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Web Spinners, Do You Want To Know About It?

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011
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Web Spinners

Web Spinners

During the past few weeks one of the stories that are being published online sites is some kind of the fight over the Stop On-line Piracy Act. The house bill is intended to empower the justice Department to blacklist websites violating intellectual- property laws. It would also allow some private companies service providers and sue sites for user-generated content that infringes on copyrights. The internet giants and web commentators that lead the opposition does not have to settle for a fair fight.

SOPA is just an old-fashioned Washington battle that involves two entrenched corporate camps: some entertainment companies that has no desire to have output being ripped off and the web companies that does not have any desire to be saddled with some increased compliance costs. The bill’s on-line critics try to spin it as privileging some entertainment industry but also over the good itself. With the debate that plays out largely on the turf Netizens hammer at this point together with “American Censorship Day” as a numerous sites.

The casting of SOPA is as effective enemy of Arab Springs has carried over to the offline world too. On 16 th of November the New York times published an op-ed argues about SOPA that would inflict collateral damage on some democratic discourse.

The problem that SOPA is intended to solve is that under some current laws YouTube and Facebook site does not take any actions to prevent users from dangerous pirate content. We all know You tube is indeed fantastic, seems to be some kind of phenomenon despite Robert Levine provides the stories of the copyright wars. That’s why it is regarded as some kind of business. Overaly the price of this business is rather high and that’s why it is rather valuess.


Use US VPN Netflix to Watch Netflix?

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011
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The life outside US made us concentrated on the Boxee Box, it probably disappoints us and make us so that we can’t get the access to the favourite shows on Hulu or Netfix. Every problem has a real solution.

First of all you need to get the access for using US VPN service, it is a plenty of decent VPN services with prices varying from $4 to $15 per a month, but one needs to be sure the the offered connections are appropriate.

The second step is following setup Boxee Box

1. Login to boxee makes you presented the home screen

2. Press the button on the remote control for bringing up the navigation menu.

3. Press up the arrow on the remote, it will help to highlight the settings . After that press ok on the remote for selecting it.

4. Hit the right arrow on the remote for a several times in order to highlight the network option. Choose it pressing the button ok. On the network settings screen you should press down arrow on the remote.

5. On the right side, press ok over the server box, then enter the server name and connect to. (One may get such kind of info subscribing to the vpn service)

6. Then enter vpn username and vpn password into the password box and account, check twice the encryption that is selected has required the box.

Summing up

Connection type PPTP

Server: sever name or ip address

Password: VPN password

Account: VPN username

Encryption required: enable (checked)

7.Click the content, after a few seconds, then it will change to disconnect and then indicate a successful VPN connection on boxee box.

Finally be able to browse Netflix of Hulu and then watch favourite show, now you can enjoy!

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Now SmartHide IPs Are Faster on 100% On All Personal EUR IPs

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Finally, we did it. SmartHide Team answered the call of numerous users’ requests that faced low speeds on Personal EUR IPs.

We have moved all the servers, where Personal EUR IPs are based to the new location in Zlin, Czech Republic. We have finalized the transfer and our first speed tests show an increase in speed on 100% on all Personal EUR IPs.

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Turkey Conference 2011

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011
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There had been hold a 16th Turkey conference 2011 in Izmir recently. Internet censorship is the important theme of the conference. There had been hold more than 100 activities. Free internet was the demand of internet users and developers of different technologies.

The conference was organized by the Internet technologies association up to 30 of November till 2 of December at the Aegean University of computer Engineering.

Topics that were discussed this year were “Mobile Life”, “New Media”, “intellectual Property Rights”. Totally 56 of sessions consisted of 13 panel discussions, 15 seminars, 27 sessions on different declarations. The issues of the internet filtering application, internet media regulations came up in sessions on technical issues as well as on information concerning development, panel discussions and seminars.

Actually these were the topics on the general agenda, two panel discussions on 2 December were devoted to the issues.

The session that was entitled “Internet Media regulations” was organized by the communication association that possess corresponding draft bill , it will be announced in parliament at the beginning of 2011. Potential contents of the draft were discussed besides the question of how the internet media institutions can react and how they can be involved to the process.

Ebru Baranseli hosted “Internet Bans and filtering” that was the most important theme of the recent panel discussions.

