Filibuster Censorship: Ron Wyden About Censorship Opponents’ Names

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Ron Wyden announces names of opponents from senate while considering PROTECT IP act. One of the tasks was reading out name and ask senators to choose by visiting

Two act one of them is concerned on-line piracy and the other is PROTECT IP would destroy much of what has been build up concerning the net. All this gives the chance for some corporations and governments to block American access for some sites. Corporations and government provide some new power and block the access to some websites that are accused of copyright thefting , since then sites like you tube pass to new lengths of police contribution and settle people in prison.

The filibuster affords the senator some opportunities for standing up for some believes and few things that every American has a voice and some opportunity to pass away.

Filibuster is perspective that looks like it is leadership that calls in order to choose before Christmas break . Protect IP that passes senate judiciary and understanding and makes it so that we gain some victory through a jobs bills.

There is a hope that the colleagues in congress will realize that a free and open web is something that as Americans should celebrate and do not allow special interests to quash.

Some hope the colleagues in Congress realize a free and open web is no less no more but something that Americans can celebrate and mark some special interests.

There is also a hope that some colleagues of the Congress can see that it is possible to realize open and free web.

There is a hope that colleagues will realize PIPA or SOPA are wrong for protecting intellectual property in view of the price that is too high.


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