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Web Spinners, Do You Want To Know About It?

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011
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Web Spinners

Web Spinners

During the past few weeks one of the stories that are being published online sites is some kind of the fight over the Stop On-line Piracy Act. The house bill is intended to empower the justice Department to blacklist websites violating intellectual- property laws. It would also allow some private companies service providers and sue sites for user-generated content that infringes on copyrights. The internet giants and web commentators that lead the opposition does not have to settle for a fair fight.

SOPA is just an old-fashioned Washington battle that involves two entrenched corporate camps: some entertainment companies that has no desire to have output being ripped off and the web companies that does not have any desire to be saddled with some increased compliance costs. The bill’s on-line critics try to spin it as privileging some entertainment industry but also over the good itself. With the debate that plays out largely on the turf Netizens hammer at this point together with “American Censorship Day” as a numerous sites.

The casting of SOPA is as effective enemy of Arab Springs has carried over to the offline world too. On 16 th of November the New York times published an op-ed argues about SOPA that would inflict collateral damage on some democratic discourse.

The problem that SOPA is intended to solve is that under some current laws YouTube and Facebook site does not take any actions to prevent users from dangerous pirate content. We all know You tube is indeed fantastic, seems to be some kind of phenomenon despite Robert Levine provides the stories of the copyright wars. That’s why it is regarded as some kind of business. Overaly the price of this business is rather high and that’s why it is rather valuess.


Use US VPN Netflix to Watch Netflix?

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011
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Watch Netflix, Hulu and many other sites outside US when you are travelling around the World.

The life outside US made us concentrated on the Boxee Box, it probably disappoints us and make us so that we can’t get the access to the favourite shows on Hulu or Netfix. Every problem has a real solution.

First of all you need to get the access for using US VPN service, it is a plenty of decent VPN services with prices varying from $4 to $15 per a month, but one needs to be sure the the offered connections are appropriate.

The second step is following setup Boxee Box

1. Login to boxee makes you presented the home screen

2. Press the button on the remote control for bringing up the navigation menu.

3. Press up the arrow on the remote, it will help to highlight the settings . After that press ok on the remote for selecting it.

4. Hit the right arrow on the remote for a several times in order to highlight the network option. Choose it pressing the button ok. On the network settings screen you should press down arrow on the remote.

5. On the right side, press ok over the server box, then enter the server name and connect to. (One may get such kind of info subscribing to the vpn service)

6. Then enter vpn username and vpn password into the password box and account, check twice the encryption that is selected has required the box.

Summing up

Connection type PPTP

Server: sever name or ip address

Password: VPN password

Account: VPN username

Encryption required: enable (checked)

7.Click the content, after a few seconds, then it will change to disconnect and then indicate a successful VPN connection on boxee box.

Finally be able to browse Netflix of Hulu and then watch favourite show, now you can enjoy!

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How To Send Money Anonymously

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011
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Send Money Anonymously

Send Money Anonymously

Anonymity is rather important to great variety of web users. E-identity exposed on-line one could be stuck with a rough of unwanted issues, among them it is possible to find: Internet tracking, privacy invasion, exposure to being hacked. So if you want to send your money anonymously you should know it is actually a very hard work to do while connecting to the Internet service.

In order to acquire something on the web you must have a credit or debit card. In other words one may get and use a PayPal account, but there also might be a credit or debit card for activating. We can use cash for purchasing trades anonymously.

When you buy something with the help of a debit or credit card, the serial number of the acquired item is that which is stored by banks for statements and customer buying records. It means that anyone having access to the data really does know what you purchase.

PayPal usage is not very safe, it uses your real information, on the whole average person does not take a safe practice. Let’s imagine you have purchased something on-line it means the person from whom you have purchased does know your address and name already. In case you have your security question this information can be obtained when your PayPal keeps accurate information. There is a way out of getting around dilemma of spending.

Prepaid debit card money (to make the card payable you are to put at least 10 dollars)

To realize any method of on-line spending, we firstly must acquire a prepaid debit card, activate it, these cards can be found at any supermarket or gas station.

While activating do not indicate your social security number.

The rightness of the actions is as follows :paying in cash for the card, then register the card with real information : name and address.

For more anonymity you may get anonimyzer for traffic and spending accounts but not for users who wants to send money anonymously.

Send Money Anonymously with PayPal
The most universal way to spend cash anonymously on the net is PayPal. Let’s pass some steps and purchase something from eBay.

