A VPN is cyber network which helps users to get the access to web providers in Iran and outside its boundary by means of using ISP. Iranian internet users use VPN and proxies to overcome web censorship frames fixed by Islamic Republic, it tightly blocks some foreign opposition websites.

Minister of communications Reza Taghipour expressed it was a great unfortunate the internet has become the arena for the soft battles. However the country has a great technical ability to stand against it.

Iranian government authorities claim that the enemies are trying to destroy the stable situation in Islamic Republic by means of cultural and social intrusions which can be reflected as some kind of soft battles. The wide world web has been an interested target for Iranian authorities in the so-called computer battles.

A committee which is headed by Iran’s Prosecutor determined that some sites must be blocked for Iranian users.


Internet Censorship: American Technologies Used to Censoring The Internet Over Syria Area

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
American Technologies

American Technologies

American company technology are being used in Syria by government representatives in censoring and monitoring dissidents, according to activists.

Silicon Valley company produces the equipment which allows corporations and governments in managing data traffic. It also can be used for monitoring users and blocking access, social networking applications similar to Facebook, Internet phone websites , which has a key to the Arab spring, upspring in Tunisia and Egypt.

Some activists are seriously concerned Syrian government is being ruled by the al-assad family that uses blue coat technologies helping to overcome fall down on dissidents constantly protesting against autocratic government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Recently a group founded in Switzerland named “hacktivists” provided technical support for dissidents in the Middle East creating local communication system downloading 54 gigabytes of Syrian telecommunications.


VPN in Australia | How to observe Netflix & Hulu in Australia

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011


Internet censorship is hot topic for the present time, in every country there exist a policy trying to settle up censorship in this or that way. In Australia and there have been great debates concerning censorship in different sites, representatives of The Senate have largely discussed this theme. Australian government declared a notice by the means of Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

In its frames information about Internet usage monitoring is being observed, and also it does not permit users to pass through Internet filters. The restriction is initially constituted for restraining child abusing , pornography and adult content and many others websites. Some people get start in finding people in overcoming some censorship issues. This people like to get access for different websites being blocked and geographically restricted in Us and some other countries. Among streaming websites one can find Hulu, Netflix and others. On the whole these websites are blocked because they are based in the American net and according to copyright laws they are not able to provide some services. Let’s go on. How do users usually get through geo-blocks and Internet censorship? Are there any ways out for bypassing firewalls and some blocks. There are several ways which can help users to enjoy the networld without being confined.

Let’s take VPN services and Proxy services. To overcome Internet censorship issues it is necessary to count the tools integrated with the ISP. Proxy service is not a good option for those looking videos from Hulu and some other on-line websites. Proxy is not so safe as it transmits data in insecure channels. So we see that VPN is the best option for dealing with. It allows user to be used. It transmits Internet censorship, it can be accessed from Australia in certain part of the world. VPN directs users data in an encrypted tunnel, which does not secure them but also helps to bypass censorship.

VPN service is also useful in watching Hulu and Netflix far away from the US borders e.g. with the help of US VPN Netflix. It greatly secures identity, data and some other type of communications from phishing attacks. It is very alarming for users in case they are eager to know you are using a secure channel for communication with the world. If the Internet data passes through the VPN data becomes much safer and quiet. It is essential to get Best Australia VPN. It is very important to make a right choice , there are hundreds of VPN providers in the market. We can provide you the list of TOP5 VPN providers in Australia.

The table bellow shows 5 best VPNs that are sorted by Alexa Rank (monthly site visitors)


Name Start price
1 Hidemyass $11.52/Month
2 StrongVPN $9.95/Month
3 PureVPN $9.95/Month
4 SmartHide $9.97/Month
5 ExpressVPN $12.95/Month


What Should You Do If A Crime Happened With You Online?

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011
Information Protection

Information Protection

Identity thief becomes possible when your information is opened for everyone. Of course while signing up to certain on-line products you can take certain steps able to protect you. It is necessary to keep all the passwords safe. They should be kept in safe places or remembered and of course they must differ from online passwords. Keywords must not be very easy, combination of letters and numbers should be unrelated. The easiest way to memorize such kind of information is to write it down in the paper or store them in secret files far away from hackers.

Being attentive user never press screens appearing suddenly when you visit this or that website especially if they are requiring passwords.

Dealing with the company you should know that it can be trusted.

