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Twitter published the report about Internet censorship

Friday, February 1st, 2013

The international micro blogging service Twitter published an open request about Internet censorship, that contain a state requests’ statistic per the first and second half 2012 year.

According to the requests data beginning with January 2012, it received 1858 requests from different countries for information about users’ accounts, 48 requests for deleting the information or the account and 6646 notifications of information’s copyright.

According to published data the US government maid 849 requests on requests on information accessing for the first half 2012 year and 1009 requests for the second. Informational requests as a rule were connected with criminal investigations: notice of appointments (60%), court orders (11%), warrants (19%) and requests from law-enforcement agencies.

However the Internet service refused to give the information in 56% of cases. The requests on deleting information about the government were made in connection with the contain of illegal information. If in the first half 2012 year the USA received 6 such requests than in the second one it was received 42, reports “Interfax”.


Kostromskaya region will introduce voluntary Internet censorship

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

It is supposed that when connecting to this service users will have access only on such Internet resources that “do not contain extremist and pornographic materials, calls for cruelty and violence, another words anything that do not harmful for ethical and moral growth of coming generation”

The administration of the Kostromskaya region together with the Secure Internet League is going to sign a tripartite agreement with the biggest Internet providers of the region about the introduction of the service of such called “white lists” that automatically give to users the access only to approved sites, as it was announced by the region’s administration.

“At the current moment The Secure Internet League continues forming “white list”. Today they include more than 400 thousands resources and this number is rising”, – said in the report.

The administration adjust that in October 20212 the Kostrimskaya region was chosen as a pilot region for the realisation of the secure Internet program. The signing of an agreement is going to be on first quarter of 2013.
The connecting of the white list will be carried out by approbation of receivers of Internet service – explains administration.

By their turn the representatives of the biggest Internet providers in the region have not commented the possibility of conclusion of such a contract.

“VimpelCom” did not receive such proposal”, – said the representative of the company”, – in answer to the RiaNovosty question.


Internet censorship: Ministry of Internal Affairs is going to block Lurkmore and “ImamTV sites in Chechnya

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

On Tuesday, January 15 it became known that law-enforcement agencies of the Check Republic are going to block Lurkmore and ImamTV sites. This will be decided in the court.

How did the Ministry of Internal Affairs came to this conclusion after the revision of the content of these sites?

According to a law-enforcement agency the Lurkmore and Imam-TV spread extremists material, propagandize way of suicide and calls of different hatreds on these sites. The results of the revision are send to the public prosecutor’s office of Chechnya.

The news about the blocking of sites drew a wide response in the Internet. Blogers are cheating: “ Thank for beforehand notice”

By the decision of the prosecutor’s revision these sites can be blocked on the territory of the Check Republic.


A quick note about the issue with VPNs in China

Monday, December 10th, 2012
We hear more and more about issues with a free Internet access to the Internet in China. Authorities  tighten measures to limit the Internet on constantly basis. And now they have reached their appogeya – they blocked TOR and other popular VPNs recently.
By this step, they make it clear that now Internet users are no longer able to be anonymous in the Internet and every step they do will be traced in future.
One of our regular customer who still wants to be anonymous in China told us what is happening:
“Authorities here getting especially last 2 month extremely ‘concern’ about Internet. For your information using Android phone from December 1st cannot make portable HOTSPOT also. On the screen already is information, that cannot obtain IP address. Exceeded number of connections is on screen. Most of big town is already effected by this.
Google and gmail is totally defeated here. From web browser is very hard to access, mainly timeout. The same if using for example Microsoft Outlook with IMAP, POP and SMTP.”


We are sure that this is a loud statement that anonymity is completely erased in China.

Ukraine is against the Internet censorship

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

The Ukrainian Internet business representatives are worrying about bringing censorship in the network and support US and EU authority’s declaration against International Telecommunication Union (ITU) regulation changings,accordind to “Komersant Ukraina”.

Business companies criticize Russian and China’s initiative that offer to give more business-Internet regulation privileges to the states. Ukrainian officials believe that the threat is over!!!

One of the leading industrial groups – The Ukrainian Internet Association – asked Viktor Yanukovich and the representative of Ukrainian Parliament Vladimir Litvin not to support the delegation of control functions from public organizations to the government, according to «Ъ».

