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A quick note about the issue with VPNs in China

Monday, December 10th, 2012
We hear more and more about issues with a free Internet access to the Internet in China. Authorities  tighten measures to limit the Internet on constantly basis. And now they have reached their appogeya – they blocked TOR and other popular VPNs recently.
By this step, they make it clear that now Internet users are no longer able to be anonymous in the Internet and every step they do will be traced in future.
One of our regular customer who still wants to be anonymous in China told us what is happening:
“Authorities here getting especially last 2 month extremely ‘concern’ about Internet. For your information using Android phone from December 1st cannot make portable HOTSPOT also. On the screen already is information, that cannot obtain IP address. Exceeded number of connections is on screen. Most of big town is already effected by this.
Google and gmail is totally defeated here. From web browser is very hard to access, mainly timeout. The same if using for example Microsoft Outlook with IMAP, POP and SMTP.”


We are sure that this is a loud statement that anonymity is completely erased in China.

Chinese Internet Censorship Is Supported by Tech Chiefs

Friday, November 25th, 2011
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Chinese Internet Censorship

Chinese Internet Censorship

Chinese tech chiefs, including Alibaba’s Jack Ma, pledge to support government censorship.

Chinese tech firms in the face of their top leaders together with Alibaba CEO Jack Ma urged to uphold the frames of censorship and realize some goals of the Chinese government.

Firm’s representatives met hold a meeting in Bejing during three days as Reuter reports. The meeting concluded report informing that all companies would safeguard the broadcasting of positive messages and stop spread of on-line rumours.

Participants are Sina Corp’s Charles Chao and Robin Li of Baidu.

The report stated companies would crack down on sexual pornography, web fraud and illegal spread of harmful information on the web.

For example microblogging service blocked this year information blogs about Arab spring uprisings.

One may find different opinions concerning this issues for example Maio Wei, minister of Industry and Information Technology marked these companies should increase surveillance of their users.

Chinese web censorship rules for a long time was a part of the on-line landscape. Such facts often cause more concentration then we presuppose specially for foreign- based companies.

Clearly, the firms involved in today’s announcement have no such qualms. Whether the results of this meeting will spell even stricter censorship and surveillance is a matter too veiled in propaganda for Western interpretation; however, China’s general trajectory where web services are concerned has been trending toward less rather than more freedom of information. We suppose that the resolutions adopted by Ma, Li, et al. will steady the nation’s already plotted course.