Twitter published the report about Internet censorship


The international micro blogging service Twitter published an open request about Internet censorship, that contain a state requests’ statistic per the first and second half 2012 year.

According to the requests data beginning with January 2012, it received 1858 requests from different countries for information about users’ accounts, 48 requests for deleting the information or the account and 6646 notifications of information’s copyright.

According to published data the US government maid 849 requests on requests on information accessing for the first half 2012 year and 1009 requests for the second. Informational requests as a rule were connected with criminal investigations: notice of appointments (60%), court orders (11%), warrants (19%) and requests from law-enforcement agencies.

However the Internet service refused to give the information in 56% of cases. The requests on deleting information about the government were made in connection with the contain of illegal information. If in the first half 2012 year the USA received 6 such requests than in the second one it was received 42, reports “Interfax”.


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