Ali Riza Keles who also has provided some clever thoughts concerning the theme of the Turkey conference 2011 summarized that legal struggle has a right to be and activist’s actions do carry out against the web filtering system.The filtering system constitutes an obstacle before the use of the right. Sensitivities of the community such as “child pornography”, “terrorism”, “security” are being exploited. Keles stressed that the mass demonstration concerned with the filtering system in Stambul on 15 May is successful, the internet users organize it according to the bill.

The head of the web technology association Prof Mustafa Akgül joined the discussions and questioned the number of 525 million internet sites that are to be obviously filtered.

Erdem Dilbaz performed as “digital activist” pointed to the point of standardization of the filtering system. It excludes the one who is different. Some are not accredited to a meeting that is held by the web technology committee.

The session was concluded with some question from the public. For example a student from the Aegean University told that there is some misunderstanding of the issue why some websites are being censored.


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Sunday, December 18th, 2011
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Internet Control Conference Discussed The Common Issues About Internet Censorship

Monday, December 12th, 2011
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There was hold a conference called “American Censorship Day”, it was devoted to the problems of current legislation in the Senate and House of Representatives. It was the following step in controlling the Internet in its history.

The text of HR 3261 which is also known as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) or in other words a bill indeed aims to eliminating financial incentive of stealing mental property, it stops advertisers from spending money for domain names, it hosts illegal material with copyright laws.

The bill moves further in order to state whether the website complies or not some attempts for taking down infringing material, it would be able to block users from visiting the sites.

The audience have noted that the bills change the line between protecting mental property and producing censorship. It is mostly because the given bill fails in distinguishing a domain claiming responsibility for the content that is posted by the users.

Scott Spitzer, political science professor once said that the media is being regulated and is being considered as a constitutional.

There is no mention to the bill censoring the content, it is not expressly a computer program or some kind of a musical word, it is not a picture or audiovisual work.

In other words, the legislation does not specifically target websites for censorship. Our generation is as brilliant as the development of Internet service, but in some cases it is some kind of huge can of worms. We got used to have unlimited cash of places and things to do. Most of us can’t take some loss that happen in our life.

Joseph Costillo, philosophy major, is mostly concerned with the bill.

All what is done is for the good reason. It is a slippery slope, in other countries the Internet is being indeed censored and users can only see their governments

Matthew Jarvis, political science professor, affirms there is also a possibility the House of representative draws up without intending to pass. He has cited a faux attempt for reinsating military operations in 2004 which led to the loss of the landslide. This bill is not drawn to pass, it is rather drawn to make a statement.

The conference devoted to the HR 3261 proved the bill may fall along the same lines. Congress at work is Congress with no game.

For the present moment there is no date for voting on the bill.


SOPA, Google, Yahoo and Notion of Web Censorship Bill

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
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SOPA organizes web business, claims social web nets such as Twitter, Google and Yahoo. Its bill amounts to web censorship some argue.
Yahoo is one of nine Internet companies which publicly opposed the Stop Internet Privacy Act, or SOPA.

Let’s take for example Yahoo. It is one of the biggest web corporations that publicly opposes the internet privacy stop Internet Privacy act or SOPA.

Late last month Lamar Smith an official representative from Texas has introduced a bill that is called SOPA, it was intended for cracking down intellectual property stealing and then put up some barriers towards ‘’rogue” sites.

The problem of web sites is indeed real, it can be widespread. It harms economy sectors as far as Washington Post announces.

Paul McDougall offers up a run – down of five key provisions, it will include of the blocking of sites providing internet content. Targeting of the web sites selling pharmaceuticals to peoples without any prescriptions.

McDougall quotes Pfizer security officer John Clark who states that pharmaceutical counterfeiting is the foremost issue of patient health and safety.

The post reports that SOPA seems to have meaningful support, sometimes Hollywood studio and pharmaceutical companies argue that they are loosing for about $135 billion a year from selling pirated material. SOPA has met with opposition from web companies calling the bill as an assault lawful U.S. internet companies.

Earlier this week Twitter, Yahoo, Google signed an open letter addressed to Congress and read the content voices opposition to SOPA. Bills are drafted and will expose law-abiding American internet and technology to new indefinite liabilities, technology mandates and requires monitoring of web pages.

These measures do pose a serious risk to the industries that continue to track record of job – creation. According to the daily news Google chairman Eric Schmidt declared the highly proposed SOPA provisions to be draconian.


6 Awesome Advantages of Newly Released SmartHide VPN

Monday, December 5th, 2011

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