Vladimir Putin instructed Federal Security Service to fight with hackers


The president Putin instructed Federal Security Service to create a state system for revealing, prevention and elimination of the consequences of cyber attacks on the country’s informational resources. Beside the Service is vested with a function to develop a revealing hacker’s attacks technology on informational resources of a state structure and on private systems of information, but as agreed with their owners.

The question about if there would be a desire of both of them. Because there certain risks, thinks the founder of the project MyApps.com Vecheslav Semenchuk. The expert explain, that if to take for example Medea, Federal Security Service will need an access to this Medea to provide its security.

“ Our state structure, specifically organizations that we already had and those which are developing now will reveal, control and helps to prevent destructive methods towards Medea. So it means that such organization will need the access to servers and program for effectively preventing the consequences of such attacks. Accordingly this organizations are to have some access to server of a software of a Medea that will lead to the appearance of a censorship in Russia or to it strengthening due to the fact that these organizations have the access to the biggest Medea. Created organization can not only to secure for destructive methods but also to delete some certain contents.

According to experts words the reason for a decision to instructed Federal Security Service with such privileges became the hacker attack on the Kremlin site on May 6, 7 of the last year.

Some experts think that soon there will be law that will provide the responsibility for keeping harm soft. And it also means that these programmes can be easily thrown to an improper user. According to this any blogger can become a dangerous hacker even without any thought of it.



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