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Users and Hackers Ponder Over the Notions of Censoring and Surveying the Internet

Friday, January 13th, 2012
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Among corporations who expand international membership Telecomix is leading Once upon a time in summer protests in Arabian countries and government crackdowns led to the loss of thousand people, strange events happened in Syria web space too. Instead of main searching machines such as Google and facebook Arabic users have found strange Arabic script.

Then the webpage screened switched to a white colour gave some instructions on using free encryption, anonymity software like Tor, true crypt which evade censorship. The text placed above was round there also were some mysterious symbols hovering around pyramid decorated by lightning bolts. There were placed symbols like Telecomix and the moto: “We come in peace”.

Telecomix is a team of international hackers who scan the Syrian webspace in a massive sweep together with 700 000 target connections, they have its members in Germany, France, U.S. what they do is compromising cisco systems network switches finding other devices passwords.

Hackers also post their findings in a document. American member of the group uses handle Punkbo that is built by the Sunnyvale. The Syrian machine’s logs showed web activity of thousands users. On the whole he had discovered American technology that uses a brutal dictatorship spy on its citizens.

In order to understand the exact actions of Syria one should track source that providing the technology. The company did not respond to Forbes requests for being interviewed. The industry faces new questions about tech issues for how their products are deployed.

Telecomix observes that blue coat discovery as a point in the group mission. Fighting for free speech including any Western tech firm aiding the wrong side. The only solution is to hack a few boxes, it is the motivation driving hackers deeper in the networks.

Hackers of Telecomix break into great number of Syrian home routers and set them to show users warning web page about wrong actions of surveillance.

Telecomix break Syrian law. Some traditional appreciate their work. Active hacking networks is some kind of a game for Telecomix. Unlike hacker’s group it began with opposing the European Union, industry influenced laws would cut web access for copyright files.

With juvenile pranks, Telecomix was born political. This group is created at a conference in 2009.

The hackers published the phone numbers of members of EU parliament convincing the copyright Swedish site that posted a link on homepage. At the time the site got high level of attendance.

There exist some kind of a humour, the group is serious about its work, uprisings of the Arab spring have brought its goals into the sharper focus. Few days of protests in Egypt Hosni Mubarak led to the shutting down the web access in this countries.

A fateful fluke of stumbling onto the Blue Coat led to the Telecomix scanning of the Syrian web space.

There were disputes devoted to ethical and unethical use of products is simply to distinguish.

Documents published by WikiLeaks show 160 firms advertising surveillance gear. British firm Gamma International brags can spy users of Gmail, iTunes, Skype.