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We Make Cool Gifts for All New SmartHide Users

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Today we start presenting great discounts for our best products: VIP, USA and EUR Subscriptions. If you are searching for a good software to hide your IP or just want to be anonymous in the Internet, or may be you want to bypass a censorship, then this is your chance.

You can try our best products absolutely free, and in case if you decide to continue using any of them, you get a great discount.

Get your free trial here

E.g. if you prolong your VIP Subscription (it is the best Subscription of ours), then you get 40% discount for ever. We think that it is a good way to be anonymous in the Internet for reasonable price.

Or you can prolong your EUR Subscription, and you get 10% discount for ever. Your monthly payment will be just $7.79
By prolonging your USA Subscription, you get 25% discount for ever.

If you still thinking and have any questions, you can ask us here

And if you do not have a free trial yet, register here: (FOR FREE)


We Launched SmartHide Trial Again!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Some time before, we released a free trial for SmartHide but closed it because some users were not satisfied with its speed and some other features.

Now we launch a new SmartHide Free Trial that has been improved in speed. It is limited for time usage and this fact helped us to improve its speed. In previous SmartHide trial edition we did constant disconnections, now SmartHide trial will not be disconnected. It will be working well and fast during trial period and we hope that this period will be enough to understand the main point of using SmartHide.

Anyway, free trial is not intended to demonstrate its speed. It is mostly created to show you how it does look like and what you can do with its help.

You can find details about new free trial here


Another SmartHide Edition Is Ready To Be Published v.2.4.368

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

SmartHide is ready to release another update of its software. As always, it looks modern and all the users will notice an increase in stability and speed of Internet connection.

1. The main innovation in a new release for Windows is an improved Portable edition performance.

2. Another great thing is that now everyone can use full or portable SmartHide with other Open VPN at once at the same PC.

3. SmartHide users now are able to run SmartHide Portable with a key “/notapinstall” which means that software will check if there’s already appropriate TAP driver in the system and will use it. If there’s no TAP driver in the system, SmartHide will suggest to install it.

When SmartHide Portable (with /notapinstall key) session is over, TAP driver won’t be removed as it happened in older Portable editions. It ensures the performance of other clients that use this driver. It is also should be noted that even if TAP driver is installed with SmartHide and used itself by SmartHide, the key above won’t allow to delete a driver when software is switched off.

4. SmartHide Update process became faster and easier.

5. Moreover, our tech specialists fixed some little issues in software and on the VPN side.

How to download a new edition?

All registered users can download the latest edition in:

Members area;

Useful article about SmartHide Portable Edition

Also we have added an interesting article called How to not install TAP driver every SmartHide Portable launch or launch key /notapinstall?


6 Awesome Advantages of Newly Released SmartHide VPN

Monday, December 5th, 2011

We have created a special release of SmartHide VPN that is really easy for setting up on your favourite device. And the most amazing thing is that you can register just One Subscription and use SmartHide on your PC/Mac and on your portable device iPad, iPhone and Android at once.

1. SmartHide VPN is included in each and every SmartHide Subscription. So if you buy a protection for your PC or Mac, you will get SmartHide VPN for your iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

2. A user gets the same Personal IP that is included in Subscription he registered when connecting to SmartHide VPN. There can be several connections to the same SmartHide Personal IP from PC/Mac and from mobile device. It is very useful if you surf sites connected to a particular IP.

3. SmartHide VPN supports the high level of encryption that protects you from possible attacks by hackers. This is particularly true now for mobile devices, because more and more people prefer to use the tablets in public places to access the Internet, such as airports or coffee shops. When connected to a public access point your device is vulnerable. It is dangerous to send e-mails as they can be read by an attacker or a password from the mailbox can be stolen. When you visit Facebook or Twitter, hackers can gain access to your account and use it for their own purposes. Personal photos, private correspondence, details of bank cards – all this can be accessible to fraudsters using public access points, Wi-Fi. SmartHide VPN protects smartphones and tablets from such threats.

4. If you are accustomed to using services such as Hulu on your tablet and you had to go to another country where these sites do not work, SmartHide VPN will help you to access them.

