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SmartHide Mac OS X Update. Try the Power of SmartHide on your Mac

Monday, September 26th, 2011
SmartHide for Mac Edition

SmartHide for Mac Edition

Today we are happy to announce the update of SmartHide software & service for MAC OS X. With this SmartHide update every Mac user can easily hide real IP address and encrypt Internet data that goes through most modern software.

Newly updated SmartHide has some changes that really make it worth of using on your Mac with a matter of seconds.

A few bugs and gaps have been fixed
Our programmers have fixed many little bugs. It improved SmartHide stability and security, so a user can be confident about complete protection while using SmartHide on a Mac.

SmartHide bug-report window functionality has been updated
We have improved SmartHide bug-report window functionality. Now you can easily send us a question or other information through SmartHide and we will receive all the important information with your report that can help us identify the reason of an issue on your Mac.

Now SmartHide works with Mac OS X Lion
One more update is the adaptation for Mac OS X Lion. This innovation in SmartHide makes it flexible and available for most Mac users who love to be secured in the Internet using their Mac everywhere.

SmartHide service will allow Apple MacOS users to feel safe while using public Wi-Fi access points, not being afraid of intercepting their personal information in the hotels, airports, cafes and public locations worldwide.

We can say that this release is a long awaited event for most SmartHide users who use SmartHide for Windows but they really wanted to use it on their Macs.

After several hundreds of requests we have updated SmartHide for Mac and we hope that you will love it.

We will be waiting for your comments.

You can download the latest SmartHide Mac Edition in your Personal Members Area at

If you are not registered yet, go to the registration page


Great SmartHide Release Is Here!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Discover New Features Implemented for Brand New SmartHide Internet Traffic Encryption Software

Added: Secure Personal USA IP Subscription (visit YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, other US sites); Long-awaited Mac OS X Compatibility; 3 Fast Servers for the Free Online Anonymizer. Updated: SmartHide now has a Modern Website and software design; Tariff Plans to be more reliable. These improvements are made by Arovax Company team to satisfy all wishes and requirements of SmartHide users.

On June 19, 2010 the company Arovax is happy to announce the great release for another SmartHide v.2.3.297 that brings some more present-day innovations and changes.

SmartHide Homepage Redesign

We have redesigned website to make it more user-friendly and modern. We have used bright colors and fresh styles but SmartHide logo – Octopus stays the same. Octopus symbolizes the main concept of SmartHide – the ability for the Internet traffic encryption and to hide IP like octopus does mask his skin.

We have launched long-awaited Personal USA IP

A lot of SmartHide users asked us to implement Personal USA IP to visit USA websites from different countries like MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Bebo, Hi5, eBay, CraigsList, Hulu and MORE.

Updated Subscription Plans

At the moment there are 2 types of paid services: Personal Subscriptions and Prepaid Licenses.

Personal Subscription includes 3 more types: EUR Subscription (Personal EUR IP, no shared servers available); USA Subscription (Personal USA IP, no shared servers available); V.I.P. Subscription (Personal EUR IP, Personal USA IP + 8 shared IPs from different countries).

Prepaid Licenses consist of 2 classes: EUR License (Personal EUR IP, no shared servers available) and USA License (Personal USA IP, no shared servers available).

The differences between Personal Subscriptions and Prepaid Licenses are as follows:

Prepaid Licenses do not include Shared Servers, Your card is NOT billed automatically and there is no Personal Manager.

SmartHide Software Skin has been Rebuilt

Now SmartHide has a new face. New appearance of the software is closely connected with the new original website design. The GUI of SmartHide has been styled this way in order to provide users with all SmartHide features in a simple way.

A new info tab has been added to show the account info and latest SmartHide news. Therefore, there is no need to visit SmartHide Homepage in order to get additional info.

In addition, we have fixed several issues and improved feedback built in a software to make it easy-to-use and fast. All of these changes make SmartHide more reliable and useful for our customers.

From now on SmartHide Supports Apple Mac OS X

After numerous requests from our customers and Internet users, we have created SmartHide MacOS edition. Today all Mac PC owners can easily use SmartHide for Internet traffic encryption and to hide IP on a daily basis.

FREE SmartHide Online Anonymizer now has 3 FREE servers (USA, Lithuania, Germany).

Free Online Anonymizer can be used to get the main idea of the SmartHide service. It has some limitations:

  1. No ability to access social sites such as YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, etc.
  2. No Internet traffic encryption
  3. Slow Internet speed
  4. Real IP address is hidden only when you are using browser. In all other software connected to the Internet a real IP address is visible (email clients, IMs, etc.)

