SOPA, Google, Yahoo and Notion of Web Censorship Bill

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SOPA organizes web business, claims social web nets such as Twitter, Google and Yahoo. Its bill amounts to web censorship some argue.
Yahoo is one of nine Internet companies which publicly opposed the Stop Internet Privacy Act, or SOPA.

Let’s take for example Yahoo. It is one of the biggest web corporations that publicly opposes the internet privacy stop Internet Privacy act or SOPA.

Late last month Lamar Smith an official representative from Texas has introduced a bill that is called SOPA, it was intended for cracking down intellectual property stealing and then put up some barriers towards ‘’rogue” sites.

The problem of web sites is indeed real, it can be widespread. It harms economy sectors as far as Washington Post announces.

Paul McDougall offers up a run – down of five key provisions, it will include of the blocking of sites providing internet content. Targeting of the web sites selling pharmaceuticals to peoples without any prescriptions.

McDougall quotes Pfizer security officer John Clark who states that pharmaceutical counterfeiting is the foremost issue of patient health and safety.

The post reports that SOPA seems to have meaningful support, sometimes Hollywood studio and pharmaceutical companies argue that they are loosing for about $135 billion a year from selling pirated material. SOPA has met with opposition from web companies calling the bill as an assault lawful U.S. internet companies.

Earlier this week Twitter, Yahoo, Google signed an open letter addressed to Congress and read the content voices opposition to SOPA. Bills are drafted and will expose law-abiding American internet and technology to new indefinite liabilities, technology mandates and requires monitoring of web pages.

These measures do pose a serious risk to the industries that continue to track record of job – creation. According to the daily news Google chairman Eric Schmidt declared the highly proposed SOPA provisions to be draconian.



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