5. Residents of countries with an aggressive Internet censorship can use SmartHide VPN on their smartphones to access Twitter, Facebook and to other blocked sites of this country. With SmartHide VPN you can easily watch Youtube on the iPad in Iran or China as easy as in the USA.

6. SmartHide VPN can be configured on any device supporting the PPTP protocol, such as iPad or Android smartphone. Set up is simple and takes only a minute.

We have described just basic advantages of SmartHide.

All in all, SmartHide VPN will help every SmartHide user to access favorite sites and apps from anywhere on the Internet on PC/Mac and smartphones/tablets without extra charges with unlimited bandwidth. SmartHide secures HTTP(S) browsing for all your apps and protects your privacy and security. You can use SmartHide on all your iOS and Android devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You just need to register any available subscription and choose a preferable instruction for setting up SmartHide VPN.



SmartHide Mac OS X Update. Try the Power of SmartHide on your Mac

Monday, September 26th, 2011
SmartHide for Mac Edition

SmartHide for Mac Edition

Today we are happy to announce the update of SmartHide software & service for MAC OS X. With this SmartHide update every Mac user can easily hide real IP address and encrypt Internet data that goes through most modern software.

Newly updated SmartHide has some changes that really make it worth of using on your Mac with a matter of seconds.

A few bugs and gaps have been fixed
Our programmers have fixed many little bugs. It improved SmartHide stability and security, so a user can be confident about complete protection while using SmartHide on a Mac.

SmartHide bug-report window functionality has been updated
We have improved SmartHide bug-report window functionality. Now you can easily send us a question or other information through SmartHide and we will receive all the important information with your report that can help us identify the reason of an issue on your Mac.

Now SmartHide works with Mac OS X Lion
One more update is the adaptation for Mac OS X Lion. This innovation in SmartHide makes it flexible and available for most Mac users who love to be secured in the Internet using their Mac everywhere.

SmartHide service will allow Apple MacOS users to feel safe while using public Wi-Fi access points, not being afraid of intercepting their personal information in the hotels, airports, cafes and public locations worldwide.

We can say that this release is a long awaited event for most SmartHide users who use SmartHide for Windows but they really wanted to use it on their Macs.

After several hundreds of requests we have updated SmartHide for Mac and we hope that you will love it.

We will be waiting for your comments.

You can download the latest SmartHide Mac Edition in your Personal Members Area at

If you are not registered yet, go to the registration page


Hurry up!!! Download Updated SmartHide (SmartHide for Windows v.2.4.359) right now!

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

SmartHide Team is happy to announce a new version of its software aimed to provide every Internet user with a safe and convenient way to protect their identity, secure Internet access and visit any blocked website in the world from any spot of the planet.

SmartHide v.2.4.359

SmartHide v.2.4.359

New in SmartHide for Windows 2.4.359
We are glad to introduce you new version of SmartHide. This time we tried to improve all available SmartHide functions, to make the process of program usage easier and more pleasant.

1. The first change is updated installer. Now SmartHide installation is more simple and accessible. Make several clicks and you can start using software ready to function.


2. The possibility to choose the type of SmartHide account

SmartHide v.2.4.359 Screenshot

SmartHide v.2.4.359 Screenshot

We also added the possibility to choose the type of SmartHide account during the distribution kit installation.Have you got login and password to SmartHide? Or you just start getting acquainted with its possibilities? Anyway improved installer will help you to set up SmartHide correctly. Improvement touches upon software. So if you want to enter your personal web office by clicking to corresponding link in the  main dialog of SmartHide you will manage to do it at once, there is no need in entering logins and passwords if these fields are correctly filled in the SmartHide software.

In an effort to raise the level of reliability of SmartHide we implemented a new mechanism which allows program to function well even in case is blocked by your provider.

We certainly worked hard over the correction of errors which are inevitable in any software. Fortunately all these errors were small and did not give our customers special inconvenience, but nevertheless we corrected them because we are trying to make the perfect SmartHide. We put much effort in releasing new SmartHide version, making it better and reliable, providing our users with free and secure Internet access.

You can download the latest SmartHide for Windows 2.4.359 here:

Download and register a trial SmartHide here:


Season Renovation. Arovax Gives Spring Discounts and SmartHide Good Functional Quality

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

24 of May 2011 Arovax LLC, a leading company in producing online security software announced the reduction of price for SmartHide software. It provides the security for web-users and helps them to get the access to the blocked sites in different countries.

