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Google recorded a sharp rise in internet censorship

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

According to the company, state control of the Internet is experiencing peak.

In the recent sharp rise in the number of requests from the governments of various countries to Google.State agencies are required to provide information about Internet users, as well as remove some of the material from the pages of the search engine.

“We believe it is very important to deliver information to our customers about how they can influence the government. We publish information on the subject for the sixth time, and we’re seeing quite a clear trend: the control of the government is going through a peak, “- said a senior analyst of Google policy (Dorothy Chou).

As can be seen from the graph, and the first half of 2012, the company received 20,938 requests from government agencies of different countries in 34,614 accounts of its users. The largest number of requests Google received from the United States, of which 90% were satisfied. Similar requests have come from Brazil, France, Germany, India, United Kingdom.

Moreover, the search giant has received a request in 1791 from the officials to remove the 17,746 pieces of content. And the number of requests continues to increase, as compared to previous periods:

Recall that the Google corporation recently had a conflict with the Chinese authorities, which resulted in the block of several search services of corporation.


Beijing warns Google against dangerous game with China

Sunday, June 12th, 2011
Beijing warns Google

Beijing warns Google

“Google has become a political instrument of denigration of the Chinese Government” – reports Reuters with reference to Chinese pro-government newspaper People’s Daily. Edition warns Google against venture political games with China’s authorities. Similar actions of Chinese mass media evidence possible tightening of complex cyber security relations between China and USA.

Last week Google reported cyber-attack to Gmail postal service. As company reported there were some phishing attacks to accounts of several hundred users of popular postal system. Among potential hacker’s victims were listed American officials, military, human rights activists, journalists. Fortunately company managed to prevent the attack in time.

According to People’s Daily report Google is referring to the amount of victims among Chinese human right activists, this “consciously contributes to a negative perception of China ; it is an evident hint to NATO that it is Chinese government who organized the cyber-attack”.

In addition Google insists that the attack was organized in Jian of Shandong province which is considered to be an intelligence office of National Liberation Army.

China denied all the accusations towards authorities concerning the attacks. This cybercrime returns USA and China to past year relations when Google charged the China government in attempt of hacking accounts. The same time Google ended censorship requests and started redirecting visitors of to Hong Kong search engine.

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