Spending Money
Create PayPal account with , address, a fake name, etc. Make its information suitable the fake stuff you enter while you register the debit card.

Make an eBay account with the similar information. Purchase something on new PayPal account, and keep it shipped to your friend’s house under the fake name.

Sell something on PayPal account.

If you mail the goods and receive payment, have eBay accounts post and real PayPal.

Sell the paper for the amount of money. It allows for a nice, natural-made transfer. One can also invest some money into BTC, it also will be anonymous.


Secure and Anonymously Ways of Spending Money

Friday, November 18th, 2011
Anonymously  Ways of  Spending  Money

Anonymously Ways of Spending Money

As we all know anonymity is rather important for many of us. E-identity exposed on-line makes so that one can stuck with a row of unwanted issues: privacy invasion, hacking exposure, internet tracking.

So what to do if have a desire to spend money or send money anonymously? It is really a hard task to do when we deal with the internet. You must have a debit or a credit card then. To buy something meaningful in the web you may address to PayPal account, but here you too need a debit or credit card. For purchasing something we can take cash.

While purchasing something with a credit or debit card you get a serial number of the trade that is stored by banks. It means any user that has access to the information does know what do you purchase.

If you use Pay Pal it makes you unsafe in all practices. When you buy something system requires your name and address which is the first step towards the danger. Usually system requires some secret question ”what is your mother’s maiden name” . This information is easy to be obtained if you use accurate information.

What do you require in order to settle it up:

  1. Cash for prepaid debit card
  2. PayPal account linked to special bank.
  3. Some shipping address

Any method of anonymous on-line spending makes users firstly get a prepaid card then activate it. It can be done at any supermarket or gas station

While activating some web pages do not enter social security number anywhere and for the card in cash.

While registering the card do not indicate any of your information, address or name.

For spending cash anonymously on the web, most universal would use PayPal . To understand how to do that let’s purchase something from e-bay.

First step Spending
Open PayPal account then insert a fake name or address and some other information.

Second step
Create ebay account and fill in there the same information, so it will become both receiving and spending account. Then buy something on e-bay and new paypal account, then ship it to the friend’s house using the fake name.

The last step is receiving Something should be sold on your fake PayPal account.

Receive the payment and some mail goods, have available real e-bay and PayPal account s post.


China’s Internet Censorship Today

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Internet today is of high importance. It unites a lot of goal, the person who connects to it, in its functioning. It depends on person’s aims: for many Internet is some kind of entertainment or source of information, on a larger scale it plays a great role of development of all countries of the whole world. It allows people to communicate in fast way with people who are placed far away from us. The goals of communication can vary greatly especially if we take into consideration aspects of trade and commerce. It has changed greatly since that.

World markets are linked virtually, every business men or company or any people that are interested in staying stable from what is happening. One can get almost data linked with the world getting out of the house.

The Internet also helped some people interested in web commerce or international trading huge profits. The web space has made it easy for some users to check some transactions that take place on-line. We can do all on-line operations with money and send some payments on-line. Users can do all that by means of mobile phone or PDA’s.

The Internet has delivered some blows on business, we hear in the new about systems of giant corporations that are hacked or infiltrated by viruses, causing them to avoid some financial troubles. These are important data about particular company and the customers. This hacking and virus infiltrations that happen frequently.

In China that is a communist country there are strict about the Internet technologies implemented an Internet censorship. Any misuse of Internet for personal goals can be prevented. The government that is made by new laws to the censorship using web in China , it includes government offices, corporations as well as independent business in country.

Internet censor frames has helped In neutralizing web crimes especially in export/ import business, it greatly affected the national and international trade. China is now developing country, companies need to have some branches and connections to other.

Local businesses use Internet as a medium running their business. China censorship is isolated Many people give outrageous protests because of the Internet censorship in China, the government covers these up, they put up jail journalist accusing them. Protest blogs and forums are deleted.

China government is keeping close look to the Internet for building themselves a reputation trading in country, safe and profitable. Anyway, for those who want to be out of this, we are suggesting to use SmartHide to erase any kind of Internet censorship now and forever.