SmartHide Season Renovation

SmartHide Season Renovation

So the price for the most popular subscription “USA Subscription” is less on $4.98 (previous price $24.95) , it makes SmartHide more available, USA citizens can use it while being abroad or on week-ends. Subscription keeps settings no matter where you log in.

Package Extension
By popular demand a new subscription has been added – SmartHide Two Continents Subscription. It helps users to work with USA and EUR servers for personal web security.

Order Page Simplification
Order page has become most convenient and simple. Even an inexperienced user will be able to understand the intricacies in several seconds.

Purchase stage has become simple too, there are two types of billings available.

Support Section Update
It will be easier to apply to technical support. Operational report system has been improved, it makes possible to get a guaranteed response in 24 hours.

Regular Content Updates (Facebook, Twitter, SmartHide Blog)
Recent SmartHide life events (innovations, developments, discounts, actions, special propositions, etc.) are regularly covered in popular social networks, news section website and in corporate blog.

Customer’s Reviews
One of the grateful customers emphasized: “SmartHide helps me much in long work trips to countries with no access to my working sites, sites for spending time with friends and relatives. Now when it costs me less money, I can buy several licenses for home and office usage.”

In general SmartHide spring renovation includes several changes which are positive either for external and internal quality of software functioning.


Brand New SmartHide v. 2.4 is Released!

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

New SmartHide 2.4 is Released to Secure the Web – All over the World

We are happy to launch a new release of SmartHide 2.4.x. It took much effort to improve SmartHide software. Now its performance has become more reliable and stable.

What new features does SmartHide 2.4 have?

  1. Brand new user interface. We decided to make a thorough overview of SmartHide interface to make it easier, more friendly and easy-to-use. Now the connection status is shown not only by the colour of the main connection button and the icon in the tray, but also by a message in the window heading having a correspondent colour. We have an octopus as well which becomes transparent when SmartHide is active, and a little LED near to it that changes its colour in response to the connection status change.
  2. SmartHide Free Trial. We don’t forget about our free trial version of SmartHide which is extremely popular in the Web. It helped us to attract a great number of new users. Specially for those who liked the free version of our application and decided to move to its full version, we make the transfer easier. Now when passing from trial to full version you even don’t need to reinstall the program. After subscribing to the one of the service packages we offer, SmartHide software will automatically download a new server list and make extra settings available. The most impatient can simply restart SmartHide to get it faster. If the full version is registered via the e-mail submitted during the installation of the trial version, you even won’t have to enter new login and password.
  3. SmartHide became more stable. Some of our users, residents of the countries imposing severe censorship to the content of the web sites, have experienced some troubles in the work of SmartHide. Thus, for example, the current server list could not be downloaded for the local Internet providers blocked the site We have improved the mechanisms of interaction with our central server and blocking the work of SmartHide became more difficult.
  4. We are fighting for the free Web all over the world. Certainly, a number of mistakes and bugs were fixed. So we made some improvements to the work of the Visibility List feature, some users reported to have had troubles with. Visibility List allows to make up a list of trusted sites for which the real IP is not hided even if a user runs SmartHide.

In general, SmartHide has become better and more easy-to-use. We are constantly working to create new features, that could make web-surfing free and secure.

Existing users – please relaunch your SmartHide, it will automatically detect an update, download and install it.

New users – please buy SmartHide now to get a complete Online Security. After the purchase you will be able to download SmartHide v. 2.4 from SmartHide Members Area.


SmartHide Free Trial Edition for Windows is launched!

Monday, October 11th, 2010

SmartHide Team is happy to announce some good news for all Internet users! From now on everyone can try SmartHide in action absolutely for FREE. New SmartHide Free Trial Edition allows to evaluate the simplicity, convenience and reliability of SmartHide Service. All you need to do is download SmartHide Free Trial Edition and install it on your PC.

The installation is easy. No confirmation E-mail, no multiple forms to fill or strong passwords to remember. All you need to do is enter your E-mail during the installation and SmartHide will do the rest. Just few clicks and SmartHide is ready to use.

