The era of the “little Internet”


If you want to promote some bad thing than call it as “white” or “clear” or “safe”. It seems like a strange public organization called “Secure Internet League” that was established by Charity Foundation of St. Basil the Great, used to think in this way. This organization also pretend on doing nothing more but  the filtering of Internet content.

Recently, it was described about their initiative to introduce “white lists” of sites that were made by themselves and these sites will be visited by the user. That means that they will decide for you, dear users, what you can see and what can not. It is filtering and nothing else.

Today it became known about one more “new” – “smart filter”. That is not some – “simple filter” it is SMART FILTER /Smart means – smarter than you, dear Internet user. This filter will analyze the link you clicked, and if it is “bad”, you simply will not have an access to this page.

So what will a “smart filter” do with other languages& It is impossible to imagine. If you can read Chinese or Spanish, Georgian, or Polish, you surely will not get an access because they do not know for sure what these Georgians written. What if this site content some extremist content?

And yet, this thing will be too smart, for example if you entry to the site of any media it will show the headband, which will specify the age limit. And what would be considered as the media? Well, certainly the resources that are officially registered as mass media (and there are not much of them).

Here is a “smart filter” with “white proxy” and the experiment will begin in the Kostromskaya region. And if you want to disconnect – this should be done specifically. In fact, we are entering an era of the “little Internet” – a limited, stripped, sterile and empty.

It is a dangerous thing – they are going to block “extremist” sites. So, what is it? A half of pictures and demotivators in VKontakte can be considered as extremist if you wish! This notion is so broad than they can prohibit everything and explain it as the using or having of “extremist” articles.

In general, it is a matter of fact that while the Ministry of Communications does nothing some private persons (the Chairman of the League Malofeeva at the moment is being searched on charges of fraud and embezzlement of $ 200 million) are beginning to introduce the Internet censorship and filtering in the Russian regions. I do not understand why they allowed this? Who are they,? And what about the constitutional right for information?

So, by the way, once I used the Internet in North Corea. That was like this:


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