What our customers say about SmartHide innovations

“I am very glad that SmartHide team improves software on a regular basis. There is no similar Internet traffic encryption solution providing such services as SmartHide does.”

About the author

Richard Torn is writing in the Internet for more than 4 years and recommends Internet users to give a try for SmartHide – the best Internet traffic encryption software on the Internet available.


SmartHide and Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Monday, August 31st, 2009

As all of you probably know – Apple has created a “World’s most advanced operating system”. On the 28th of August Mac OS X Snow Leopard was released.

SmartHide will be compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

SmartHide will be compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

SmartHide Team has answered the call of Apple developers and we are preparing our upcoming SmartHide Mac OS Edition to be fully compatible with the latest Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

We know that many of you guys can’t wait to use SmartHide on your favourite MacBooks and iMacs, but we need to make sure that SmartHide will work just fine on both Mac OS X and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Thank you or your patience and follow SmartHide news!


SmartHide for MacOS is Almost Ready!

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Hey there!

We are happy to announce the closure of the SmartHide for MacOS Beta-Test!

macos_logoWe thank you all, our dear SmartHide fans, for your endless support and efforts in testing SmartHide for MacOS Beta and sending us all those Bug reports.

Our programmers did a great job in taking care of all the bugs and implementing the new features you guys asked about. Currently we are on the final stage of preparation of our long-awaited SmartHide MacOS Edition Release!

I can not tell you how excited I am that we are about to be able to invite all the Apple users to be the part of the constantly growing Smarthide Community! apple-logo

We also prepare some goodies like complete redesign of our SmartHide Homepage, I will update you on those later.

Thank you for staying with us and stay alert for the upcoming news from SmartHide Team!


SmartHide MacOS Edition. Work in Progress.

Monday, July 13th, 2009

While Closed Beta Test of the upcoming brand new SmartHide MacOS Edition for Apple users is still going – it is a great pleasure for all of us here at SmartHide Dev. Team to get a lot of good feedback on it.

Every day we receive emails from our beta testers telling us how excited they are about new SmartHide and how intuitive and effortless the new Graphical user Interface is and how quickly and seamlessly servers connect.


To be honest we did not expect such a great interest to the Apple version of SmartHide Service client and are truly inspired by the feedback we get. Every day we get a lot of comments, bug reports and suggestions on how to improve SmartHide MacOS Edition and the ideas on what features to add.

At the moment we are working 4x times harder on SmartHide for Apple and are doing our best to push the release of SmartHide MacOS Edition so all the Apple Community could enjoy SmartHide Service in the nearest future.

I would like to remind you, that we still accept Beta testers for SmartHide MacOS Closed Beta Test.

Please apply by sending an email to macbeta (at)

Thank you for staying with us, our dear SmartHide fans! Your endless support and feedback is the core for the successful development of SmartHide Service for the years to come.

Share – SmartHide Website European Mirror

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

I thought that it could be interesting for you to know, that GUI design of the upcoming SmartHide Macintosh Edition is based on our SmartHide Homepage European Mirror available at

Picture 1

Picture 2

We have created a beautiful neat and clean layout for both and SmartHide for MacOS.

Picture 3

Who knows, maybe in the nearest future the idea of our European website will be the basis for the redesign of our main SmartHide Homepage.


Special Offers Reminder

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Dear friends,

I would like to remind you, that currently we have two Special Offers running for all the fans of online security and SmartHide.

  1. We offer a free invite for the closed beta test of our brand new SmartHide for Apple Macintosh systems. Read more details at SmartHide for MacOS Closed Beta Test>>>
  2. If you are an active Blogger and own a Blog – you can get a 3-Months SmartHide Subscription for FREE if you tell your blog readers about SmartHide. Read more here>>>

Be an active SmartHide Community member and get rewarded!


SmartHide for MacOS Closed Beta Test

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Hey there folks!

Another pleasent surprise for all the SmartHide fans. Months of hard work for our software developers and the whole SmartHide Team and here is the result – Arovax SmartHide version for MacOS is now in a Beta stage! Apple users will soon be able to enjoy SmartHide on their favorite Macintosh PC’s.

SmartHide for MacOS

Arovax SmartHide for MacOS (Beta)

I would like to invite Apple PC users with MacOS installed to join our closed beta testing of the new SmartHide for Mac.

If you are ready to give it a try and report all the bugs found – send your request to macbeta (at) smarthide (dot) com or in the comments section of this blog post. Most active Beta testers will be rewarded with free SmartHide Subscriptions!

Arovax SmartHide for MacOS (Beta)

Arovax SmartHide for MacOS (Beta)

Thank you for staying with SmartHide Community!