Be aware there must some phishing attacks. Receiving emails from thieves pretending to financial information, all this is very genuine and very realistic. Besides such messages urge users they need updated information after what users click on link and get it simultaneously becoming a victim of a crime. Information presented by the banks and credit card systems allows deciding the issues by providing special messages informing how to remove the risk.

User should know that if he posses personal credit file he should obtain its copies to know what financial organizations got the details.

Mail access
Be specially careful living in a property other people could have access to your mail. A credit or bank card company could arrange collecting valuable items such as new plastic cards or cheque books.

Personal documents protection
Keep personal documents in a safe place mostly in a lockable drawer. Keep all the entire bills, credit-or debit-card slips, receipts, entire bills written on your name.

Consider registering with Prospective Registration Service. It may be placed by individuals. With good reason to believe it may be used by fraudster. All explanation can be got at to

If you trust you’ve become a victim of personal data fraud involving the use of plastic card, on-line banking etc then report by the account holder to special financial institution.


The Ways of Hiding Internet Traffic

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011
Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic

There exists Internet traffic garbler specially designed for encrypting outgoing and incoming Internet traffic which hides your IP address, protects user from identification. There exist several reasons: they are as follows.

- user do not want to show what Internet sites are being visited by him;
- you don’t want your company’s administrator to log the information received and send;
- you do not want anyone to read mails, with the help os sniffer. You would like to keep secrets. For that purpose you need anonymous access to the web with encrypted anonymous surfing;
- usually users have no desire to tell anyone, especially advertisers the language they speak, what operating system you possess, what screen resolution computer does have.

Above all every Internet user has an interest in protecting the computer. Every user is interested in protecting the system and detecting computer.

SmartHide here is the most advanced IP changer, bypass virtually from Internet censorship or blockings imposed on you by ISP, third parties or companies. Internet traffic routed trough remoted servers.

It simply replaces real IP address with another one. It reveals that the real location will never be revealed.

IP should be hidden according to several reasons. First of all SmartHide routes all the traffic by encrypted network so that remoted servers so that you connect to can see IP address of the server not original IP address.

Since the creation of the web space many types of daily activities take place in virtual world, including security ones. The risk of losing private data is being leaked. There exist few methods.

One can see to ensure the privacy, listing the firewalls, routers, web proxies, blocking programs for IP address.

So the first line in defensing against queries and attacks on computer. This is one important step in hiding your traffic.

The built – in- firewall first of all should be switched on. If there is a desire to use different type of firewall it should be turned off.

Different types of firewall are made for different types of use. User should be sure that the software is suitable for different needs.


How to Choose Fake IP Software to Hide Your Real IP Address

Thursday, October 20th, 2011
Fake IP Software

Fake IP Software

Do prevent identity theft and guard against hacker’s activity for increasing Internet privacy if you have intention to acquire your own IP address.

You see your IP address provides you online identity you are to be careful with all this, there is no difficulty in breaking the computer, stealing information or committing some other kind of a crime. It is the main reason why people prefer to change the IP or hide during the work, the other users prefer to get a fake IP address software for gaining an access to a forum or an access to restricted web sites not allowed to be entered.

IP address is some kind of on-line name, user should apply it accurately.

If you want to get the answer to all your troubles with online security and Internet traffic encryption, you need to find a good software to be anonymously and to surf the net at one click of the button.

You can send anonymous e-mails with the help of the software hiding IP data in headers, supporting great number of services like gmail, yahoo, outlook express and so on.

Software allows to manage web browser cookies, use encryption in sending personal information (HHTPS network protocols and SSL ), running a firewall and other methods- contribute a greater feeling of security while working online. Stopping hackers from installing keyloggers and other dangerous tools on your computer may aid crimes for stealing personal details.

One more thing is to be mentioned: if you know what is to be banned from a forum or chat or a website, so this information is for you, it will be extremely helpful in banning yourself from the forum, blog or game site, it will just fake IP while you will stay completely unnoticed.

In case one needs to get the access to the restricted sites in certain country for example in countries in US then it is possible to have a wide range of Fake IP in order to choose. The reason may be different why you may have a fake IP but still it will answer to all the problems.

One of the main problems is latest updates for being sure and killing spyware. In order to make you appear truly and get the best surf experience try everything what possible to do. Only this may lead you to effective decision.