Trial SmartHide account is alive during 3 days after the registration. As soon as the trial period expires, one can register a full version of SmartHide.

At the moment SmartHide Free Trial Edition has the following limitations:

  • 1 USA shared server (used by all trial users);
  • No ability to send emails using SMTP protocol;
  • It is impossible to visit HTTPS websites;
  • Time in use limitation (periodical disconnections with a trial server);
  • The option “Automatic connection” is not available for trial server;
  • The option “Reconnect” is not available for trial server.

With SmartHide Full Edition all restrictions will be removed to provide a user with a whole new level of functionality of SmartHide Service.

SmartHide is a unique service that helps Internet users to protect their private information and safeguard themselves while using the Internet. Wide range of servers all over the World, Personal and Shared IPs, Port Forwarding, a high level of Internet data encryption, Windows and Mac OS compatibility and high quality tech support – all of these features make SmartHide the best among competitors.


Great SmartHide Release Is Here!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Discover New Features Implemented for Brand New SmartHide Internet Traffic Encryption Software

Added: Secure Personal USA IP Subscription (visit YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, other US sites); Long-awaited Mac OS X Compatibility; 3 Fast Servers for the Free Online Anonymizer. Updated: SmartHide now has a Modern Website and software design; Tariff Plans to be more reliable. These improvements are made by Arovax Company team to satisfy all wishes and requirements of SmartHide users.

On June 19, 2010 the company Arovax is happy to announce the great release for another SmartHide v.2.3.297 that brings some more present-day innovations and changes.

SmartHide Homepage Redesign

We have redesigned website to make it more user-friendly and modern. We have used bright colors and fresh styles but SmartHide logo – Octopus stays the same. Octopus symbolizes the main concept of SmartHide – the ability for the Internet traffic encryption and to hide IP like octopus does mask his skin.

We have launched long-awaited Personal USA IP

A lot of SmartHide users asked us to implement Personal USA IP to visit USA websites from different countries like MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Bebo, Hi5, eBay, CraigsList, Hulu and MORE.

Updated Subscription Plans

At the moment there are 2 types of paid services: Personal Subscriptions and Prepaid Licenses.

Personal Subscription includes 3 more types: EUR Subscription (Personal EUR IP, no shared servers available); USA Subscription (Personal USA IP, no shared servers available); V.I.P. Subscription (Personal EUR IP, Personal USA IP + 8 shared IPs from different countries).

Prepaid Licenses consist of 2 classes: EUR License (Personal EUR IP, no shared servers available) and USA License (Personal USA IP, no shared servers available).

The differences between Personal Subscriptions and Prepaid Licenses are as follows:

Prepaid Licenses do not include Shared Servers, Your card is NOT billed automatically and there is no Personal Manager.

SmartHide Software Skin has been Rebuilt

Now SmartHide has a new face. New appearance of the software is closely connected with the new original website design. The GUI of SmartHide has been styled this way in order to provide users with all SmartHide features in a simple way.

A new info tab has been added to show the account info and latest SmartHide news. Therefore, there is no need to visit SmartHide Homepage in order to get additional info.

In addition, we have fixed several issues and improved feedback built in a software to make it easy-to-use and fast. All of these changes make SmartHide more reliable and useful for our customers.

From now on SmartHide Supports Apple Mac OS X

After numerous requests from our customers and Internet users, we have created SmartHide MacOS edition. Today all Mac PC owners can easily use SmartHide for Internet traffic encryption and to hide IP on a daily basis.

FREE SmartHide Online Anonymizer now has 3 FREE servers (USA, Lithuania, Germany).

Free Online Anonymizer can be used to get the main idea of the SmartHide service. It has some limitations:

  1. No ability to access social sites such as YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, etc.
  2. No Internet traffic encryption
  3. Slow Internet speed
  4. Real IP address is hidden only when you are using browser. In all other software connected to the Internet a real IP address is visible (email clients, IMs, etc.)

What our customers say about SmartHide innovations

“I am very glad that SmartHide team improves software on a regular basis. There is no similar Internet traffic encryption solution providing such services as SmartHide does.”

About the author

Richard Torn is writing in the Internet for more than 4 years and recommends Internet users to give a try for SmartHide – the best Internet traffic encryption software on the Internet available.