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Some facts of elections in Iran

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Iran citizens recently faced extensive disruption of web activity , it was concerned with particularly access to the Internet, a week after the social networking were blocked appeared some concerns about state censorship of parliamentary elections.

Internet blockade affected common form of secure connection that encrypts international websites of Iranian republic making dependable of the Secure Layer protocol, this protocol displays http addresses.

“Emails, proxies, secure channels usually start with https that are not available”- then informs Tehran-based expert declining to be identified.

“Cases touching upon these websites are worse than later, the VPNs do not work at all.”

Most of the Iranians apply private network, VPN and software getting around the government web filter aiming at prevention for getting access to wide range of websites together with foreign news social networks and sites rather similar to Facebook.
Last week millions of Iranian citizens suffered dangerous disruption in mail accessing and networking websites touching governmental activity.

Iranians grapple increasing obstacles that uses Internet for opposition supporters, that in its turn organize protests.

Government denies any frauds in the vote igniting large scale street demonstrations crushing security services after eight months.

Iran prepares to organize parliamentary elections on March 2.

Iran have passed the parliamentary elections on the 2nd of March, the previous elections has been hold in 2009, the results of March elections are now being regarded.


The Usage of VPNs is Criminalized in Iran

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
The Usage of VPNs is Criminalized in Iran

The Usage of VPNs is Criminalized in Iran

Criminalized VPN usage in Iran should be noted that recently usage of VPN in Iran has become a criminal action as declared Iran’s Minister of Communications and Technology. Its usage in the country has become a legal violation.

A VPN is cyber network which helps users to get the access to web providers in Iran and outside its boundary by means of using ISP. Iranian internet users use VPN and proxies to overcome web censorship frames fixed by Islamic Republic, it tightly blocks some foreign opposition websites.

Minister of communications Reza Taghipour expressed it was a great unfortunate the internet has become the arena for the soft battles. However the country has a great technical ability to stand against it.

Iranian government authorities claim that the enemies are trying to destroy the stable situation in Islamic Republic by means of cultural and social intrusions which can be reflected as some kind of soft battles. The wide world web has been an interested target for Iranian authorities in the so-called computer battles.

A committee which is headed by Iran’s Prosecutor determined that some sites must be blocked for Iranian users.