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Mitrofanov opposed social network registration according the passport data

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

This was reported by the Deputy Chair of the Committee for Information Policy, Information Technologies and Connections Aleksey Mitrofanov on the live broadcast of “Russkaya slugba Novostey”.

“This is the idea of the deputy Vadim Denngin. I have a negative attitude towards this question. Moreover, I think that it’ll not be supported by the majority, because we don’t like elements of the China’s Great Wall. Nobody is going to put up a wall. Nobody wants Internet censorship. But for some unknown reasons it is concerned as the committee initiative, and I was also implicated”, – he said.

Earlier the deputy Vadim Dengin offered to widen this list of necessary data for social network registration. The parliamentarian is sure that by this way it’ll be more effective to fight with child pornography spreading. He added that agents of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Federal Security Service should monitor citizens provide real information when registration.

That can be a very interesting thing with the general passport system in the Russian Internet! I think that a part of hackers will make false identity cards. So in connection with this there will a lot of fortuitous events.

For example, Internet hooligan Klava Sidorova will be caught, but she turns out Vova Petrov. And what to do in such situation? To send to a psychiatrist to see whether a person has a dual personality or to open the case for forgery?

I even don’t speak about advanced users, they like a James Bond certainly have nearly 10 more passports just in case. Or for example what to do with the users from abroad or migrant laborers? To create a special passport&visa service?