Censorship and People’s Opinion Towards It

Monday, November 14th, 2011
Censorship and People’s Opinion Towards It

Censorship and People’s Opinion Towards It

We see the first half of this year is notoriously known for its strikes in the Middle East, Arab dictators left their positions as far as there were no more patience to suffer from the tyranny. Internet has suffered much from this waves of violation too. We can trace it by shutting down social networks and some Internet services, some Arabians tyrants put much effort in order stay at a power but most of them had little success.

It was made so that in order to organize culturally thrown off nation.

Wael Ghonim is a well-known web activist revered across Egypt, he was greatly involved in to the revolution directed against Mubarak regime.

All the region rise up against the dictators, social networking bound them together as a strong force driving the revolution.

The Internet has changed greatly and profoundly the situation so that this impact is obvious enough.

The second half of this year made some progress in upheaval, most of this are now forming new governments and take some lessons in order to balance the situation entirely and change some democratic visions and principles concerned with particular customs and cultures no matter how scattered they are.

So we see the government did no attempts to influence the movement. Such movements greatly depend on the social media actions of peaceful protesters.

Social networking made everything to gather activists all over the world for unification and active steps.

But many nations did not receive such actions.

China has took many steps to be defensed from Internet searches for example from Twitter-like sites. But there are plenty ways if avoiding Internet censorship.

India too took some steps in order to get the protection against pornography and its effectiveness.

Indian censorship is likely to increase successful steps in Occupy movements, activists in the sphere of computer experts usually fight it back.

America is free of censorship restrictions many users find the e-mails which are not sent in case they include some forbidden links.

All these cases show the essence of censorship itself. It is impossible to block all the information. Even restricted China digital space manage protests, every attempt ends up by embarrassing these censoring.

Yahoo has lost many users, some protests in India has expanded greatly despite of the censorship.

Those who have much power can try everything they want to stop the progress, their actions nevertheless will lead only to discontent or some angry if all these attempts will become effective we may change all we need to be changed.


What Do You Know About Wi-fi Spies?

Monday, November 14th, 2011
Wi-fi Spies

Wi-fi Spies

Wi-fi has grown up much in popularity. Hot spots and public spaces allow to get free internet access, despite all this hackers could be watching everything you do and trace every your action.

Public wireless web connections can stay on the connection even on the go.

Wi-fi hotspots are just everywhere- in the parks, libraries, at the airport. It is rather convenient but it is dangerous too. Hackers can steal your private information.

Dareen Kitchen observe possible hacking techniques. He managed to create his own wi-fi hotspot using a laptop at a café in California. People with their computers and laptops accept it as a safe network.

Privacy invasion: GPRS in modern life
Kitchen says it is possible to observe everything: e-mails, instant messages, web pages, passwords being typed.

User is able to get login and password while ordinary users log in Facebook. Hackers can get rather sensitive information such as social security, credit card numbers and so on.

Most hotspots with wi-fi access are not encrypted at all. It scrambles the information. Hackers can easily break in the world. Many ways of protecting Wi-Fi security:
- the name of wi-fi hotspot you connect to must be known for you;
- any sites that may reveal any passwords or sensitive information should be avoided;
- it is better to purchase VPN or private network. It will encrypt your information and keep you far away from hackers.


USA and China – Questions and Answers About Internet Censorship

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Recent events in China has really changed the opinion towards the situation concerning censorship in China. USTR (United States Trade Representative) responsible for commercial matters requested consultations at WTO concerning Internet censorship regime.

It was not just a formal complaint. It is sooner a question set among countries concerning sensitive issue. Overall China’s treatment towards the situation and questions taken into consideration will consider the key to the information freedom in the People’s Republic of China.

On the whole this article is devoted to explanation of the significance of the development in this direction. Two primary questions will be discussed in this material. First aspect is USA and China positions at WTO concerning censorship issues. Second aspect to regarded is explanation possible illegacy of China’s Internet censorship according international law, regarding exact questions posed to the country during the latest consultations. It should be noted the implications of this development can greatly influence domestic politics of the country.

Questions about intellectual property rights case.
A number of consultations hold with China touched upon several aspects of intellectual property laws. Finally WTO declared a formal complaint. The complaint reflected China’s policy in providing no protect of the intellectual property rights failing in censorship laws. If we take into consideration legal products of show business here we may found some singer banned in this particular country, it means further away all the music products coming from his name won’t be protected in this direction in the given country. If a singer holds a copyright country’s authorities won’t enforce the copyright, it means her creative products can be objected to free pirate.

