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Sending Money Anonymously Online

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Sending money is honor and humility I it is done anonymously, in case of charity. Anonymous payment means you are doing everything from the bottom of your heart and with a great desire to help people. Donating anonymously is beneficial too especially in preventing address and name from being placed in mailing lists. It is possible to choose sending on-line donation for an individual, for example one who is loved and is in need or someone needs the help.

Do establish anonymous email account. It can be necessary to sign up for web accounts and some services sending the payment on someone’s behalf. It can be done with the help of key combinations: “John Smith” or simply “anonymous donor”

Some other web systems can be used in online money transfers : or choose a location in the replacement of the recipient and acquire a credit card for processing a transactions. Send anonymous email for the recipient with the money password and some instructions where the retrieve can be realized. Point out the reason of the sending the finance and regard your personality as “anonymous concerned party” so that the person can be urged that this is not the same type of scam.

Establish a premier PayPal or business account. The first type of account allows you to register with a fictitious name or nickname (though your full name is preferred). Add your anonymous email account to the list of email addresses attached to the account. You can then send money to the recipient’s email address from the anonymous address.

Visit JustGive to send donation on-line anonymously. Realize your payments and the check the option for withholding your name and contacting charity information . and are two major sites that support charities too. Give the opinion towards donating with a login or nickname or anonymously.

Also you can use SmartHide to make anonymous email and send your messages without any fear. Also you can use free online proxy or request for full version for several days.