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Ukraine is against the Internet censorship

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

The Ukrainian Internet business representatives are worrying about bringing censorship in the network and support US and EU authority’s declaration against International Telecommunication Union (ITU) regulation changings,accordind to “Komersant Ukraina”.

Business companies criticize Russian and China’s initiative that offer to give more business-Internet regulation privileges to the states. Ukrainian officials believe that the threat is over!!!

One of the leading industrial groups – The Ukrainian Internet Association – asked Viktor Yanukovich and the representative of Ukrainian Parliament Vladimir Litvin not to support the delegation of control functions from public organizations to the government, according to «Ъ».

The matter is introduction of changings into the regulation of one of the UN agencies – ITU- that are going to be discussed on WSIT forum in Dubai from 3 till 14 December.

The main changings are going to be the delegation ITU principles development and cooperation rules between providers, domain registers and users responsibilities. At present time this responsibilities belong to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

The UKR position according to special regulations gives reason for the introduction of ungrounded regulation on the international and local level, as it is said in the UIA letter.

Expert says that Russia and China are the initiators of such changings. Such initiatives cause worries in Europe and USA.

“Russia, China and their allies are countries where the government restrict information access for their citizens and want to extend their influence all over the world. Also, neither the state nor private structures could efficiently run technical and organizational points of the Internet”, said Robert MacDowell, the member of USA Federal Commission.

It is notable that Peter Yatsuk, the head of National Commission, that regulates state in informatization and communication sphere repeatedly stated about the Internet regulation during this year.

Now, when the Internet access becomes a necessary social service it needs to be regulated, self-regulation doesn’t help anymore” he said.

It was reported earlier, that Google Company began the collection of signatures against Internet censorship. Electronic petition, called “Take Action”, appeared in the net on November 20.