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6 Awesome Advantages of Newly Released SmartHide VPN

Monday, December 5th, 2011

We have created a special release of SmartHide VPN that is really easy for setting up on your favourite device. And the most amazing thing is that you can register just One Subscription and use SmartHide on your PC/Mac and on your portable device iPad, iPhone and Android at once.

1. SmartHide VPN is included in each and every SmartHide Subscription. So if you buy a protection for your PC or Mac, you will get SmartHide VPN for your iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

2. A user gets the same Personal IP that is included in Subscription he registered when connecting to SmartHide VPN. There can be several connections to the same SmartHide Personal IP from PC/Mac and from mobile device. It is very useful if you surf sites connected to a particular IP.

3. SmartHide VPN supports the high level of encryption that protects you from possible attacks by hackers. This is particularly true now for mobile devices, because more and more people prefer to use the tablets in public places to access the Internet, such as airports or coffee shops. When connected to a public access point your device is vulnerable. It is dangerous to send e-mails as they can be read by an attacker or a password from the mailbox can be stolen. When you visit Facebook or Twitter, hackers can gain access to your account and use it for their own purposes. Personal photos, private correspondence, details of bank cards – all this can be accessible to fraudsters using public access points, Wi-Fi. SmartHide VPN protects smartphones and tablets from such threats.

4. If you are accustomed to using services such as Hulu on your tablet and you had to go to another country where these sites do not work, SmartHide VPN will help you to access them.

5. Residents of countries with an aggressive Internet censorship can use SmartHide VPN on their smartphones to access Twitter, Facebook and to other blocked sites of this country. With SmartHide VPN you can easily watch Youtube on the iPad in Iran or China as easy as in the USA.

6. SmartHide VPN can be configured on any device supporting the PPTP protocol, such as iPad or Android smartphone. Set up is simple and takes only a minute.

We have described just basic advantages of SmartHide.

All in all, SmartHide VPN will help every SmartHide user to access favorite sites and apps from anywhere on the Internet on PC/Mac and smartphones/tablets without extra charges with unlimited bandwidth. SmartHide secures HTTP(S) browsing for all your apps and protects your privacy and security. You can use SmartHide on all your iOS and Android devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You just need to register any available subscription and choose a preferable instruction for setting up SmartHide VPN.