Sound reclamations in the Chinese authorities rounds led to the statement if the work was not allowed in the country so there is no use of protecting it. Talking about American and Chinese treatment of the situation the American side points out a great volume of copyrighted information that does not suit the requirements of Chinese censorship. WTO denied China’s defense and declared it must take intellectual property rights in case the goods do not meet country’s property rights if the goods does not suit fixed requirements.

Audiovisual products in China
One more questions is well worth paying attention to in this argue. After WTO decided the dispute between China and US in the above indicated. Question concerning audiovisual products rose above. According to Chinese law only inner enterprises are allowed to import movies, magazines, books and other similar products which are illegal under international law.

China took the defensive side pointing to another aspect of WTO law. According to the law country can take violate measures towards WTO if there is necessity in protecting the aspects of morality. Such censorship regime required in protecting public morality. China disputed this aspect, urging that monopoly for importing cultural products need to be enforced.

US declared that China has a right to move a model without relying the frames of censorship. Both parties can import the products and apply to the central censorship permission department. China urged this approach is far more costly, china needs to hold the reforms and import the regime of complying international law.

Current consultations
For the present time there are being holded consultations devoted to the disputes. One of the obligations accepted by China after joining to WTO is publishing and making publicly available some foreign jurisprudence translations affecting international law. Foreign business can’t be imagined without a website. Some foreign websites are often blocked in the country. Such giants as Facebook, Twitter or Google are the best examples. The problem is humbling little brick and business companies not well known over the country.

1. Service supplier websites are usually based not in the country and sometimes are inaccessible. It can prevent companies from marketing products to the market. There must be an agreement between two sides in understanding rules and adopting appropriate policies in order to avoid the problems.

Among the main problems to be decided one can find the follows issues:
- Determining ministry responsible for blocking and unblocking websites
- Clearing out what particular criteria influence on getting access to the foreign websites
- What ministers are responsible for drafting?
- What is the process of a blocked website?
- How does the blocking occur considering directly or indirectly.
- are questions of blocking and unblocking are typically implemented by companies by means of the written order in government. What particular organs are organized in such process?
-can a service supplier determine being not in the area what is up with success to the website in order to avoid some misunderstandings.
- can a service supplier be affected by a decision in blocking the website.
- is the process used to preventing in getting access to the websites both foreign and not.

2. United states is interested in better understanding of the functions of the office for foreign business
- What are the responsibilities and authorities of the SIIO?
- Will the SIIO handle licensing or other approval processes for Internet service providers or make decisions regarding filtering of foreign websites? If so, please describe which of these processes the SIIO will manage.
- Should companies contact the SIIO or some other entity when they have questions concerning China’s Internet laws, regulations and policies? If the SIIO is the appropriate contact, which office or individual should be contacted?
- Which categories of objectionable conduct are managed by each ministry with responsibilities or authorities for managing Internet content?

3. USA agrees that having a n information from SIIO foreign websites are blocked while sharing IP addresses.
- What is the explanation of all this?
- Are there any ways that China can filter to avoid inadvertent website blockages?
- Are Chinese authorities able to consider reasonable in notifying the owners of the host or sites, can web site hosting service ensure that the other sites are inadvertently blocked?
- What steps should be taken in considering reasonable notifying, can website ensure the other sites to be blocked?

4. State council has issued some measures for the administration in order to describe some content categories which may not be disseminated by service providers. Two additional categories of the content issued by Ministry of information and State Council may not be transmitted. United States is seeking clarity upon the broad nature of the categories.
- If there any laws, policies and regulations or other guidance able to establish criteria in determining whether the content fits eleven categories or not.
- Are government orders or requests filtering specific terms communicated directly to Internet information? If yes, then how are directives communicated? Are these requests made publicly?

5. According to the information coming from White Paper in China “business operators and Internet information service providers establish web security and utilize technical measures for the transmission of all types of illegal information ”.
- How is illegal information defined in this instance?
- Is a written governmental order required for a private corporation or a relevant authority to block the transmission of illegal information?
- What types of technical measures do service suppliers expect to use to prevent transmission of the illegal information? Do authorities in China approve specific technical measures? If so, which ministry does this?

WTO put China in situation required to appear and answer all the questions. It puts Chinese government in some kind of a tricky position. The funny thing about censorship is that people who know the rules of the game can make it effective.

Opinion and analysis
US-China relations at WTO become more and more clear. A growing pattern of WTO disputes between two countries pay attention to China’s censorship policy.

