The Internet regulating. 5 ambiguous ideas


In social Network with a passport

It is obvious to call the creation of the register of domain names and sites with prohibited information as the main initiative of this year. The attempt to divide sites on “good” and “bad” caused an outrages of a part of users and experts. This register have started its work on November 1. Within the first month such popular Internet resources as “Lurkmore”, Google and Youtube have been included in this register for several times. But this was not the only attempt to bring an order to the Russian Internet. There are 5 more deputies and business representatives initiatives which caused  resonance in the Runet in this year. Vadim Dengin, the deputy of the State Government and the member of the LDPR offers to pass the law of the obligatory passport data’s granting for users registration in social neworks. Then he explained that it can be not only a passport but also a mobile phone, that is tie to the passport. The head of the respective committee explained that it was a personal decision of the Vladimir Dengin and that none of the measures towards this question had been done.

Wifi using limits. Child under 18 must not use WiFi!

Maksim Ksenzov, the deputy administrator of the ROSCOMNADZOR during the meeting with the Internet- Media representatives offers to limit the WiFi access for users under 18 at public places. Before the ROSCOMNADZORs statement, providers thought about blocking the access to “adult sites” fro users under at 18 public places . But now ROSCOMNADZOR demands even to close free WiFi connecting at public places.

Anonymizers are prohibited

In September it is appeared the information about the State Duma is going to take into a consideration the project of prohibiting such a programmes (so called anonymizers), that hide users in the Internet. With the help of such programmes one can access the prohibited in Russia sites.

It is not hard to use such anonymizers. It is enough to put in the address line on a special site that you want to visit.

It is said that its using will be punished bu a fine and Internet disconnection. But experts think that such measures will not resolve the problem, because users will find an access to the sites that they want to visit anyway.

The Russian piracy party, by the way there was created a resource called “ RosKomSvoboda”, where one can find an information about blocked sites and know how to avoid blocking and collect a feedback from the users about blocked pages.

The prohibition of foreign Internet-shopping

In the beginning of November a number of Media wrote about the initiative of one of the Russian Internet-businessman to regulate purchases in foreign-shops of a private individuals, and supposedly, this initiative was supported by the Minister of Communication. The businessman supposed that the possibility to purchase  goods abroad makes Russian shops ( where the prices usually 2 times higher)  uncompetitive. But the Ministry have to disprove this information, explaining that the Ministry of Communication didn’t take any measures toward Internet-trade for abroad.

The mail for people-government connection

In December the Russian government will see the project about a postal service. This project is going to create a postal system. The official electronic mail box that will allow for citizens, companies, offices and state agencies to send and print documents. It is expected that the new system will be paid. The development, service and kipping the register will be the work of the Russian Post.

Experts are sceptical about this idea.


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