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Single register of sites containing information dissemination of which is illegal, continues to do its dirty work

Friday, February 8th, 2013

A few days ago the famous designer Artemy Lebedev report in “Live Journal” has been banned  by  - the supervisory decide that applied to the report video contains calls to suicide.

The core of a controversial video is that it shows on the screen in a cartoon style how small people with a smile on their face die in different painful and stupid ways, and then, despite the injury, having fun like mad to the comic song. The last few characters die  also because of their own stupidity – in the subway, because in fact this video is … a viral social ads, ordered by Melbourne Underground.
Australian transport workers were trying to remind that an accident that happened in result of hasty and stupid passengers’  behavior it is also an absurd and unfortunate reason of death. So they hoped that the fun video that web users will send to each other just for fun, will be more effective than lecturing.

The situation with this video called  «Dumb Ways to Die» is absurd: the access to records of Lebedev in “LJ” in Russia is banned, but «Youtube» still have this video available for Russians and it was available all the time.

In result of appearance of the “black list” of sites it for the first time was behind the real life. It’s strange, of course, to seriously take into a consideration the question of freedom of expression in a country where there is an Article 282 of the Criminal Code, but it is clear that there is a huge difference between the propaganda of something and a simple statement of the presence of this.

And it is also obvious that it is a kind of “Cossacks” from St. Petersburg ignorance to terrorizing Nabokov Museum for the second month , and they recently left on the historic building a graffiti called “pedophile”.

It is strange but the Internet got used to censorship pretty quickly. The online encyclopedia “Lurkomore” promises to sue Roscomnadzor, but it continued to methodically delete more and more articles there. However, the growth of apathy can be seen in the situation with “LJ”: for Adagamova Rustem, who not so long ago in the “black list” of all the same “promoting suicide” hit the post with photos of the self-immolation of Buddhist monks, still stood: the record number of popular bloggers copied to his protest against censorship in “Live Journal”. Rustem Adagamov not so long ago has his article in the black list for the suicide propaganda. This post was copied by the most popular Russian bloggers as a protest against censorship.