Internet censorship: Ministry of Internal Affairs is going to block Lurkmore and “ImamTV sites in Chechnya


On Tuesday, January 15 it became known that law-enforcement agencies of the Check Republic are going to block Lurkmore and ImamTV sites. This will be decided in the court.

How did the Ministry of Internal Affairs came to this conclusion after the revision of the content of these sites?

According to a law-enforcement agency the Lurkmore and Imam-TV spread extremists material, propagandize way of suicide and calls of different hatreds on these sites. The results of the revision are send to the public prosecutor’s office of Chechnya.

The news about the blocking of sites drew a wide response in the Internet. Blogers are cheating: “ Thank for beforehand notice”

By the decision of the prosecutor’s revision these sites can be blocked on the territory of the Check Republic.



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