Russia and children


Russia loves children. Children are our future, they are flowers of love, all best is for them. Россия любит детей. Everybody from alcoholic to Russian president can speak about children. One can  justify everything referring to them.

It is possible to bring in the Internet censorship due to the fact that children are searching the Internet for a soft porno. It is possible to prohibit stands to cell beers because children are coming by and see it. It is necessary to sterilize the TV to avoid children watching something for adults. Children are the best excuse for state obscenity. But the main thing is that by the simulation care for children it is possible to hide the absence of a real care.
The endless speeches of deputies and authorities hide facts and reality. There are almost 2000 of orphanages. According to official date in the country there are 650 thousands of orphans and according to unofficial data there are almost a million of them.

Yes, of course it is not deputies who kill their children and leave their children in maternity hospitals and on the streets. They love their children very much. They are burnt in Nissa,  educated in Switzerland and studies in Oxford and then live in America. With these children everything is great.

But what about those who’s parents not in power. Our country can help these children even by not preventing somebody to help them. But deputies prohibit Americans to adopt them.


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