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States will follow sources of the Internet content

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

On friday the offer about the Internet control standard of China and other countries was approved after the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) conference in Dubai was finished. The Deep Packet Inpection (DPI) technology , that allows to read and identify any encrypted Internet traffic, for example pirate content was approved.

Some countries were against this project, there were some offers to limit ITU control over international calls and other types of communications. Germany opposed the DPI introduction, according to the representatives of this country ITU shouldn’t standardize none of the technical decisions that can lead to toughing of the Internet content control and that can be used for censorship and prevent free Internet information spreading. According to a quote from the Reuters document “ All countries must have the same aims and the same responsible for Internet control and also to provide the stability, security, continuity of the Internet existence and it’s future development”.

Otherwise, the adopted document Y-2770 is nonpublic and only the conference participants have an access to it. All the meetings were carried out behind closed doors. A part of undiscussed questions will be raised on Wednesday.

As a matter of fact Russia was going to represent international Network regulation offer that contains the idea of Internet control not only in the country but on the supranational level. However this initiatives caused a sharp critic from American Internet companies such as Google.


U.S. will protect the company’s defense sector from foreign hackers

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
U.S. will protect the company's defense sector from foreign hackers

U.S. will protect the defense sector of the company from foreign hackers

National Security Agency together with Internet providers launched the special program for protecting defense sector companies from foreign hackers. As Washington Post reports program which had been developing for about a year has been launched last month in testing regime. It’s being noted that this program will scan net traffic for virus programs presence.

Ministry of Defense Deputy William Lean gave a hope that this conception in future will become a  model which can be used in all the sectors.

It’s being reported that the instruments of new generation scan emails and the range of other net  information with the purpose of virus programs exposure and prevention of cyber-attacks to largest USA defense companies.

By the way program creation has provoked defenders critics inviolability concerning private life. They affirm that the program guarantee free Internet access.

“We do not want make tracking from back doors” says vice president of right protection organization Centre of democracy and technology James Dampsy.

System necessity is conditioned by regular attempts of cracking defense enterprises in the recent times. On 21st of May there was a hacker attack to American company Lockheed Martin,
the largest supplier of military devices to Pentagon. The attack was beaten off because IT specialists noticed the invasion timely.

On 16 f June Lulz Security hackers cracked USA Senate Congress site. Besides they managed to block for several seconds CIA web page.

Lulz Security hackers have already cracked Nintendo and Sony companies’ sites. They took responsibility for cracking private pages and theft of million users’ data of PlayStation Network.

Besides their “service list” includes American TV channel site which demonstrated documentary film about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.