Kostromskaya region will introduce voluntary Internet censorship


It is supposed that when connecting to this service users will have access only on such Internet resources that “do not contain extremist and pornographic materials, calls for cruelty and violence, another words anything that do not harmful for ethical and moral growth of coming generation”

The administration of the Kostromskaya region together with the Secure Internet League is going to sign a tripartite agreement with the biggest Internet providers of the region about the introduction of the service of such called “white lists” that automatically give to users the access only to approved sites, as it was announced by the region’s administration.

“At the current moment The Secure Internet League continues forming “white list”. Today they include more than 400 thousands resources and this number is rising”, – said in the report.

The administration adjust that in October 20212 the Kostrimskaya region was chosen as a pilot region for the realisation of the secure Internet program. The signing of an agreement is going to be on first quarter of 2013.
The connecting of the white list will be carried out by approbation of receivers of Internet service – explains administration.

By their turn the representatives of the biggest Internet providers in the region have not commented the possibility of conclusion of such a contract.

“VimpelCom” did not receive such proposal”, – said the representative of the company”, – in answer to the RiaNovosty question.



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