It should be noted US has never alleged there should be a practice of censorship. The decision to practice censorship is a matter of internal policy of China because being a sovereign state it must decided between people and government of the country. Taking into account that the Chinese censorship impacts trade relations with other countries the censorship regime should be not so strict and more transparent.


Network Control is A Must Be Thing

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
Network Control

Network Control

Network admission report refers to Network Access Control and restricts access to the network which is based on security posture. Network device is able to force machine or user authentification configured for NAC. Guest access can be granted to a quarantine area for meditation of any problems caused by failure. A typical WiFi connection is a good example of NAC. User must present credentials before granted access to the network.

Initial phase Network Admission Control enables Cisco routers for enforcing priveleges in connecting to the net. This access can be on the basis of information about the device for example its current antivirus state. It includes information such as version of antivirus software, virus of scan engine.

Network admission system allows noncompliant devices to be denied in access.

Primary component of the Cisco NAC program is Cisco Trust Agent, it resides on endpoint system, communicates with its routers on the net. Cisco Trust Agent collects security information. The information is relayed to Cisco Secure Access Server. The information then goes to ACS here all decisions are made. ACS directs router in performing enforcement.

List of possible attacks is big enough. It several strategies are known for addressing security concerns: encryption for reference monitors, integrity, confidentiality, access control, this is useful in security engineering. Some sections provide explanations for important controls among them one can meet intrusion detection systems, firewalls, overlapping controls for defense.

If you want to have a full control of your network activity, it’s better to have a software to secure Internet activity.

Security threat analysis consists of three major steps:

  • scrutinization of all the parts
  • considering possible damage for confidentiality
  • hypothesize the attacks causing this damage

Such functional steps are typical for users of network. If we compare communication of two persons we will see basic types of communication in the net : read communications, modify communications, forge communications, inhibit communications.

All these can cause the consequences in:
-modifying programs or data at remote hosts
-accessing programs or data at remote hosts
-blocking selected traffic
-blocking all traffic
-modifying data in transit
-impersonating a user
-running a program at a remote host
-inserting communications
-intercepting data in traffic
-inserting a repeat of a previous communication


VPN in Australia | How to observe Netflix & Hulu in Australia

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011


Internet censorship is hot topic for the present time, in every country there exist a policy trying to settle up censorship in this or that way. In Australia and there have been great debates concerning censorship in different sites, representatives of The Senate have largely discussed this theme. Australian government declared a notice by the means of Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

In its frames information about Internet usage monitoring is being observed, and also it does not permit users to pass through Internet filters. The restriction is initially constituted for restraining child abusing , pornography and adult content and many others websites. Some people get start in finding people in overcoming some censorship issues. This people like to get access for different websites being blocked and geographically restricted in Us and some other countries. Among streaming websites one can find Hulu, Netflix and others. On the whole these websites are blocked because they are based in the American net and according to copyright laws they are not able to provide some services. Let’s go on. How do users usually get through geo-blocks and Internet censorship? Are there any ways out for bypassing firewalls and some blocks. There are several ways which can help users to enjoy the networld without being confined.

Let’s take VPN services and Proxy services. To overcome Internet censorship issues it is necessary to count the tools integrated with the ISP. Proxy service is not a good option for those looking videos from Hulu and some other on-line websites. Proxy is not so safe as it transmits data in insecure channels. So we see that VPN is the best option for dealing with. It allows user to be used. It transmits Internet censorship, it can be accessed from Australia in certain part of the world. VPN directs users data in an encrypted tunnel, which does not secure them but also helps to bypass censorship.

VPN service is also useful in watching Hulu and Netflix far away from the US borders e.g. with the help of US VPN Netflix. It greatly secures identity, data and some other type of communications from phishing attacks. It is very alarming for users in case they are eager to know you are using a secure channel for communication with the world. If the Internet data passes through the VPN data becomes much safer and quiet. It is essential to get Best Australia VPN. It is very important to make a right choice , there are hundreds of VPN providers in the market. We can provide you the list of TOP5 VPN providers in Australia.

The table bellow shows 5 best VPNs that are sorted by Alexa Rank (monthly site visitors)


Name Start price
1 Hidemyass $11.52/Month
2 StrongVPN $9.95/Month
3 PureVPN $9.95/Month
4 SmartHide $9.97/Month
5 ExpressVPN $12.95/Month