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Anonymous Danger of US Government For Ceasing Internet Censorship Enforcement

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011
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Anonymous utters some intentions for punishing the US government and enforces some censorship laws on the web.

In a recent Pastebin post guest user anonymous OpBlackout announced that American citizens should make some actions in order to stop government actions on detracting of American rights that are in its turn are entrusted for some preservation.

US government has excellently played out some plans in order to give its citizens some kind of “false sense of freedom”.

The group continues saying the statements that a freedom allows us to do all we want and what we can, in reality people are very limited ant toughly restricted all that we can do is think ponder over the education.

Anonymous pointed out it is not an well – formed opposition to authority but it is a call to some recognition.

People of all the countries are called to fight back there is an addition the governments will most likely to follow.

Anonymous opblackout explained how American Internet will be resulted to some uprising similar to those experienced in Libya and Egypt.

The post added some information that government has been scheming, plotting some w ays for increasing Internet censorship by means of ISPP block aides, search engine censorship and website censorship using variety of methods.

The group of cyber attacks can prove many times how capable it can be to perform distributed denial of service that make some attacks to official websites. There are some victims : Algeria, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Iran, Syria, New Zealand.

The US frequently stands for some true values of a strong and free country, it becomes more and more powerful for the given process.

Anonymous uses guy Fawkes masks some protest symbols.

The hacktivists believe that once US implements some web restrictions, the other countries follow it and citizens can destoy some foundation that becomes rather powerful.

Anonymous proceed the operation that would come some kind of surprise to see a barrage of row of cyber attacks to pro-governmental sites in USA.

Website defacement will never be enough to fight against censorship.

Anonymous has called people to rise up on the Internet or some physical protest against American enforcement.

For extending the message the given group of users has spread the word via IRC chat, social networks, web communities, there is a hope the us government stops or changes policies after a long vociferation.