The matter is introduction of changings into the regulation of one of the UN agencies – ITU- that are going to be discussed on WSIT forum in Dubai from 3 till 14 December.

The main changings are going to be the delegation ITU principles development and cooperation rules between providers, domain registers and users responsibilities. At present time this responsibilities belong to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

The UKR position according to special regulations gives reason for the introduction of ungrounded regulation on the international and local level, as it is said in the UIA letter.

Expert says that Russia and China are the initiators of such changings. Such initiatives cause worries in Europe and USA.

“Russia, China and their allies are countries where the government restrict information access for their citizens and want to extend their influence all over the world. Also, neither the state nor private structures could efficiently run technical and organizational points of the Internet”, said Robert MacDowell, the member of USA Federal Commission.

It is notable that Peter Yatsuk, the head of National Commission, that regulates state in informatization and communication sphere repeatedly stated about the Internet regulation during this year.

Now, when the Internet access becomes a necessary social service it needs to be regulated, self-regulation doesn’t help anymore” he said.

It was reported earlier, that Google Company began the collection of signatures against Internet censorship. Electronic petition, called “Take Action”, appeared in the net on November 20.


Google recorded a sharp rise in internet censorship

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

According to the company, state control of the Internet is experiencing peak.

In the recent sharp rise in the number of requests from the governments of various countries to Google.State agencies are required to provide information about Internet users, as well as remove some of the material from the pages of the search engine.

“We believe it is very important to deliver information to our customers about how they can influence the government. We publish information on the subject for the sixth time, and we’re seeing quite a clear trend: the control of the government is going through a peak, “- said a senior analyst of Google policy (Dorothy Chou).

As can be seen from the graph, and the first half of 2012, the company received 20,938 requests from government agencies of different countries in 34,614 accounts of its users. The largest number of requests Google received from the United States, of which 90% were satisfied. Similar requests have come from Brazil, France, Germany, India, United Kingdom.

Moreover, the search giant has received a request in 1791 from the officials to remove the 17,746 pieces of content. And the number of requests continues to increase, as compared to previous periods:

Recall that the Google corporation recently had a conflict with the Chinese authorities, which resulted in the block of several search services of corporation.


Internet Censorship. Websites in Hollywood Battling

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012
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The first item on the U.S. Senate’s agenda for 2012 pits Hollywood together with Silicon Valley. It is a vote on PIPA — a bill called the Protect IP Act. The bill is meant to stop the copying of “intellectual property” online — music, movies, books and so forth — but opponents find it nothing less than Internet censorship.

PIPA and a bill in the House – SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, – were presented as a way to protect movie studios, record labels. Supporters come from the Country Music Association to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

But major players in the online world, including Facebook , Google, Tumblr and Twitter, say the bills require Internet provider blocking websites involved in digital file sharing. Search engines such as Google Bing, Yahoo could be stopped from linking to them – antithetical, to the ideal of open Internet.

The battle has become bitter enough, it was suggested that primary websites might go dark – perhaps replacing their home pages appealing to stop the two bills.

“Internet blackout’ would obviously be both drastic ” said NetCoalition in his statement. “We hope that the Senate will cancel its scheduled vote so that it will be possible to get back to working with members raised by the MPAA [Motion Picture Association of America] .”

The owners of major Internet companies state they grant the music publishers and Hollywood studios have a problem – people are stealing the movies and music, making digital copies and offering them to download, often from foreign websites.

“More than 2.2 million middle-class people in all 50 states depend on the entertainment industry for the jobs and many millions work in other industries relying on intellectual property,” said Michael O’Leary of the Motion Picture Association of America. The Recording Industry Association of America provide some restrictions.


Anonymous Danger of US Government For Ceasing Internet Censorship Enforcement

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011
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Anonymous utters some intentions for punishing the US government and enforces some censorship laws on the web.

In a recent Pastebin post guest user anonymous OpBlackout announced that American citizens should make some actions in order to stop government actions on detracting of American rights that are in its turn are entrusted for some preservation.

US government has excellently played out some plans in order to give its citizens some kind of “false sense of freedom”.

The group continues saying the statements that a freedom allows us to do all we want and what we can, in reality people are very limited ant toughly restricted all that we can do is think ponder over the education.

Anonymous pointed out it is not an well – formed opposition to authority but it is a call to some recognition.

