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3% of Bishkek’ children use Internet mostly for visiting sites with the pornography

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

The center for public opinion studies “El-Pikir” carried out an investigation among 980 Bishkek’ children and discover that 3% of them use Internet mostly for visiting sites with the pornography. Media-expert doubts the quality of the  carried out work.
According to the “El-Pikir” report, 3% of the questioned children said that watching the pornography is the main reason of the Internet using for them.
The investigation was carried out among 960 Bishkek children of the different segment of the people. 55,5% of questioned are boys and 46,7% are girls. The age of respondents varied from 12 to 19 years old, as it was written in the report.

At the same time no child from a “prestigious” school told the “porno sites visiting” is the main reason of Internet usage, write experts.

“Usually a child while searching in the Internet even if he doesn’t want to watch porno faces with links, flash- banners which provoke him to visit this site”- was written in the report.

According “El-Pikir” data, Kirghiz Internet user in general is offered by 100 porno-sites and only 10 from them have limits for under-ages – it means registration, contact data or paid viewing.
Besides according to the investigation while chatting children can be asked for meeting (17%) or to speak about sex (14%).

Almost a third part of questioned children earlier heard about the facts when some one from their friends or classmates were asked for taking part in porno-filming, as it was written by investigators.

“El-Pikir” offers to use programmes that can filter “negative” content for home and school computers. The investigators also thing that it will be good to create a “black list” of sites which will be blocked by Internet providers.

A “doubtful” investigation
The Media-expert and Elena Skochilo the head of the journalistic department of the American University in Central Asia doubted the quality of the “El-Pikir” investigation. Researchers do not state in the report who paid and ordered this investigation, do not state experts’ names whose views were used in this report, she said in the Interview with

“El=Pikir” does not state a copywrite of the photo materials (with children’s photos) and include copy-past material from other sites ( phrases are easy to google). The cover page has a “ Bishkek 2011”, for an unknown reason” – she said.