FBI is Dreaming To Keep Track Of Internet Users


fbi_scam-286x300Well, Big Brother’s ambitions are just astonishing. These days FBI Director Robert Mueller made an interesting statement. As it turns out, he is going to strive for the idea that the US providers should log the Internet history of their users. At the same time the data storage term (attention!) should be two years. Besides that the providers should submit this data to the authorities at their first request, literally, without any court decisions, etc.

It is clear that it means the record of IP addresses, domains, web sites the user visits, etc. This data should be accessible, according to Mueller’s idea, to federal authorities, state and local authorities. Shortly speaking, with the corresponding desire any authority representative can penetrate into a private Internet life of any American and dig out whatever stuff he wants.

image532047gcode170807The argument provided by Mueller is as follows: before the Internet appeared, FBI had access to any information about telephone calls of the US citizens. As of today a bigger part of personal communication between people has shifted to the Internet and there is no chance to track it down there because there is no corresponding law.

Do you know why FBI needs all that? Correct! To fight child pornography. If it’s not the case of Al-Qaeda, then it’s child pornography. And the issues of national security are also mentioned here.

Fortunately it’s too early to speak of a global logging – the corresponding laws were not adopted. But if they are … Americans (and it also concerns us to a certain extent) should start reading or re-reading Orwell, his “1984”.


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