People of all the countries are called to fight back there is an addition the governments will most likely to follow.

Anonymous opblackout explained how American Internet will be resulted to some uprising similar to those experienced in Libya and Egypt.

The post added some information that government has been scheming, plotting some w ays for increasing Internet censorship by means of ISPP block aides, search engine censorship and website censorship using variety of methods.

The group of cyber attacks can prove many times how capable it can be to perform distributed denial of service that make some attacks to official websites. There are some victims : Algeria, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Iran, Syria, New Zealand.

The US frequently stands for some true values of a strong and free country, it becomes more and more powerful for the given process.

Anonymous uses guy Fawkes masks some protest symbols.

The hacktivists believe that once US implements some web restrictions, the other countries follow it and citizens can destoy some foundation that becomes rather powerful.

Anonymous proceed the operation that would come some kind of surprise to see a barrage of row of cyber attacks to pro-governmental sites in USA.

Website defacement will never be enough to fight against censorship.

Anonymous has called people to rise up on the Internet or some physical protest against American enforcement.

For extending the message the given group of users has spread the word via IRC chat, social networks, web communities, there is a hope the us government stops or changes policies after a long vociferation.


Filibuster Censorship: Ron Wyden About Censorship Opponents’ Names

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
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Ron Wyden announces names of opponents from senate while considering PROTECT IP act. One of the tasks was reading out name and ask senators to choose by visiting

Two act one of them is concerned on-line piracy and the other is PROTECT IP would destroy much of what has been build up concerning the net. All this gives the chance for some corporations and governments to block American access for some sites. Corporations and government provide some new power and block the access to some websites that are accused of copyright thefting , since then sites like you tube pass to new lengths of police contribution and settle people in prison.

The filibuster affords the senator some opportunities for standing up for some believes and few things that every American has a voice and some opportunity to pass away.

Filibuster is perspective that looks like it is leadership that calls in order to choose before Christmas break . Protect IP that passes senate judiciary and understanding and makes it so that we gain some victory through a jobs bills.

There is a hope that the colleagues in congress will realize that a free and open web is something that as Americans should celebrate and do not allow special interests to quash.

Some hope the colleagues in Congress realize a free and open web is no less no more but something that Americans can celebrate and mark some special interests.

There is also a hope that some colleagues of the Congress can see that it is possible to realize open and free web.

There is a hope that colleagues will realize PIPA or SOPA are wrong for protecting intellectual property in view of the price that is too high.


China’s Internet Censorship Today

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Internet today is of high importance. It unites a lot of goal, the person who connects to it, in its functioning. It depends on person’s aims: for many Internet is some kind of entertainment or source of information, on a larger scale it plays a great role of development of all countries of the whole world. It allows people to communicate in fast way with people who are placed far away from us. The goals of communication can vary greatly especially if we take into consideration aspects of trade and commerce. It has changed greatly since that.

World markets are linked virtually, every business men or company or any people that are interested in staying stable from what is happening. One can get almost data linked with the world getting out of the house.

The Internet also helped some people interested in web commerce or international trading huge profits. The web space has made it easy for some users to check some transactions that take place on-line. We can do all on-line operations with money and send some payments on-line. Users can do all that by means of mobile phone or PDA’s.

The Internet has delivered some blows on business, we hear in the new about systems of giant corporations that are hacked or infiltrated by viruses, causing them to avoid some financial troubles. These are important data about particular company and the customers. This hacking and virus infiltrations that happen frequently.

In China that is a communist country there are strict about the Internet technologies implemented an Internet censorship. Any misuse of Internet for personal goals can be prevented. The government that is made by new laws to the censorship using web in China , it includes government offices, corporations as well as independent business in country.

Internet censor frames has helped In neutralizing web crimes especially in export/ import business, it greatly affected the national and international trade. China is now developing country, companies need to have some branches and connections to other.

Local businesses use Internet as a medium running their business. China censorship is isolated Many people give outrageous protests because of the Internet censorship in China, the government covers these up, they put up jail journalist accusing them. Protest blogs and forums are deleted.

China government is keeping close look to the Internet for building themselves a reputation trading in country, safe and profitable. Anyway, for those who want to be out of this, we are suggesting to use SmartHide to erase any kind of Internet censorship now and forever.